Welcome to The Starseed Highway!

As Humanity is now awakening, the new cycle has begun! New Earth is born of the Light, with no place for lower vibrations nor that not of Light and Love.Together as one family we are spiraling upward into the higher heavens where no longer is there a place on Earth for weapons nor thoughts of war. In Oneness we are safely spiraling upward on our way into the New Age, as everywhere around you life is being born anew.

Old instruments of illusions so long used to separate mankind from our Creator, old fears of being ridiculed and harmed for living the Truth of you are quickly fading away. People across Mother Earth are now opening their minds and hearts as the manifesting New Age has unlocked long closed doors within and around all upon the outer screen of life. It is time to awaken, step free of fear to come forth to speak openly of who we as Starseeds are! Let us join hearts to spiral onward and upward together in loving Oneness as we throw off the shackles of illusion forever.

More people than ever imagined before, to remain safe through many incarnations hid their true identities deep within their beings, are now awakening. They too feel called to live in the Light as the God Beings they are, seeded from higher realms on Earth to fulfill their chosen divine missions and blaze forth their divine light. To love yourself free of the old repetitive worn-out agendas of those of the shadows, to heal our no longer needed scars and stand free from the painful illusions is the highest expression of self love to uplift and heal your own heart flame.  As we are One, when you uplift and heal your own being, you heal and uplift all life simultaneously.  This is the Time of Revelations, is it not? Truth can no longer be hidden. The truth of who you are matters, none more than another. Each soul is loved equally by our Creator, each fulfilling an important role in God’s Creation.

The Starseed Highway is the name given to me, Trillia Gia, to create this blog by the powerful Pleiadian Queen and Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine, who now has joined as a member of Earth’s Karmic Board. I am humbled by Her request to create this blog as an instrument for Lighted guidance and to introduce many Ladies and Lords that have selflessly come to assist in this time that other hearts may be so blessed to know these dedicated and loving souls. Please come within to meet Her or request a visit with Her within the Rocky Mountain Retreat over Denver, Colorado or the honor of joining in a class aboard The White Winds Pleiadian Mothership where you can join in Oneness to assist in workings to help Mother Earth and all life upon and within her.  A multitude of Great Ones as She have selflessly come forth in waves from above to Earth as Emissaries from On High to assist in the upliftment of our beloved Mother Earth and all life within and upon her.  Each heart’s call for assistance is always heard, when open to receiving divine assistance in these long foretold days of change and rebirth. For indeed, it is given that we must ‘Ask to receive.’  Herein you shall find information to help guide you, assist in awakening hidden truths within your being, and become acquainted with many of our star families, great lighted emissaries and Ascended Masters.  Throughout all of Creation none of us is an island.  We each are a beautiful divine thread within the great weaving of our God’s Creation. Where is your star origin before you volunteered to come to school on Mother Earth?

Greetings this day to my beloved brothers and sisters.  For We Are One ❤  … I love you.  ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway


Starseed Highway is copyrighted, yet you may share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.  Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia / The Starseed Highway