Lady Nada: A Message of Love

Lady Nada

A Message of Love


Are you here, Lady Nada?


I am Lady Nada, Divine Complement of Lord Sananda, and Chohan of the Sixth Ray (ruby red / gold) of Devotion. I am here today at the invitation of the Higher Self of our messenger, Eliza, who is still learning to trust and have faith that she is headed in the “right” direction for the successful completion of her mission here.

The main focus of her mission here has, indeed, finished, although this one shard from the incandescent flame of Lady Faith via Lady Tazjima, tends to be hard on herself, impatient and frustrated with the apparent lack of results.

In short, what little remains of the ego-based personality of “Eliza” here, still is dealing with ego judgment and unease. Change and all the challenges it brings will do that to anyone.

For one, it is time for all our beloved sisters and brothers to throw out the books written about how ascension is “supposed” to be.

My soul extension, as Lady Mary of Magdalene, faced all kinds of criticism, envy, jealousy and judgment from outside sources when she walked with her Twin during His lifetime as Yeshua ben Joshua. The two of them and their many companions, some known and others unknown to history and tradition, were then breaking trail, anchoring the energies of Unconditional Love upon a much darkened planet. The Earth was still in the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, at the time of the coming of Yeshua, who successfully re-anchored the flame of the Christ Light upon the planet, although his teachings were taken and willfully misinterpreted by the powerful men in Rome, centuries later.


Today… the earth as a whole is in the process of moving into an impending golden age and moving beyond the limitations that has kept humanity from reaching its pinnacle of understanding self, the laws of nature and the cosmos… of knowing itself as divine beings and a part of the consciousness of the planet that gave birth to the life upon it.

As individuals and as a collective you now face many choices. The most important step that you can take towards understanding what choice to take or make is to trust your intuition.

We have come, not only to Eliza but also to her Cousin, Rananda, who heard us say that we did not tell her about her life in the time of Yeshua, as she had discovered it on her own. Still, even with her experience in channeling, for some reason, she still experienced doubt regarding her ability to be clear about this information or its source. We are here to say that she intuited it correctly… she was Elizabeth, who is still regarded as a saint and matriarch in two faiths, Christian and Islam.

For one who has never lived what she interprets as a sacred life, this is a difficult realization to accept. Our Eliza is not an egoist who is out there in the world seeking acclaim and acknowledgement. She is hypersensitive, shy, peace-loving, hard-working… and very hard upon herself… as many people of the Blue Ray can be.

Within her, Eliza carries the Blue Ray of the Divine Mother. She is an emanation of this Ray from Source through the Archangels and the Pleiadians. Her origin in this Universe as a Daughter of the First Mother, Isis, is impeccable… another recent acknowledgement added to those that have gone on before. And yet, this one, the eternal alchemist, seeks the gold within, weighing and measuring, searching and judging, even as she calmly undergoes her days here.

If such a one still struggles, still finds it hard to accept fully what she is in Truth, than those around her can expect to do so also. So, she works continually to distill her essence and understanding down to the finest grains… always seeking to clear, to understand, to listen and intuit.

Sometimes doubt walks in through an unexpected opening of a door long forgotten and anger or grief will surge. Immediately she tackles this dilemma, this imbalance, this tipping of the log into the deep waters of emotion and pulls herself back into balance, into peace and calm by allowing the emotions to flow and empty.

These unexpected storm surges can cause those who walk with her some momentary discomfort… as the storm waters also seek to dislodge that which is hidden in them. And yet… the storm passes quickly as she designed it to do…and the calm center grounds her once, again in balance and peace.


Understand that you are all alchemists that you are in the process of changing clay into gold through the process of transmutation. Sometimes a pot will boil over. Sometimes you will doubt that you know the formula. Sometimes you are going forward with the experiment without the aid of a seen mentor or a handbook of instruction.


These times are unlike those in which Eliza and many of those who read her messages lived, studied and worked in the great temples of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and many other unknown ancient civilizations both in the Old World and the New. Many of you do not have a guru or a definite blueprint of the initiatory process that you are currently undergoing. It is correct for this to be… as we are stepping forth out of the man-made temple and into the Temple built by Spirit, within each of you.

To undergo this process takes courage, determination, focus and will. And it takes love and compassion, for one’s self, even when things seem confused and misaligned. Learning to trust and to open the higher heart with assist in allowing the synchronicities to occur as the Universe supports your expansion. Have Faith that the Universe loves you and will give you what you need when you need it.

To arrive at this place of absolute faith after lifetimes of being feared, doubted and destroyed, takes a long and patient journey of unwinding the old patterns and allowing for new spirals of expansion to take their place.

Those who have gone before you are placing their energetic footsteps in stardust, to guide you and future generations towards the stars, and towards the ability of your people to live a life that is in complete harmony with all Creation.

We walk with you, dear ones, side by side, matching your stride, guiding you quietly through your intuition, meditations and dreams. Open to our energies. Trust your own heart to give you what you need.

What Eliza was seeking and perhaps is still seeking was the justification that she was worthy of ascension. This realization brings tears to her eyes even as she types this… and she knows that it is her truth in this moment. Such has been the self-doubt planted within her etheric body through many lifetimes of challenge and suffering… that she is still undergoing this process of letting go even now.

We tell her in the gentlest of energies to be kind to herself… as you all must learn to be kind to self. Many of you as starseeds have a distinctive lack of self-regard, either all seeking to help others so that you might be regarded well in your own eyes… or withdrawing out of a profound sense of lack of self-worth. Eliza has suffered from the latter. She still does not understand why people read her material. More probably would if she only radiated a bit more self-confidence.

However, before coming into the body, you each chose your own personality and that is stamped upon your nature as the stars and heavenly bodies continue to influence you through the passages of your life.

Each of you are as unique as snowflakes. Nature made you so. Spirit made you so. One person will not experience this transformative process in quite the same manner as another. This is as Heaven intended – whether or not you believe in Heaven, the gods and goddesses… or even in yourself. We believe in YOU! And love you even when you do not acknowledge us.

Beauty does have thorns

Eliza has never before channeled the energies of myself or my Twin… and so we came to her today to demonstrate our love and regard for her… and for all those who are currently in the midst of challenge and change in their own lives.

Seek not to judge yourself if you hit a bump in your road. Just cross it as gracefully as possible and continue on. You are moving through uncharted territory, dear ones. A scrape or two, a stumble or tumble now and then is to be expected. Just pick yourself up, brush off your hurts and proceed onward towards the goal. And someday you will see Us, standing there in front of you, with a radiant smile and deep love in our hearts for all that each of you has sacrificed by choosing to be here now as volunteers.

Our blessings flow incessantly to all. I AM Lady Nada and Twin Flame to Lord Sananda Kumara. Go in Peace and Love. And may the Light of the Sun shine ever within your own Hearts.


Thank you, Lady Nada.

My blessings to you, dear Sister.


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