Venus, the Planet of Love

Sanat Venus

Lord Sanat and Lady Venus Kumara of Venus

Few people alive today who have not studied old metaphysical tomes know that if it wasn’t for the intervention of Beings from our sister planet, Venus, there would be no life on Earth.  The following article tells of the decision of Sanat Kumara, Lord of Venus, to voluntarily assume the role of Planetary Logos for a much darkened Earth.  He did so out of love, for the planet and for a fallen humanity.  We honor Sanat Kumara for His great sacrifice.  We honor His Divine Complement, Lady Venus, for being willing to carry the light burden of Her own planet, Venus, on her own for untold centuries.  And we honor the people of Venus, who willingly let their Lord go, and those who prepared the way for Him by building the sacred city of Shambala.


The following article and quotes are from the Group Avatar Teachings, circa 1950’s, shared here for the illumination of devoted Seekers of Truth∼

“The activity of life is in a spiral form. However, civilizations have reached greater heights of attainment and then lower, then higher again. That is since mankind began to forget the Source.”

Many are the individuals of Earth in and out of embodiment who do not belong to its evolution. Some have come in freedom to offer the strength of their lifestreams to the evolving consciousnesses of the chain, and others have been brought from preceding chains because they did not evolve quickly enough to attain God maturity within the allotted Cosmic hour. ~ El Morya, October 1, 1952.

Sanat Kumara returned to Venus after attending the Cosmic Council, talked it over with His Divine Complement, Venus, and the Priesthood of Venus. He decided to offer His services to Earth, to release and supply the necessary Love and Light to sustain the planet Earth in the solar system. His offer was accepted. After proper preparation, He came with a group of Beings from Venus. ~ Archangel Michael.

How Sanat Kumara Became the Planetary Logos of Earth

When the planet Earth was allowed to accept the laggards from other planets and systems who were not far enough advanced to progress with their own planets into a more intense vibratory action of planetary and individual Light, the guardian Spirits of Earth’s evolutions were told that, in their coming, the knowledge and consciousness of good and evil would be brought into the atmosphere of this planet and the consciousness of its people for the first time; to a planet which was so sweet and to a humanity so innocent. These guardians increased their spiritual application, calling for added illumination and strength of the Light, so that they might be ready for the impact of these incoming consciousnesses who brought shadows and to guard the innocent lifestreams belonging to the Earth from contagion and contamination.

Finally, there came to the Earth individuals who, through destructive thought, feeling and experimentation with free will, had created patterns, forms and manifestations which were not in accord with the Divine Mood of God; not in accord with the beauty and perfection of the Presence of God. Then those upon the planet Earth, looking upon these creations, accepted through their senses into their own consciousness, the seed of those patterns and forms of imperfection.

Angel of Presence

In the beginning, these lifestreams of the Earth had previously received directions only from their own Presence in the form of Divine ideas, desiring only to manifest those Divine ideas in perfect form, invoking the elemental life that joyously rushed to make the “cup” (the clothing for that idea). Then, however, the first disobedience ensued, in their rebellion against the fulfillment of the Divine ideas. They then chose to take the creative centers of their own thought and feeling and draw out of their own energies and primal life the same patterns they saw externalized by the laggards. Having taken the vow of obedience to man, elemental life was required (by the authority of the life Flame in everyone’s heart) to create and sustain these thought and feeling forms, even though they were imperfect. Thus the veil of Maya was woven and the fall of man began.

Although the consciousness of the “I AM” Presence is too pure to behold iniquity, the soul, the outer consciousness, attached itself to miscreations by its attention and thus began to generate the same distortion of form which it saw. It was then Archangel Michael, in all the power of His Light, fashioned from the substance of Light by Love, His Sword of Blue Flame. He then took the vow that as long as the creative centers of mankind would imprison elemental life in these distortions, He would remain and dissolve them by the use of that mighty Sword, releasing that life again and returning it to the Sun for its polarization.


When the attention no longer rested upon the “I AM ” Presence, when the life, the primal essence, which belonged to the individual, no longer gave precedence to God, the focus of light and life within the heart began to decrease in size and influence. That which life sustained through the individual cocoons and mass karma, began to increase. Thus, mankind came to the darkest time in the history of Earth’s evolutions when the Flame in the heart receded.

When the Flame had receded in the hearts of those on Earth until It was only about one-sixteenth of an inch in height, great crisis took place in interstellar space. The Christ Selves Who had originally poured down through the Silver Cord the life and protective radiation enfolding the physical form, now, in mercy, decreased the size and volume of energy pouring through that Silver Cord in order to minimize mankind’s destructive creations. In time, the Christ Selves of mankind were about to withdraw those sparks and endeavor to begin individualization again through newly created personalities. Even the Earth itself faced dissolution.

I, Sanat Kumara, was among Those Who heard of Earth’s crisis at the Cosmic Council. I was the One Who said that I was sure, if some wholly Free Being would come and nourish those tiny sparks, keep them alive and fan them with all the power of His Divine Love, some day the attention of mankind would return to its Divinity. When I returned to Venus and saw the beauty and magnificence of My Star, when I remembered the original beauty and perfection of the Earth, I was more determined than ever that a planet created in Divine Love, sustained for so many ages by the Masters, Angels, the Beings of Nature and Virgo Herself, should have opportunity for redemption. When My Beloved (the Being Venus) in all the renunciation, which is Divine Love in Its deepest aspect, said: “If the Cosmic Law will allow You to go, You are free to do so.” Grateful I was for the opportunity.


Some volunteered to go to Earth before Me and create a focus into which I might come. Great was that sacrifice. Earth was then in its darkest days. The Light within the hearts of men was scarcely discernible. Beings of Love from Venus, Who had known nothing but harmony there, chose to pass into that darkness through the regular gates of birth, accepting bodies provided for them by earthly parents. Nine hundred long years they labored in building of Shamballa in the midst of the darkness; that blanket of effluvia; the mass creation of the physical and astral realms. These dedicated souls had to hold the vision and the pattern of the City they chose to build. They also had to hold the unbroken connection between the Christ Self, Myself and the outer consciousness through which they were serving. They had to hold back the pressures of the lethargy, rebellion and hate by the very strength of their own Light. In that 900 years, more than once were their physical bodies destroyed by hordes of savages who, opposing the Light, drove in upon them. No sooner were their physical bodies disconnected from their souls, than they applied again for new earth bodies from the Lords of Karma. These bodies were quickly provided for them and back again they came. So Shamballa was built. My love flowed continuously around the builders, and ever about them stood the sustaining power of My Faith until the Cosmic Moment of Visitation came.

The Lemurian Pole Star signified My coming. I bade goodbye to My Star, to My people, to My Love, beloved Venus Herself. Together with the other great Kumaras, I arose into the atmosphere over Venus as every lifestream upon My planet sang. I remember that well! I have long visioned and hoped for a like return. Now, through your energies (a certain group of students), that vision shall become fact.

three fold flame

As the great Kumaras preceded Me upon My journey earthward, They embodied the triple activity of Love, Wisdom and Power. One Kumara ensouled the full power of the Blue Ray, One the Gold and One the Pink. As our beloved friends awaited Us in Shamballa, the Kumaras descended upon the pathway of Flame and created a Three-fold Flame in the heart of Shamballa into which I stepped.

❤ ❤ ❤


To Beloved Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus and the People of Venus

by RaNia Kumara VaCoupe

Gratitude and blessings arise from the Spiritual Hierarchy Who guard Humanity. Without the voluntary exile of the Beloved Sanat Kumara from Venus, the very substance of this Earth would long since have returned to the unformed.

Without the added responsibility accepted by Cosmic Being Lady Venus in the sustaining of Her Star, Sanat Kumara could not have continued His service to this Earth!

Without the presence and love of the Kumaras, Sanat Kumara would not have found the atmosphere of Earth sufficiently permeated with the love from Home to remain!

Without the selfless love of the people of Venus who did not call Him back through longings and deep feelings which would pull upon His heart, He would not have remained, for His obligation to life is primarily to sustain and expand the Light of His Own Star Venus.

Without the descent of the volunteers from Venus who built Shamballa for Him, Earth would not have had a fitting welcome nor dwelling place for His Noble Presence!

On behalf of the people of Earth whose spiritual natures have been warmed in the Aura of His Presence, We express the gratitude for those who know not yet of His sacrifice, His very Presence and His service to the sweet Earth and Its evolutions.


❤ ❤ ❤

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