The Violet Flame

violet kwan yin

Beloved Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion


ALL life is currently evolving with Mother Gaia. We are being blessed within ongoing and ever-increasing waves of energies, high vibrations and Divine Love from our Father Mother God. This type of Ascension process has never been given unto any world before. As Atlantis went under the waves Mother Earth fell into depths of separation and duality never before experienced by other worlds. These are the long foretold days and each of us who are blessed to live on Mother Gaia in this Now are blessed with gifts, knowledge, strength, courage and skills that are needed to accomplish our personal mission(s) within the upliftment of Mother Gaia and the manifestation of Heaven On Earth. To fully access all that we are we each must cleanse away all human dross and old programs within ourselves that we may first heal and uplift ourselves and expand the dominion of our “I AM” Presence.  No longer can we remain fragmented, hold on to energies of the fading dark ages within our minds, hearts or cellular memories if we choose to fulfill our own role within the creation of the New Day of Mother Gaia.

Let us love ourselves free of the energies of old to become the sacred emissaries we came to Mother Gaia to be…that we may expand the knowingness of the Light and Love of the “I AM” Presence within our hearts. Step by step as we let go forever with loving forgiveness all that no longer serves our highest good, we expand the Oneness of the Light of our Father God within ourselves that we may walk upon Mother Gaia as open heart portals shining forth the Love of our Mother God. In doing so we make room within our being to absorb the influxes of blessings bathing us from On High that we may reunite in Oneness and together each do our part to bring forth Victory of Light within our hearts, support Mother Gaia within her long awaited ascension and bring forth the Golden Age.

To begin the intent to forgive oneself and all others allows each of us to allow our Christ Presence to expand within our hearts to increasingly take control of our thoughts, emotions, words and chosen actions. That which we are within shall now more rapidly be expressed on the outer screen of life. If you hold on to old fears you shall bring forth unto you experiences that shall manifest your fears before you. If you expand Joy within your being you shall expand the Joy within your life. As you clear away unloving judgments of yourself and others the incoming waves shall lift you up as never before imagined. All within can be forgiven, transmuted, washed away that more room is available within to expand the incoming blessings carried within the influxes of Light from On High.  If you desire to participate within the upliftment of Mother Gaia and all her children, know that you can assimilate the incoming new frequencies and utilize your abilities, strength, love and heart felt intent to bring forth the New Earth!


The Violet Flame is the premier Ray for the Aquarian Age.  The use of the sacred Violet Flame is a way to quickly transmute negativity and all that is less than Love from your auric field and from your life.  Violet Flame Masters include Lady Quan Yin, who is presently acting as the Planetary Logos of Earth and is also a member of the Karmic Board; Ascended Master Saint Germain, who recently took up the office of the Maha Chohan, head of all the Ray Chohans for the planet; Archangel Zadkiel and His Divine Complement, Holy Lady Amethyst, who together anchor the Violet Flame in their sacred etheric Retreat above the island of Cuba; Lord Arcturus, Elohim of the Violet Ray; and many others…

Below are given powerful decrees that can be of great assistance in raising ones vibrations and cleansing away that which is of the old Earth:



Oh, Father of Light and Mother of all Love. I invoke now Thy Daughter of Mercy and Compassion, Beloved Kwan Yin, to flood my being with the JOYFUL experience of forgiveness.

In forgiving, I let go of all the effects of misused energies impinging on my life, of the ignorance, confusion and pain of this world. I have come to LOVE IT FREE and so I shall!

This is now the HEART CENTER  of my existence… the JOY of FORGIVING LIFE as it enters my awareness, setting it free into a higher vibration with the gifts of SACRED FIRE that you have given so freely into my keeping.

I live in the Violet Embrace of my Holy Sister, QUAN YIN, and “I AM” THE JOY OF FORGIVENESS (3X)





More decrees will be on their way!



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