Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Lan Tetrah


Violet Flame Angel – Hiroyuki Satou, 2015

Tazjma… well, that’s not exactly a household name here in America or anywhere else on this planet.  It is the Pleiadian name of my eldest sister, a young woman who volunteered to come to Earth during the last days of Lemurian civilization.  Although Lemuria is a subject of much fond reminiscence by many light-bearers and starseeds, it wasn’t for Taz as her two short lives there were painful.  Still, she walked into this last lifetime knowing it was to be her final one here, after nearly 26,000 years of reincarnating and successively taking on difficult roles in the endeavor to anchor the Christ Light upon this darkened and beleaguered planet.  She had completed her soul contract and mission; it was time to go Home and resume her duties there.

Over a decade ago, Elizabeth, as she was called by her human name, learned of her connection with the Venusian Kumara family, when she received the spiritual name, “Tazjma Amariah Kumara”.  She wasn’t surprised.  She had felt a strong intuitive connection with the great Venusian leader, Lord Sanat Kumara, a Being much given to sacrifices of His own.   The Logos or Lord of Venus stepped forward to act as Planetary Logos or Lord of the World for Earth so Earth would not be destroyed due to the great darkness that had overcome her.  This story is told elsewhere, so I won’t repeat it here, but the Venusian civilization has done much to assist the planet and its people, but you wouldn’t know it by the xenophobia directed towards “aliens” put forth by most of the leaders of the world.  We’re not “aliens”, we are your cousins and kin.

There was still a puzzle to be completed for Elizabeth which wasn’t addressed until 2013, when she was notified that due to alignments in her birth star chart, it was likely that she was a Pleiadian star seed.  While this knowledge verified yet another connection, it still puzzled her.  How could she be Venusian and Pleiadian all at once?  The answer came in 2014 when she was contacted by the fully conscious Sirian star seed, Trillia Gia. This soul aspect of a Sirian princess told Elizabeth that she was a blended being, from two star lineages, both Venusian and Pleiadian.  In fact, she was the daughter of Archangel Zadkiel and the co-regent of Venus, Lady Venus herself.  Now that was a bit of news to chew on… but wait!  There was more!  Not only was she the soul aspect of a Pleiadian woman from two prominent families, she was also going to walk-out from her present body and return Home through the process of ascension… that same year, 2014!

Elizabeth… Tazjma was stunned.  Yet in the next six months she went through at a ferocious pace the conscious re-integration of many formidable past lives especially during the past two thousand years… some lifetimes that were household names at least to those who were conversant with history.  And she had to actively strive to re-balance her inner masculine and inner feminine natures, a difficult task, for though she was presently embodied as a female, she knew that most of her recent past lives had all been male!  This was a subject that was barely addressed even in so-called metaphysical circles.  And although she was a peaceful soul this time around, she knew and felt within the heart of a warrior, a warrior for Freedom and Light.

The Festival of Light approached in the latter part of October when Tazjma’s Ascension ceremony took place on board the great Pleiadian mother ship, The White Winds.  You can find a partial transcript of this ceremony here.

Trillia, who was due to ascend herself in December, had advised Taz / Eliza that although she was now reblended with her Higher Self, Tazjma, she would still feel quite present here on Earth due to the strong cellular memory of the body itself — a quirk that was due to the density of this particular planet.  This quirk, discovered earlier by the Ships of Light during and after the walk-out ascensions of some galactic volunteers,  was the sensation that nothing had changed, at least for the human personality, an occurrence that happened for many of those who were ascending as walk-out souls. The physical body might register a slight difference in the souls and their guides that were now present, but nothing had seemed to change for her.  She was still here, as far as she knew and felt, and although she often felt the presence of her star family near, there was also a growing sense of anger and betrayal.  Understanding was not coming, so she chose to withdraw and stay here… or so she thought.

(Note to Reader: While it is romantic to think that all those ascending will be able to leave in Light Body, this seldom in fact occurs.  Most ascensions take place after the physical Earth body of the one ascending undergoes the passage called “death”.  And since, as in the case of the physical vessel of Tazjma / Eliza was still viable, an opportunity arose to place another Galactic volunteer on Earth to hold place until such time as the body “died”. I, Sundeelia stepped forth to do so! )

A couple of years later, Eliza (which she called herself now on her blog, Blue Dragon Journal) was again contacted by Trillia Gia… although now it wasn’t Trillia, but her walk-in, RaNia Kumara VaCoupe.  This was the Pleiadian sister of both Taz and Sundeelia, who had been slated to walk-in for Trillia Gia, despite the difference in the star lineages of the two women.  Trillia was a “Cosmic” and RaNia was an “Angelic”.  It took six years for RaNia to soul braid with Trillia as a result, due to the differences in their soul lineages, so it was RaNia who was now attempting to re-kindle contact with the soul aspects of two of her Pleiadian sisters, both Sundeelia and what little remained here of Tazjma.

For when Tazjma ascended, most of her soul essence did go Home.  That is why there seemed to be a withdrawal most especially of the presence of her mate, An’Dra.  He was suddenly elsewhere and frankly, so was she, although her body was not yet aware of the absence.  This may sound crazy to those who believe we only have one soul and one lifetime, but this is an example of the complex nature of walking in and out of a body vehicle.  Meanwhile, another volunteer from the Galactic Federation stepped into the body to act as a place-holder until things could be sorted out between what tiny percentage of Tazjma that remained and the soul essence of her walk-in, Sundeelia.

The sorting was accomplished in late 2016, some two years later.  By this time, Taz / Eliza found herself retired and living in Florida and still feeling rather confused about being there.  Sometime in late October or early November, she suddenly began to feel inner nudges to contact Trillia Gia, once again (contact was broken off in late December 2014).  So she did… and discovered that it wasn’t Trillia anymore, but her own Pleiadian sister, RaNia, who had completed her walk-in process with Trillia, when the latter suddenly ascended on the day of her ascension ceremony.  The two of them discovered that they were both now living in Florida.  RaNia was hopeful that Taz / Eliza would come for a visit so they could meet, for the first time here on Earth.  Taz / Eliza agreed and so the two met soon afterward.

While all this was going on, things started to move again, inwardly.  Taz received a notification that she would be ascending 66 days hence, sometime in mid-April 2016.  As it happened, Sundeelia and Tazjma had already re-initiated the walk-in / walk-out process which went very quickly.  The two Pleiadian sisters had incarnated quite frequently as twins in past lives and so had similar soul essences.  When Tazjma did leave, suddenly on April 14th, this time, Sundeelia did feel the difference, the deep sense of loss that was the body’s reaction to the withdrawal of her soul essence.  This time, Sundeelia was in control of the body, as a permanent place-holder, until such time as the physical vessel wore down and completed its life cycle.

The seeming suddenness of the “ascension”… which actually was the completion of what had been started in 2014, was explained when barely a day later, the two sisters, RaNia and Sundeelia, tuned into the fact that Lady Tazjma was about to deliver her new child.

The withdrawal of a large percentage of Tazjma’s soul essence and all of An’Dra’s was explained by the fact that the two of them went into Silence after Tazjma’s ascension in 2014.  Only about 3% of Tazjma’s soul essence remained with the physical vessel; that, with the 7% or so of the still unnamed Galactic volunteer, allowed the body to continue its existence as total withdrawal of the soul essence would have caused death.  At some undetermined juncture, Sundeelia stepped and began to continue the soul-braiding necessary for the completion of the withdrawal of Taz’s soul essence and the assumption of responsibility for the body of Sundeelia.  All but the tiniest percentage of Taz’s essence has been withdrawn, although the 1/2 of one percent or so will remain until the final withdrawal of the silver cord, when all soul essence is withdrawn at the time of death.

So… at just after midnight as Easter Day began in Egypt, the boy Osiris stepped forth in light body from his mother’s womb.  The manner in which new bodies are formed in the Pleiades is much different than on Earth or for that matter, even on Sirius.  The two parents take from six months to over two years of dedicated meditation with the incoming Soul to form the body within the mother of the soul who is about to enter into incarnation.  In this instance, this was to be a very special child… although all children in the Pleiades are considered “special”… for this child was the reincarnation of a Great Soul, the Twin Flame of the great Mother Goddess Lady Isis.  It was Osiris returned from the Great Silence, from Source itself.  And with His coming, great changes are afoot for this quadrant of creation.

Sundeelia and RaNia were both stunned and delighted to have become aunts, once again.  For although they, being younger sisters and working in the ships of the Fleet, were not yet mated, their sister, Tazjma and her mate, An’Dra, were already the happy parents of three, now four children.  Thus do starseeds and volunteers live a double life, one on Earth and one (or more) above, on the ships or on their home planets.  And of course, our Higher Selves function within many dimensions and worlds, most of which we will never know of until we, also, reach a vibratory frequency (in other words, ascend) in which we can obtain and retain that sort of information.  Until that time, it does us little good to know what we do not need to know or understand at our current (apparent) level of soul evolution.

Thus did Lady Tazjma return to her life as mother and mate in the Pleiades.  As a representative of two powerful families, she has other roles, as well, but that is not for this story… for this story is ended for now.  And the adventure of Sundeelia, the youngest sibling of five, has just begun.

∼Much love from Commander Sundeelia (aka “Sunny”) Kumara VaCoupe, Line Commander, The White Winds, July 9, 2017

*Oddly enough, there are few paintings of brunette angels, although the Pleiadians, of whom many are real Angelic beings, have both dark-haired brunettes (or black hair) and blondes among their ranks.  Lady Tazjma is different in that her hair-coloring is a deep chestnut (reddish) brown, a gift of her Venusian heritage from Lady Venus and an indication that she is, by blood, a priestess.  Red-haired girls are trained as priestesses of the Mother God in the Pleiades.  The photo above is the closest facsimile I could find of Taz’s hair-coloring…

And that, my friends, is the end of Lady Tazjma’s sojourn upon Earth.  What will occur for her in the future is yet to unfold for Pleiadians live a very long time.


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