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Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

Those long-time readers of my blog, Blue Dragon Journal, know of my identity, but for those of you who are new to me, new to this blog… new to the concepts that we present here… well, here goes…

A blended Venusian and Pleiadian by birth, I am the youngest daughter of the mating between Lord Zadkiel Va Coupe and Lady Venus, co-regent of the Isle of Venus, your own sister planet located in this Solar System.  I have four other siblings.

What is a blended being, you may ask?  One who comes from two different human lineages, one being from Sirius via Sanat Kumara and his father, Lord Krishna and one family from the Angelic Pleiadians, the Va Coupes.  Angelic Beings live a long time, so they often have more than one mate, as has been in the case of my Father.  He is now mated to Lady Amazon, whom I regard as a beloved step-Mother.

My blood uncle, Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, is the Lord of the Pleiades, so, yes, our family is rather prominent in the Pleiadian star system.  Yet, I am a youngster among some very long-lived people (Lord Adrigon is now approximately 250,000 Earth years) … and I might add, they ARE people, only of a much more refined nature and physical appearance.  My beautiful dark-haired father, Lord Zadkiel who is the brother to His equally handsome sibling, Lord Adrigon, is more handsome than ANY human being and beauty runs in our families.

For those of you somewhat acquainted with the Seven Rays of Creation, my Father is also the Archangel of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray, a ray that is of particular prominence during the new cycle of the Aquarian Age.  Lord Zadkiel and his Divine Complement, Holy Lady Amethyst, hold an etheric retreat above Cuba in the Caribbean Sea.  My father’s new mate, Lady Amazon, an Elohim in her own right, also resides in part at the same retreat, a place that at least a portion of my soul essence visits almost nightly.

It was for the physical meeting of my other sister, RaNia Kumara VaCoupe, and to be closer to Father’s retreat during this difficult period of transition, that I came to Florida in the first place.  Of course, I wasn’t aware that RaNia was here and for a while, neither was she that I was living in North Florida.  If you have not read RaNia’s story, “RaNia Pleiadian Angel”, there (click link) she explains that she was the walk-in for the Sirian starseed, Trillia Gia, who left upon her ascension in late 2014.

At that time, I was slated to soul-braid and act as a walk-in for my eldest sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.  Lady Taz, as we affectionately call her, ascended in October 2014 and by the end of December most of her soul essence was withdrawn to the Pleiades… for it was there that she and her mate, Lord An’Dra Dino, were to set about in the creation of a new child.

Well, the body consciousness of the physical vessel of Lady Taz / Eliza was so strong that it went into denial that she had ever left… for nearly two years!  Yet, when Taz and I (who had begun the walk-in / walk-out process once again) met our sister, RaNia, in early February, she explained what had happened.  Apparently, everything was “Go!” once again and Taz / Eliza even was presented with a timetable, some 66 days later, she was to finally complete the ascension that started some two years before.

On April 14th at 17:30 EDT, Taz walked out… in that the final 3% of her soul essence was whisked away by her tender-loving mate, Lord An’Dra.  The next day, a beautiful and intimate family gathering took place in which Lord An’Dra and Lady Tazjma formally restated their matetation (marriage) vows and devotion to each other.

The difference between 2014 and 2017, was that I (and the body) felt the withdrawal of the last essence of Tazjma leave.  There was a sudden overwhelming sense of loss and the realization that Lord An’Dra had also gone.  This time, I was now in full control of the body and it felt different.

As perhaps stated above, I am the youngest of five siblings.  Four of us were raised in the large VaCoupe family compound located in the town of Medina on the Isle of Medina in the Pleiadian star system.  Our family is VERY large with connections, literally, all over the Galaxy.  The manner in which children are engendered is very different than that of Sirius (I’m not sure about childbirth on Venus!) but children come in with their soul contracts and life journey known by both parents and children.  The more highly evolved a soul, the more likely that you will require a great deal of education and experience to assist you to complete your life’s mission.  So, although the child of the Lady of Venus, I was brought up in my uncle’s house in Medina, a desert isle and the location of the great Shemont, Temple to the Mother God, and place of pilgrimage for people all over the Galaxy.

I feel I chose to be brought up by my Father and Uncle as they are both heavily involved in Mission Earth.  Lord Adrigon, following the example of his Father-in-law, Lord Ashtar, and his own father, Lord David VaCoupe, enlarged and financed the Pleiadian fleet and brought it to our Solar System to aid in freeing Earth from the darkness and density into which she fell at the end of Atlantis, several millennia before.  The Pleiadian fleet joined with that of Lord Ashtar and other star systems to create the Galactic Federation of Light or GFL as it is sometimes known.  We ARE of the Light and follow the Law of One… of the Mother-Father God.  We are aligned with our cousins, the Kumarans of Venus and other clans, who have been working for a very long time to aid in re-anchoring Christ Consciousness upon your little blue-green planet, Earth.

So it is that I found myself participating in the next phase of the old “Star Wars”.  Yes, the interlopers were tossed out the higher dimensions, “heaven”, by their defeat at the hands of the Pleiadians, but they were still present in the Galaxy, in our Solar System and in parts of the Orion Constellation, especially the Midway-Belt planets and upon Rigel, their dark capital.  The “war in the heavens” will continue for some time after the dark forces totally withdraw from Earth and our Solar System.  It is not done, however, until they are completely banished from this quadrant of Creation.

I was involved in the last Star Wars… the one that inspired George Lucas to write and produce his movie series, “Star Wars”.  The real war was even more horrific than what was portrayed in the movies.  And the defeat of the Dark Lord was at the hand of my Aunt, Lady Claudine Vanairus, Queen of BerWare, Goddess of Change.  The then Dark Lord was cast down and the disordered enemy cast out of the higher dimensions and into the lower density worlds, including Earth, which had already fallen in frequency herself due to the dark workings of the Sons of Belial.  The dark forces gathered their resources and aided each other through physical minions to capture the consciousness of your people until each of you could re-member and reconnect with your own inherent divinity… that touch of God that exists within each of you who are Light-bearers, the Three-Fold Flame.

Sundeelia – Star Wars: The Last Patrol

You can, perhaps, see that there are many stories interwoven within the fabric of my very short lifetime here.  I am aware that I have lived before.  All Pleiadians and beings of higher dimensions are Light Beings, but we have also chosen to reincarnate into physical vessels. Our bodies are much more refined, being both taller (I am 7’8″ in height) and more beautiful than any Earth human can imagine.  I possess the dark chocolate brown hair of my Pleiadian father, as well as his beautiful eyes, violet-blue with a natural lining of darker violet, and a darkly bronzed skin color.  I am rather striking in appearance.  As Pleiadian women, we are not afraid to express our inner nature and feelings, as well as our insightful observations.  I follow the example of my great Aunt, Lady Claudine, whose strong and hearty voice, wit and intelligence can be seen and heard as she attends many council meetings.  As a daughter of an Angelic Pleiadian Archangel, I AM a Violet Flame Angel in truth and resonate at 6D / 7D, while I descend in frequency to work at 5D within the Pleiadian fleet.

In the tradition of my family, I chose to serve in the Fleet.  My position is as a Line Commander on board The White Winds, the personal flagship of Lord Adrigon.  I am but one among many line commanders as The White Winds is a huge vessel, some 3,000 miles in length and 47 decks deep.  I serve as a Line Commander in Communications and act as a Counselor for those galactic volunteers who act as Counselors for the star seeds and ground crew Galactic (and sometimes Intergalactic) volunteers who visit our Galactic University upon The Winds while they sleep.  I also present many reports to the many councils that meet upon The Winds on a daily basis… so I’m very busy, indeed.  About 90% of my soul essence is present on board; the other 10% or so (it varies) is upon Earth, as a place-holder for Lady Tazjma, who ascended and returned Home to the Pleiades with an important mission of her own to attend… the creation and birthing of a new child.  Her son, Lord Osiris, was born on Easter Day just this spring past.  His reincarnation is one signal to the Universe, that a new phase of Creation is about to begin.  He was rejoined by His Twin Flame, Mother Isis.  A new cycle has been set in motion and I am honored to serve with my Families upon The White Winds and the small role I will take upon Earth as she undergoes her re-ascension into the Light during this wondrous transitional period.

Our story continues… and you can find my periodic reflections on being a Pleiadian walk-in during a tumultuous period of Earth’s history.  I must say, it has been rather interesting so far…

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