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As a child did you ever wonder whether there were more worlds and people “out there”?  We are here to tell you, yes, there are other worlds, billions upon billions of them.  Only a people cut off from Source for thousands of years would ask such a question.  We, the Pleiadians, are the inhabitants of what can be considered a star federation, made up of dozens of star systems and thousands of isles (planets).  And the Universes, seen and unseen, exist, even though your scientists have no clue, cannot measure them or even dare guess that they exist.  And we say to this:  It is time and beyond “time” for you as a human collective to step out of your xenophobic box.

We are here and we are the Pleiadians.  Our Outer Fleet is part of the Galactic Federation of Light, along with the Ashtar Command, the Sirian Fleet, and the star fleets of the Arcturians, Veyans (Vega), Andromedans, as well as many, many other star nations who are interested in the evolutionary cycle now fully underway upon your small world.

The starships of the Pleiadian Outer Fleet that is currently stationed around and within your Solar System are all fifth dimensional and sentient.  They run on “crystal” power as did the ancient starships of Atlantis.  The great crystals of each ship utilize the golden Christ Light energy rays emitted from the great Central Sun.  They never run out of energy! At night if you look up at the “stars”, most of them are actually ships.  Send a greeting to one of these “stars” and watch it begin to dance or flash a greeting.

We currently have three huge motherships stationed in the solar system, including the main Pleiadian flagship, The White Winds.  Each of these great ships has supporting ships, scientific vessels, and scouting vessels.  Some of the scout vessels do enter the atmosphere to take quality tests and observations.  We have been observing the progress of the surface human population for centuries.  Actually, The White Winds was brought into position soon after the fall of Atlantis.  Many races and species of beings serve aboard the Pleiadian vessels.  We are united through unconditional Love to serve the ascension of Earth and her people.

Along with our allies in the Galactic Federation of Light, the Sirians, the Ashtarians, the Andromedans, and the Arcturians, have been observing the evolution of Earth’s humanity.  Obeying the Law of Non-interference, we have sent starseeds and walk-ins to your planet to act as yeast for the raising of the consciousness and frequency of your peoples.  In bringing their Christ Light to the planet, these beings would assist in ultimately reversing the fall of the planet and raise it up, again, into the Light.

sirian star ship

Now, as the Victory of the Light is assured, our ships are ever present in your skies.  You may observe them as the stars in the night skies, for they are numerous and ever-present.  And those of you who are fond of watching clouds may observe smooth oval “clouds” in the skies, sometimes emerging and disappearing into larger clouds.  Ships also appear to higher frequency persons (e.g., see videos of the many sightings at the ECETI Ranch on their website) but would not appear en masse to the general population right now since it would most like provoke both fear and aggression from our military forces.

Most galactic races refer to planets as “isles”.  The Pleiadian Star Federation contains several star systems, some with dual and triple suns; thousands of isles, large and small.  Our people are not limited to living on one isle.  Even that which appears to be a “sun” to your astronomers, Alcyone, is, in actuality an extremely large solar isle of such high frequency that it radiates with Christ Light.  The Pleiadian “system” not only includes the isles connected to each of the solar systems within the star federation but also many smaller adjoining solar systems.  This is as a result of these worlds choosing to come under the jurisdiction of the Pleiadian Fleet during the great star wars of old.  Very few of the isles are not settled, although the populations contained therein do vary and some are limited in accordance with the environmental holding capacity of each isle.  As a rule, the type of life lived on any particular isle is determined by the peoples who live there.  Some isles are primarily agrarian, having large-scale farms and large farming families.  A few of the isles are highly populated.  Some of the isles in the Pleiades are reserved for other sentient species such as the Crystallines, Felines, Canines, and Cetaceans (e.g., there are two dolphin isles and one for whales). The species can vary, but ALL Pleiadians are telepathic.

The Pleiadians as a whole are NOT descendants of the Lyran humanoid races.  Some of the Lyran humanoid races are actually descendants of the ancient races from Sirius A, B, and C.  Even today the Lyran humans of Sirian descent are technically regarded as “outer” Sirians.  Other humanoid species also live in the Lyran star system. We understand that the concept of Lyra being the “birthplace” has taken root in some circles, but this is patently disinformation and an untruth.  The Sirius star system has a much older civilization from which many others have sprung.  Known Sirian history stretches back for millions of years, well beyond the knowledge of other civilizations within the Milky Way Galaxy.

On Earth, formerly the percentage of persons of Sirian descent to Pleiadian was about 80/20, but now 30/70, with a sprinkling of other star races.  We are your cousins.  Earth was terraformed by the Sirians and Pleiadians and other founder races a very long time ago.  The remainder is made up of mostly Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Veyan and some Lyran bloodlines.  Your planet also is carrying the seed of the Belials who came to this Solar System when they were cast out of the higher dimensions or “heaven” as your Christian religion relates the story.  These beings had been chased into this region of space and had ended up destroying the first world they colonized, Marduk or Tiamat, which is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  The Belials are made up of several negatively polarized races that originally entered this quadrant of creation without permission and proceeded to invade the Orion system.  They succeeded in conquering the lower Orions and what is regarded as midway belt isles.  They could not overcome the great Lords of Belijium, one of the highest frequency areas within this quadrant and home to Melchizedek, Metatron and other great Beings of Light.

Since we, the Pleiadians, are some of your progenitors, we have always had an interest in the evolution of this isle.  In our homes, all Pleiadians are taught the history of Terra (which we call the Earth) and the lessons being played out here.  We also have knowledge of the ancient history of this quadrant, when and where it was created, the purpose for its creation and the present process of ascension that the whole quadrant is now undergoing.

Both the Sirians and Pleiadians were involved in the initial creation of the Lemurian civilization.  Today, people of Sirian descent live primarily in the subcontinent of India.  Many of the tribal civilizations that have existed on Earth, including those of the American natives, came from Pleiadian stock.  At home in the Pleiades, we have many isles that still are considered “tribal” and retain much of their ancient manner of living.  Most of these people are tall, handsome, with strong builds and black hair, but variations do exist from isle to isle.

Pleiadians have primarily black or blonde hair.  The blondes can vary between golden blonde to white blonde.  Any of the Pleiadian brunettes are usually “blended” beings, those of mixed star ancestry.  The rarest of hair colors is that of the redhead; most often, these individuals are destined to be priests or priestesses. Our bodies are very different from that of Earth humans as we live in a generally higher frequency.  Our bodies have cartilage instead of bones, which makes our bodies stronger, more pliable, as well as less apt to suffer injury.  We do have blood and most of the other organ systems.  Many Pleiadians, though not all, are very tall.  Some of our taller men stand a solid 9’, but normal height for males varies from 7’10” to 8’6”.  Women are mostly slightly smaller, although again there are variations from isle to isle.  Some Pleiadians are quite diminutive in stature, our Elementals, and Crystallines appear to be opalescent bubbles to the beholder’s eyes.  All Pleiadian species and races live much longer than 3D Earth humans.

Since Pleiadians do NOT have an elimination system, we do NOT eat meat or solid foods.  We sup on juicy fruits, smoothies, pureed vegetable soups and stews, puddings and very light, thin crackers.  If a Pleiadian were to attempt to eat meat they would get sick for their body is not designed to digest such a portion of heavy dense food.   Our friends from Sirius and Venus do eat fish and eggs, vegetables, grains, and fruit.

The Pleiadians also work with the Venusians who are ruled by Sanat Kumara and his Divine Complement, Lady Venus.  The Kumaras are of a high Sirian lineage.  Sanat Kumara is a son of Lord Krishna, the spiritual leader of Sirius A.  His white-blonde hair, pale bluish-white skin, and large green eyes are characteristic of his race.  The Venusians have been working with the evolutions of Earth for millions of years, with Sanat Kumara himself committing to being the Planetary Logos of Earth for thousands of years.  It was a fragment of his son, Lord Sananda Kumara, who incarnated several times on Earth to assist raising the frequency of the planet.  He was accompanied by many other starseeds who were also dedicated to this mission.  The final earthly incarnation of this son of Venus was as Master Yeshua.  Better known by Christians as “Jesus”, this son of Venus has fully returned Home and now is a great Cosmic Lord.  He is NOT a crew member of the Ashtar Command.  Venus does not have a star fleet either, only shuttle vessels.


Here, in this excerpt from “RaNia, Pleiadian Angel”, my sister RaNia VaCoupe describes our home isle:

“Greetings beloved Family of Light, I am RaNia Kumara VaCoupe of the Angelic Realms from the great Pleiades Star System. My home Isle of Medina is well known throughout Creation where the original Temple unto the Mother God, the Shemont, was built by Lord Metatron. Through countless eons as you measure time, Our Mother’s Temple has stood welcoming spiritual pilgrims who wish to honor Her and bathe within Her Love in the most sacred of portals before the High Altar within the Shemont. Each day the priestesses lead us in honoring our Mother God as they weave intricate beautiful dances while they sing songs of devotion that fill the main chapel and together uplift all hearts as One before Her altar. The priestesses unto the Shekinah are all redheads as is Holy Lady Nina, who as High Priestess is the highest expression of Our Mother God within this Quadrant of Creation. When a young girl is born with red hair, this speaks of our Mother’s Love that has blessed this one to serve within the Shemont as Her priestess. This is one of the highest honors within our star system.


As with most families within our city, our family lives within large family compounds with walls that surround beautiful desert gardens.  Life flourishes across our desert lands and each family has their own oasis to share within.  Most family meals are enjoyed within our gardens alongside bubbling water displays or fountains that bring much delight.  We do not waste our resources especially water. All is recycled and used to bring forth new life.

On our Isle of Medina, our desert air can during our summers reach temperatures as high as 140 degrees in the hot sun and is usually 20 degrees cooler in the shade.  Our expansive homes are built mostly beneath the ground in numerous levels with efficient cooling systems that allow us to live in needed comfort. Natural sunlight is available in all spaces and we utilize a crystalline energy storage system that provides all our needs through our days and nights. As a large family in which generations that include the elders as well as new-born babes it is our preference to gather together for meals. Each child from an early age learns to play multiple musical instruments and all generations join together playing instruments as we dance and sing in celebration of life regularly. This is our way, as the family is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us.

Our elders do not age in a similar manner that is experienced in your world. A Pleiadian man who upon your world would be 1000 plus years of age would appear no older than thirty (30) to thirty-five (35) years of age to us. The women are equally beautiful and graceful. We have no pollution or thoughts less than love that creates lower vibrational expressions of life. The highest expressions of love are displayed vibrantly by our beautiful flowers such as roses that unlike on Earth have no need for thorns. We are a people of peace and from within our hearts, we honor all life in reverence and love. All mothers are greatly honored within the Pleiades as they are the sacred bringers of life and the nexus within our families. Our people on the Isle of Medina and throughout all of the Pleiades are expressions of divine beauty and youth, wisdom and devotion to our Mother God. Large tours of visitors traverse great distances across the stars to join us at the Shemont during our Spring and Harvest celebrations of gratitude and love for the blessings received within our star system. Together we celebrate our Oneness with Source.” 

The Pleiadians are a loving society that reveres all aspects of family life.  We cherish our children and women who choose to be mothers are highly honored.  The birth of all children is preplanned.   The mated couple goes into “Silence” during preparation for the birth, while communing with the incoming soul and meditating upon the development of the new body.  After a period of six months to three years, the child is birthed, a process of stepping out of the mother’s womb in a light body.  A newborn Pleiadian child appears to be about the same development stage as a three-year-old Earth child.

Unlike Earth humans, our life “mission” and “purpose” is devised and planned out before we incarnate.  All Pleiadians are born with total recall of their former lives.  We have the ability to utilize all or a part of our gifts in each lifetime depending on the circumstances and the culture of the Isle upon which we are born.  Out of love, we often incarnate with souls who have been with us through many other lives, here and in other quadrants of Creation.   In the higher worlds, you will discover that “once Family, always Family”, a saying that refers to the recognition of our interweaving soul groups and relationships through the ages.


Most of the Pleiadian isles resonate at 5D, but some of the isles hold populations and individuals who resonate into 9D.  There are only 12 dimensions in this quadrant of Creation. The ability to move with ease through the dimensions and frequencies is something natural to us.  Those of us who work on board the ships of the Pleiadian fleet may resonate at 6D to 7D, but function quite well at 5D so we can work alongside our allies and crew members who come from many galactic races yet unknown to Earth humans.

While we are telepathic people, we do use quantum computers for communication and education.  All Pleiadian homes have at least one computer so that the inhabitants can keep up with news and children can receive long-distance education.  Children receive education respective of their family and life purpose.  Some become farmers, some merchants, some scientists, some priests or priestesses, some teachers, and many choose to serve in the Command.  Unlike our friends and allies the Sirians, Pleiadian women are allowed to join the Command as the Pleiadian Fleet is known at home.  During their time of service, they do not have children.

Most Pleiadians range in complexion from light to darkly bronze.  Our people are more handsome and beautiful than any Earth human.  The eyes of Pleiadians are generally blue, very large, and naturally lined like the kohl accents found on ancient Egyptian paintings.  As with any diverse star system, there are variations.  We certainly don’t live on just one of our precious isles!


Our culture does have a source of energy exchange known as “credits”.  Each citizen, young and old, have a job or work to do, whether in the home, on the farm, in the fleet or wherever their occupation takes them.  Our children, respective of their station, learn at a young age to act in cooperation with all others who live with them.  Most families live together in large compounds, with several generations all participating in the communal work.  No one goes hungry or without shelter as we value family.

The climate of any isle is decided upon by the collective consciousness of the inhabitants.  Pleiadians are far more advanced in their higher abilities than Earth humans who fell long ago into the stupor of the third dimension, largely due to the incursion of the Belials and the resulting departure from Cosmic Law.

Pleiadians follow the concept of the Law of One and will not violate Cosmic Law.  As a consequence, we do not interfere with the surface population, although some more sensitive individuals who are usually our starseeds do come into telepathic and rarely visual contact with our representatives.  Understand that for a higher dimensional being to manifest within your dense 3D atmosphere causes great physical pain.  The atmosphere of your isle is also extremely polluted, a condition which we monitor with some of our smaller research ships.  We are able to monitor the news and general condition of the population so are very aware that Earth humans are slowly waking up to the fact that they and the isle have been subjected to extreme control and abuse for thousands of years, going back some 50,000 years when the first interlopers crash-landed on this isle.  These were not “gods”, but a more technically advanced race of negatively polarized beings that were determined to claim the wealth of this planet.  The fact that they were and are extraterrestrials that have no right to be on this isle has been carefully suppressed throughout your history.  We tell you now that you will know them by their actions, their complete lack of empathy or regard for humanity or the isle.  These same individuals are now in the process of being exposed before the world by such White Hats as the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and his team of motivated patriots.

“Dark team” is devoted to service to self.  The Pleiadians are devoted to service to others.  We are here, stationed within your solar system out of love and a desire to serve.  The Pleiadians and their allies want the Earth to fulfill her destiny as a crossroads of commerce and a living library of diverse life.  Terra, the original Garden of Eden (this quadrant) is the lynchpin in the fulfillment of the ascension of the entire quadrant.  As the isle rises in frequency as part of her natural evolution, natural selection will weed out those who cannot survive in the higher frequencies.  While most of the negatively polarized races can exist up to the fifth dimension, they can go no further.  When they leave this planet or are removed, they will not be returning to bother future generations.

In the future, some 100 years off or so, the Earth will be a much different isle.  The parts of her surface that have been scarred by atomic wars in the far distant past (much of the existing desert regions) will be terraformed by the Pleiadians and Sirians so they will be once again fertile places for people and life to thrive.  During the course of the ascension of this isle, which will occur over a period of years and decades, the Earth people will gradually come into a state of harmony and cooperation, as this is the natural state of most humanoid races who are allowed to evolve without interference.  When that day arrives the people of Terra will once again become fully fledged Galactic citizens.

As a final note, it is unfortunate that so many spiritual seekers… or at least seekers… have been taken in by the “New Age” psyops designed by the CIA in the 20th century.  The concepts of “light” and “love” and the constant rejection of anything that appears dark leads people to disempower themselves by not committing to their own personal clearing and coming into balance within.  Life on Earth has been difficult for many centuries, more difficult than was originally planned by the Founders.  Also, there are layers and layers of civilizations that have come and gone upon the planet, some even unguessed at by those who claim to rule Earth. All I will say at this time is that Earth was not originally of this Solar System.

As the Earth ascends and moves through the Photon Belt, humanity is being confronted with their darkest issues, individual and collective.  The only way forward is to reveal all, and then work together to resolve problems and come back into alignment with Cosmic Law.  Until that is accomplished, there will continue to be great suffering upon this world.  Despite what is claimed by many charlatans, the planet will NOT receive an instantaneous upgrade into 5D.  Spiritual evolution and the process of individual ascension take time and commitment.  Those who have bought into New Age concepts have been conned.

Come together as a collective, but recognize and honor the diversity of life present on this unique water world.  Lady Isis, the Mother Goddess of this quadrant of Creation, has remarked that you can visit a thousand worlds and never see the complex and beautiful diversity that exists right here on Earth.  It is time to relearn the ways of your ancient ancestors, to learn to live in harmony with Nature, to cherish and value all life, to cherish and value your children and women, and to follow with devotion the Law of One.  Only you, the people of Earth, starseed and indigenous alike, can make these steps.  And as you do, we watch and wait patiently upon such time as our great Councils deem it safe for us to appear more openly and then finally land upon the sacred soil of Earth (aka Terra, Gaia, Tara).  And on that day, the sacred Retreats will manifest upon the land and be visible to all.  And the hearts of men will unite in joy at the return of those who are their ancient Teachers and Mentors.

Go in Peace.  Have Faith and Hope that your lives will change for the good for the Light has returned.



Compiled and written by Line Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, of the Pleiadian Flagship The White Winds.

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The eldest sister, Tazjma, recently completed her walk-out, re-blending, and ascension as a Lady of Light.  She now resides in the Pleiades with her mate, Lord An’Dra Lan Tetrah and her new son, Lord Osiris Lan Tetrah.

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