Viewing Ships of Light

star ship


by Trillia Gia

This is an example of a small Pleiadian ‘Number Ship’ on scientific assignment gathering data to analyze and refine assistance they give to help in cleansing our environment and gauge changes in energies as the intensified waves of Light increase within the consciousness and bodies of humanity and all lifeforms. 


Since recently posting an article on the Ships of Light, I have been blessed by numerous sightings of the Ships of Light in their various forms. I must admit, that as I was recently sunbathing and enjoying the sounds of the surf, I was not consciously searching the skies to see one of the off world crafts, I feel especially blessed to notice one. My friend Libby and I had made a game of counting hearts within the clouds as the warm winds blew across us. We were also watching paddle boarders and catamarans skim swiftly across the blue waters when I suddenly felt their loving energies. As one in tune consciously with the Ships of Light since the late 1980’s, and I often feel their presence. I actually feel their love reaching to me and blessing me. I have no indoctrinated fears that our society, friends, media, churches and governments teach and indoctrinate us to believe regarding our star families, galactics or the Ships of Light. My mind and heart are both wide open to their loving presence and divine purpose. As a conscious starseed, how could it be otherwise?

It must have been at least five minutes that my friend Libby and I sat in our beach chairs watching this lighted craft shine above the ocean horizon. Our hearts were soaring with love and delight. It seemed so odd that others on the beach did not gaze up, as this was such a clear vision available to all who would simply look. It actually appeared much larger than the pics display below. We sat there smiling broadly, as it reflected the summer sunlight so brightly. It was hovering as it gently swayed back in forth as if in sync with the rhythm of the surf for at least 3 – 4 minutes when suddenly the lower side of it darkened and the top of this craft became a brilliant white light. It moved to the northeast as it quickly morphed into a brilliant large orb. As we watched it brightly shining we were doing our best not to miss anything. The bright orb then slowing dimmed into a cloudy round haze and then suddenly it disappeared. It quickly popped out of our view without any visible trace it had been in our sky. It appeared to have raised it’s vibrations to slip back within the dimensional level from which it traveled.

We were so delighted to have received such a blessing from watching their beautiful craft. I immediately commented that their loving energy and surge of joy we felt from seeing them so clearly makes my heart call out for more. Libby enthusiastically agreed, as we both wished they could appear much closer to us. Yet this is not their way, as their intentions are pure love, and never do the Ships of Light purposefully cause fear among those of Earth. Without a doubt our vibrations were soaring in the afterglow of this beautiful vision. We then continued our counting of hearts and angel wings (as is a delightful passion and pastime we participate in that raises our vibrations) in the scattered white fluffy clouds above that were quickly moving westward in the steady winds.

Suddenly an unusual and well defined pair of tall bright white clouds shaped like wings appeared near us hovering steadily over the beach. As other clouds were moving quickly west in the steady winds, this large one that had the appearance of large angel wings was not moving with the other clouds in the winds. Ahhhhh… their intense loving presence was so strong again… As we observed this large set of wings we noticed that it appeared to be attached to a circle of white mist that was edged in a bright white outline. We watched. It stayed with us. By then our other friend Heidi had joined us in watching this very large set of wings made of white clouds. We chatted among the three of us about how the other clouds were moving so quickly in the winds, yet this one stood still hovering over the beach. A small dark cloud shot past the large wings making its stationary position undeniable. This was directly over the beach with many people playing in the water and on the beach below. As I have often witnessed numerous Ships of Light dropping their invisibility shielding or moving from within the clouds, I knew we again had visitors. It was as if our wish we shared just moments before between us to have a closer encounter or viewing of one of the crafts was being answered within minutes!

This shows a bit of how the Ship of Light that we observed from Delray Beach, Florida appeared as it hovered low on the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean.

As we felt magnetized by this beautiful tall cloud of large white wings, the three of us continued watching this phenomena that was attached to a light misty large circle of light as it hung above the Florida coastline. The same loving energies we were bathed within while watching the Ship of Light a few minutes prior had returned to us. As the energies intensified a sense of comforting recognition bathed me. I then took a deep breath as a loving friend came to join us on the beach. My friend easily stepped within me, as the warmth of His Presence enveloped me. He introduced Himself to my two friends as Archangel Zadkiel of the Violet Ray. He is the younger brother to the Lord of the Pleiades and Head Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet, Lord Adrigon. I feel His Presence and the Presence of His Divine Complement Holy Lady Amethyst so steadily in southern Florida, as the northern edge of Their Violet Flame Retreat sits above this part of the Caribbean waters and South Florida. This was indeed a very special moment and blessing. He has quite an outgoing personality and is full of laughter and joy. Immediately after He introduced Himself extending such a loving welcome, Archangel Zadkiel shared with us that the small ship above the beach is His personal little ‘Falcon’.

Archangel Zadkiel then guided us to bury our bare feet within the warm sands before us. As we did so, He then guided us to feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The pulsation of Mother Earth’s heartbeat seemed to immediately fill our beings. My own heartbeat and life around us seemed to be in sync with the rhythm of her heart. Oh, how lovely of an experience in Unity, in Oneness! With Archangel Zadkiel guiding us, the rhythm of the surf flowed as One with Mother Earth’s heartbeat, our hearts, the moon and our sun… this moment of Oneness expanded within us allowing us to tune into the expanded Oneness of Creation… even beyond this tiny galaxy. Oneness. Loving Oneness. We became this. The portals within our hearts were wide open as we together in Oneness flowed within the rhythm of Creation. It was as if time stood still.

I must again affirm that little on Earth is as it appears!Everything is so much more beyond our constricted beliefs, our narrow vision and the lies we have been taught were truth within the fading 3D paradigm! As our hearts open to allow the Oneness of Creation to pulsate within us, our vision begins to shift beyond the constrictive fetters that have held us as if prisoners within a dream. Ahhhhh… I find myself sighing in relief. Again I feel Oneness.

Could it be this easy to free ourselves from the old illusions? By relaxing into this flow of Oneness, releasing the old limiting visions of creation with our hearts open in love without fear, can we be free? Can our seemingly endless sense of separation and aloneness along with beliefs that life is a struggle, that we are unworthy sinners being punished by God be what is holding us within this world of duality, separation and senseless suffering? Is it by opening our hearts, shifting our limiting thoughts, releasing our painful judgments of our selves and others that we turn the key to open the door to becoming galactic citizens? Is this loving  and expansive experience of Oneness available to all who release their fears and raise their vibrations high enough to see the Ships of Light? Could humanity be so programmed that they have lost their connection with who they really are?  Is it possible that once people open their minds and open their hearts that they too will begin to remember their star families and star heritage?

I feel Archangel Zadkiel smiling, as He listens to my ongoing questions. As He slips out of me to return to His Zephyr, He gently gazes upon us smiling and says, ‘Remember always that We are One. In Love I greet thee on this glorious day of unlimited blessings.’ He honors us with the Pleiadian Head, Heart and Hand Salutation and quickly disappears as does the beautiful cloud of angel wings with Him.




My young son at the age of six stepped out the front door with me one day to instantly gaze up at the large white fluffy cloud glowing above us. He instantly points at it and says, ‘Look, Mommy! Look at that cloud!’ Yes, he was right. There was something different, something special about that large cloud.

It was as if we had stepped out of the house into a softly charged energy field. We both stood there together mesmerized as we continued watching this large cloud. Suddenly we witnessed a tiny white disc pop straight out of it’s top! My son squealed in delight pointing with excitement. ‘Look! Look!’, he exclaimed as he grabbed my hand jumping up and down. We stood together watching this white disc soar off westward towards downtown Columbus, Ohio.

He then looked at me smiling so proudly and told me that he could draw me a picture of the inside of the large ones. His innocence, sincerity and total sense of knowingness was still undimmed. I wished to scoop him up and protect him from the narrow opinions and confines of the beliefs and criticisms of others that I knew my innocent star child would soon know…


sky disk


During the 1990’s I often traveled with a small group of other conscious light-workers anchoring healing Light and Love to help Mother Earth prepare for her ascension and to complete assignments we had begun within the healing temples of Atlantis. On this one occasion I was with two of Lord Ashtar’s eldest daughters returning home on what was supposed to be a direct flight into Columbus from the western states. We were on a large plane with 5 seats in the center and 3 on each side. We were seated on the left side. We were always blessed to have large protective angels known as Eagles who are a part of Archangel Michael’s Legions travel with us to keep us safe. So open conversations with them was quite normal for us. On this trip as we began to fly over the beautiful Rocky Mountains, we were already in communication with Lord Adrigon, the Head Commander for the Pleiadian Fleet. He was informing us that the rudder system on the plane was faulty and to not be concerned as we would arrive safely as they were helping the plane fly without incident. Oh, how I love Lord Adrigon! He is so honorable and very protective of ground-crew members. Each of us, including those now reading my words, are starseeds. This protective love is available for you as well.

Suddenly our very dramatic steward rushed back to loudly and firmly instruct all passengers to immediately close their blinds. He gave this order telling passengers that this was necessary for the movie they were showing to be viewed. Of course this was not truth! Being very independent and wishing to continue enjoying the view of the continent below us as we traveled eastward, we had no intention of closing our blind! I am still amazed at how all other passengers seemed to do as told immediately, as if they had no choice! Very quickly the steward appeared beside us demanding that we close our blind. We thanked him nicely, yet replied that we were not interested in viewing the movie and preferred to enjoy the view below us. He was openly unhappy, yet he could not force us to close our blind. At that point he disappeared from view quickly returning into the pilots’ cockpit. So we gazed out the left side of the plane to see what the pilot and flight crew did not wish the passengers to see! Such a beautiful clear vision of a silver disc flying along the left side of us!

My heart smiles as I remember the magnificent vision of seeing Lord Adrigon’s personal silver disc flying beside us. There she was glistening in the sun, gliding smoothly beside us and greater in size than the large plane we were flying in. His small personal ship was seamless and was shining as if platinum. As the clouds passed over His ship, I watched the shadows moved across it. All who had 3D vision could plainly see this! Yet no other passengers but the three of us even looked! It was obvious why the captain had the steward tell all passengers close their blinds. Lord Adrigon’s personal Ship of Light stayed with us until we landed in Cincinnati for repairs to be made to the plane we were on. Only just before we landed did the crew inform us that we needed to board another plane for our small jaunt into Columbus. They informed the passengers that the plane needed immediate repairs. Their words confirmed what Lord Adrigon had told us.

sun and disk


On another occasion our tiny group of twelve conscious starseeds rented a large beach house on the coast of S. Carolina just north of Hilton Head. Throughout the days, as had become normal for our group for nearly a decade, we were visited by angels and an array of friends and family from our off Earth homes far away. In the evenings we would gather to chat and enjoy one or two of our benevolent ‘starry’ visitors. Our special blessings, indeed our joys and memories we created together, were beyond measure.

One warm evening about midweek Lord Adrigon, Head Commander of The White Winds Pleiadian Mothership, dropped in to share a moment in time with us. With a twinkle in His large Pleiadian eyes He let us know that He had parked his tiny two-seater (we all enjoyed his humor so much) above the beach next to the house. One of us jokingly asked Him if other humans could then see His tiny viscar suspended so close to us above the beach.

Suddenly we heard the loud sounds of two military helicopters buzzing the house and the beach. To have military vehicles appear during or right after we had such Lighted Ones visit with us on our trips had become a somewhat normal happening for our tiny group. (Only two of us, myself and Nina, had black military helicopters harrassing us at our homes in two different areas of Columbus, Ohio.) As the sun had not yet set, we quickly gathered on the deck to watch the show. Up and down the coastline people were gathering to watch this loud spectacle. Two black military helicopters equipped with guns were circling this tiny spot on the beach where nothing was visible to observers. They were zooming up and down in their circles then began alternately zooming in and out of the spot that Lord Adrigon had parked his tiny viscar! This continued for 10 – 15 minutes with onlookers gathering in growing number to watch the two military helicopters provide quite a show. It was apparent that although people could not see Lord Adrigon’s tiny viscar, the government helicopters had equipment giving them expanded vision. As suddenly as they had appeared, without an apparent reason they zoomed off together. Slowly the crowded beach emptied as the sun dropped below the horizon.

Thankfully, as soon as the loud disruptive noise stopped, we could continue our visit with Lord Adrigon! I believe that all of our group would have loved to hear the conversations between the two helicopter pilots or what the people on the beach had said to each other! I remember after the helicopters left us Lord Adrigon remarking that our governments are well aware of their presence, and that this was just one lie among so many that they continually feed the public. We also learned that those from off planet often referred to Earth as the ‘Planet of Lies’.

For those of you who have read my article I titled ‘Coming Out As A Starseed’ know that I, Trillia, was blessed to have a mother on Earth that within her thoughts reached to the stars. Although heavily programmed through religion, earthly culture and the media she had no fear that dispelled her inner knowingness that we have loving and benevolent visitors from the stars, that she often referred to as angels, and felt that they were our friends and family. Perhaps this is one of the numerous reasons that my heart and mind remained open to the Ships of Light, explaining why I never had fear regarding ‘UFOs’. This may also provide a clue as to whether you too are one who has an open mind and heart to the Ships of Light. If not already experiencing seeing them in their various forms in our skies, I hope my sharing my loving experiences with them may open and expand your own experiences and sightings of the Ships of Light. As they are here on divine assignment and await guidance from On High, they always make sure they never purposefully induce or trigger fear.


The visitors that you have heard of that are not benevolent with less than the highest of intentions are either from lower vibrational planets or those of our own governments. Be assured that those known to us as Greys have long ago left us, due to their intolerance to the increasing pollution on Earth. Then the species known as Reptilians have quite dwindled in number and power on Earth. Their overlords long ago abandoned them, and their power has waned increasingly. As Mother Earth continues in leaps and bounds upon the upward ascension spiral, all that is less than Love or not created in Love will no longer able to have a place on Earth. Those of denser worlds usually only connect with those of their own species born among us or those that are in fear of them. Close the doors to this by releasing your fears. As you release the old energies of the fading nightmare of the dark ages you naturally begin to raise your vibrations. Opening our hearts to expanding Love opens the doorways to your multidimensional self and to the ONENESS of this miraculous Creation of which we are an essential part.


cloud ships 3

Cloud ships (cloaked Ships of Light) taken over the Gulf of Mexico from the beach near St. Petersburg, Florida

During the early 1990’s, our tiny group was officially enlisted within the first ‘re-blending’ process as prearranged within our soul contracts over-lighted by the Galactic Federation. Our ascension counselors were based on The White Winds, the magnificent Pleiadian Mothership. All details of our returning home were lovingly considered. First we met our higher selves that had sent us to Earth as a spark from their own Being. Then we began to learn more of the life we left behind to be here on Earth and our visions of life at home steadily awakened. As each of us were to return within the one from which we came, it was necessary for us to become reacquainted with ourselves above, our family, friends, culture and heritage. We would step within them or share moments as two in conversation with them. They also began to increase their visits with us on Earth. Sometimes they would walk within us or on other occasions walk along with us.


All of our human dross that we accumulated from lifetime to lifetime by volunteering to be on Earth during her dark ages can no longer remain within us if we choose to ascend. It matters not how you ascend, whether re-blending within the one you stepped forth from or ascending in your earthly body to ascend with Mother Earth or upon another Celestial isle. The awakening as a multi-dimensional being is a most wondrous process of returning to knowing Love to a degree and manner not experienced while incarnated on Earth. Intricacies of remembering ourselves living on other planets evolved exponentially over more than a decade of service to Life and clearing our own beings of no longer needed energies held within us. It is that which all who choose to ascend must do. The less we hold on to limiting beliefs, pains, stories, traditions, and old patterns we acquired, the more space we have within to shine of the Christ Light…  the more our inner knowingness and oneness expands the more likely we are to acquire the vision to see the Ships of Light.


As ground crew members returning home in consciousness, each participant within our soul group needed to be introduced to our mates… to remember. Each of us had already met one or both of our parents and learned of our childhood, family life, community, traditions, the manner in which we honored our Creator, the music of our cultures, the topography of the planet we came from and our family lineage. This process of again knowing our mates was arranged to allow each of us to receive 5 – 6 visitors from home that would introduce themselves individually to us. It was hoped that after years of contact with the Angelics, Cosmics, Ascended Masters and numerous friends within the Galactic Federation of Light that we would be aware enough and in sync to degree with our higher selves to recognize our mates from home. This was a blessing that each of us knew would bring us even closer to our off planet homes and families. Each of us awaited in excitement for the approaching day that the Ships of Light would bring our mates from the higher dimensions that they may gauge our remembrances of our lives, our homes. It was also revealed that our mates had each volunteered to be our ‘ascension sponsor’ as this is a requirement for those whose soul contract states that they shall return their home and star family. This was to be an important measure of the decree to which we were consciously aligning hearts with our higher dimensional selves and family.


In preparation for this reunion our small group of nine rented several log cabins in a state park deep in remote southern Ohio. All about us the landscape was covered under a deep blanket of fresh snow. Large fluffy damp snow flakes continued to welcome us as we arrived at our cabins.  This remote world seemed so cleansed, pristine and uncontaminated by visitors. The nearby lake appeared as if it was just an open white field. Even the thick white clouds hung as if a low ceiling as it insulated us from the outer world.


After the cabins were warmed and we were settled in, the Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine, Lady Rowena along with Lord Adrigon came to welcome us and share more details of the adventure we were on. I remember feeling much concern that I would hurt my mate or offend my higher self by not recognizing him. Others expressed similar concerns while a few were relaxed and confident. Thank goodness we were off in the woods for a full weekend with so many visitors from various stars on their way to see us.


UFO fleet


The next day the procession began shortly after breakfast and continued late through the following day. My visitors came to spend time with me on the second day. I chose to go outside in the snow, so that I would be able to see the Ships of Light arriving. I was disappointed to not be able to see them arrive as the low cloud cover still hung heavily above us. I could clearly feel the loving presence of so many Lighted Ones and the Ships of Light near us.  Finally my procession of visitors began. One of my visitors called himself ‘Blue Peak’. He was very tall, slender and a strikingly handsome man. He towered over my small body and took me by surprise with his intense energies. He beamed so much energy into my heart that I felt my body was going to turn into a nova. Quite frankly he came on way too strong. Although a magnificent beautiful man with a broad smile and large warm heart, I knew he was not my mate. (Not long after this was all settled, my mate confided  to me that Blue Peak had come to him beforehand to tell him that I would be his. Oh my, the idea of not being with my mate and someone else felt so unbearable…)  Following him came another I refer to as the Monk. Of course he was not a monk, yet his energy although soft and gentle was rigid and distant. His awkwardness with me confirmed he most definitely was a stranger. I knew that this was his first time off the ship onto Earth’s surface. I also knew that he could not possibly be my mate. The procession continued as I found myself becoming weary and impatient. Several others came and went…


I was then told that one more would arrive to see me. Standing outside in the cold air almost knee deep in cold snow had begun to lose its attraction. I had begun to shiver from the cold dampness. As I reflected on this situation a round bright light lowered itself in the cloud ceiling. It immediately began to clockwise encircle the cabin I was staying in. The light had a bright golden glow with a pink warm radiance. It was so bright that is easy to envision a giant shining a flashlight from above through the clouds. The others within our group had not had such a display so they gathered outside the cabins to view this circling bright light. Soon I was to learn that this was shining from the bottom of my next visitor’s small personal ship he arrived in. I reflected back on all those who had come before this one, and telepathically asked him for a showing of who he is to me. He quickly responded and the bright round light morphed into a bright pink heart that continued to circling the tiny cabin. I stood there filling myself with this energy, as the others in our group continued to watch in excitement. As the pink heart continued to circle the cabin, I decided to ask my visitor to please come inside where it was warm with me.


I walked inside my room for needed privacy, and almost immediately the edge of the bed I sat upon dipped down to the left of me. My visitor had joined me and his outline where he sat beside me showed him to be much larger in size than I am. I took a deep breath to tune into his presence and instantly felt a calmness, a comforting connection. I physically felt his warmth near my left arm as he took me by my hand. He introduced himself as Commander Jon DeAir. I cannot find words to explain to you how my heart recognized his heart. The warmth of his presence, the sense of comfort and trust instantly there confirmed that Jon DeAir was my mate. My heart felt both peace and joy beyond measure that my beloved Jon DeAir had found me. A most wondrous adventure was before me. From this day forward it became quite common for me to see and feel increasing numbers Ships of Light close by…



In your Christian Bible, there is a story written of how the Magi, the Ones you call the Three Wise Men, followed a star that guided them on their journey to honor and welcome the One that would be soon be born and later known as the Christ. They listened to this ‘star’ that came to be called the Star of Bethlehem. Many on Earth accept this as truth, yet they themselves have closed their own beings to communication with the stars.  This star moved across the sky calling to the Wise Men until they arrived to welcome this holy child. These Wise Men knew that this was not simply a star guiding them…


I mention this as one of my most favorite ways to view the radiant Ships of Light is during the night. If you can find where Venus shines in our night sky, know that this is where The White Winds, one of the three largest Pleiadian Motherships, has stationed herself between Earth and Venus. Once you find her shining brightly I encourage you to send a river of love from your heart to The White Winds. Allow your heart to open up to what appears to your eyes as merely a bright star. Feel the Oneness connecting you in love with this star. Telepathically ask for a sign that this star hears your call.


Libby, Heidi and I decided to take advantage of the clear night sky and step out on the balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. At times the stars seem so much closer than at other times. I am sure that those who live in the western high deserts or the Rocky Mountains have witnessed this as well. This was such a night. Immediately we were drawn to the largest star twinkling above us.


The connection was so strongly felt as she began to bounce about in the night sky as if dancing for us. This particular ‘star’ was the ‘Golden Lilly’, the largest of the Sirian Motherships. In comparison to the massive Pleiadian Motherships the ‘Golden Lilly’ would reach only from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Coast of the United States.  As we watched her dance above the waves of love and delight bathed and uplifted our hearts.


This is such an easy way to connect with the Ships of Light. I encourage all who wish to experience them to open their hearts and eyes to allow this blessing. To do so you must raise your eyes, your vision and no longer believe the limitations we have accepted. Know you are so much more than you have imagined, each more precious and loved beyond measure. Know dear hearts that you as I came to Earth to create a new way of life on Earth, to bring forth the New Day… one free of illusions, duality, suffering, lack and limitations. We are here as One to uplift ourselves and All Life… to become Galactic Citizens living in Peace, Freedom and Loving Oneness with all of Creation!


I invite you to join with me and others in raising our vibrations, opening our hearts to incoming waves of Love from On High, to raise our eyes from our feet to the skies to see our star families and benevolent friends as they often appear for those with eyes to see…

Know always that Love is the Key!

May we love ourselves free…

I love you dear friends and family. From my heart to yours I thank you for this moment of sharing. ~ I AM Trillia Gia


The Starseed Highway is copyrighted, yet you may share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia/Starseed Highway