Vedanta Prayer

praying hands

Oh, Thou Infinite Holy Presence of God, the Divine Source of All Life; Hallowed be Thy Sacred Name! We bow before Thee in Gratitude, Praise, and Thanksgiving for Thy Supreme Presence in The Universe – because Thou Art, “I AM”!

We return to Thee, Almighty One, all the Power and Dominion we have ever vested in any imperfect manifestation, visible or invisible, for Thou are the All-Power of the Universe and there is no other power that can act! Let Thy Will be done in and through us NOW! Let Thy Kingdom of God Consciousness be manifest across the face of the Earth through the heart flames of all who are so blessed as to live upon it now.

Oh, Supreme Beloved One, as we lift our hearts, our vision, our Consciousness toward Thee, release the Substance of Thyself to us, each according to our requirements, that as we move forward in Thy Name, and upon Thy Service, we shall not be found wanting!

We ask forgiveness for all the transgressions of Thy Law of Love and Harmony, both for ourselves and all Mankind, the Forces of the Elemental Kingdom and the Kingdom of Nature. Endow us now with Thy Power and Desire to so forgive all who have ever caused us distress back unto the very beginning of time.

Because we are One with Thee, we fear no evil, for there is no power apart from Thee. Thou art the Strength and the Power by which we move ever in the Path of Righteousness–and NOW–Oh Mother of Light–show us the FULL GLORY we had with Thee in the beginning before even this world was…SO BE IT!


Shared from ‘The Cosmic Family Decree Book”, 1992, original author unknown.