The Healing of Earth is at Hand!

Peacock Blur

The Healing of Earth is at Hand!

∼by Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change∼

Our Healing is Now!

It is in the air we breathe.

It is in the Sun of the day and the Moon of the night.

It is in the rain and all nature.

It is in our conscious thoughts and our Heartfelt knowing.

Our healing is at hand, and we accept it with great Humility and Gratitude.

With every breathe, we know our Healing is at hand.

It is ever present and always available, abundant and plentiful.

It is here, now, wherever I AM.

It is ours to silently accept.

It brings Peace, Assurance and Blessings beyond measure.

Its source is God, the Source that is Eternally Present.

It is manifested now and forever.

It is within us every moment of time.

We give Blessings and Gratitude for this Reality.

Through the All-Powerful Light of God…

I AM healed and made Whole.

I AM Eternal Peace.

I AM Heaven made manifest on Earth.

I AM that I AM.

baby earth


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