The Clarion Call

geometry gif

~ The Clarion Call ~

Parallel merges

Magnetic surges,

Time collapses,

Straining synapses,

Nothing is wrong–

Bring it on!


Bodies are hurting

From encodements bursting,

Resistance depleted,

Works nearly completed.

These changes are strong–

Bring it on!


Physical bodies’ communion

Is genetic reunion.

With Codes of Infinity

For embodied Divinity.

Our bodies are coming along–

Bring it on!



Mental delusions

And shattered illusions,

Go through the Gate,

Awakening awaits.

Surrender, go on–

Bring it on!


To shift realities

Into Divine Normalities,

It’s very effective

To parallax perspective

For what do you long?

Bring it on!


From transpersonal knowing 

Attachments are going.

Then spirit is revealed,

The love for the ONE.

Bring it on!



Open the Heart to Jubilation.

Open the Mind to Revelation.

Open the body, open the soul,

To beloved Spirit’s goal.

The mission’s nearly done–

Bring it on!


Mystical missions 

Need magical visions.

Hearts open and wild

Frees the Magical Child.

We’re dancing towards Home–

Bring it on!


Our ecstatic birthright filled

With Grace and deLight.

Is Heaven styled. 

Through the Magical Child

Touch the new Dawn–

Bring it on!



Why don’t you join in the fun?

Everyone can come 

To the Universal Celebration 

Of Humanity’s Graduation.

Join in Victory’s song–

Bring it on!


Old Worlds are ending,

Universes ascending,

Merkabah’s spinning

This world’s New Beginning.

Call of the ONE–

Bring it on!


Merkabahs merges,

True Love surges,

Space/Time collapses.

Spirit enrapts us.

The Flight of the ONE–

Bring it on!


We are one

~ Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change



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