Prayer to the MOTHER FATHER God of Light

alpha and omega

Prayer to the MOTHER FATHER God of Light

by El Morya

I AM thy Holy Love,

I AM thy Love for all.

I AM Alpha and Omega,

The Beginning and the Ending.


O sweet Mother Father God

In these latter days,

Speak, again, to Thy Children.

Let Thy Voice be heard in us,

And through us, as we offer

Ourselves to be as living Temples

For Thy Spirit.


I AM Thy Holy Love!

I AM Thy Holy Love!

Make our hearts, minds and lives

As One in Thee!


Grant to all Lightbearers

Thy Peace and Freedom.

That Thy Spirit might prosper within us.


Create in us a new Spirit,

Re-establish Thy heart-tie with us,

Renew in us a right spirit.


Cast us not away from Thy Presence,

But cast away the synthetic self

From our true Self and Thine.


Take not Thy Holy Spirit from us,

But fill us with Thy Spirit!

Come, O God, enlighten us!


Be with us in the Ending,

As Thou wast with us in the Beginning.

O Alpha and Omega,

Mother Father God!




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