Awaken Earth!

threefold flame

The Time Is Now!

Awaken! Awaken!

Remember who you are!

You are a Child of God!

Sent here on a job

To clean up the Earth,

To clear out old Karma.

Rejoice for this time!

This precious Opportunity!

Remember the God Light

Take it in now!


Reclaim the Peace

And the Innocence once known.

We have played the war games.

We have taken it too far!

Throw it OUT!  What good has it done?

We have starved.  We have struggled.

Shed our tears and bled our blood.

What fun we have had seeing

How miserable we could be.

what if

So let’s start a new game.

Let’s see how happy we can be!

Clean up the air!  Clean up the Sea!

Clear out the negativity – Let it cease to be!

And give thanks for her Being.

Gather up the greed, the hate, the resentment,

Gather up all the ‘old stuff’.

As Children of God, we no longer need it.

Ignite it!  Blow it Up in a Flame of Violet!

Transmute.  Forgive.  Let it go!

The old stuff is gone, needed no more!

world heart

Anchor the Love of God deep within Mother Gaia.

Nurture all Beings upon and within her

As divine chalices from above.

The Time Is Now for all to know Peace, Prosperity,

Time to Graduate and to BE DIVINE LOVE.

Come One and All, let us celebrate

The Awakening of the Light of Christos

Expanding Liberty and Freedom

 From ‘old stuff’ of illusions for ALL!

Together as ONE Divine Heart

We declare God Freedom On Earth!

So Be It Beloved ‘I AM’


This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway