A Prayer to Help Mother Earth

glowing earth

In the full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of the Mother Father God “I AM”, Oh Beloved Elohims of this evolving Earth, shine in all Your glory of this day filled with the essence of sunlight and the aroma of pine.

To the woodland creatures in the endless forest: we reach out our energies of love and ask your forgiveness of those who ill treat you at times.

To the water which flows in the rushing streams to the rivers: we ask your forgiveness for the thoughtless ways of man and their disregard for you, a living being here to help all life. Without your energies this world would perish. We thank you for your continual flow to nourish all life.

To the nature spirits which do abound on Earth: we thank you for your unseen work to help all plant life grow.

To the forests, to the tall pine and seedlings just breaking through the soil, each a treasure to the world: we thank you for your willingness to support life and to grow for all mankind to use. From within this quiet place we bring energies of gratitude to each of you this day.

Oh Mother Earth, we stand in earnest desire to help you in any way that brings healing to you. We as your grateful children reach out our hands and offer to help you dear Mother to maintain a world that is free and clear.

We offer this prayer to You in the Name of the Most Holy “I AM”

~Written by Lady Claudine, Pleiadian Goddess of Change



Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change


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