Come Join Us on the Ships of Light

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Come Join Us On the Ships of Light

I am Cmdr. RaNia, Pleiadian Angel of the Violet Ray, a working member within the Command of the Pleiadian Fleet, daughter of Archangel Zadkiel of the Violet Fire Retreat. I return to speak to you this day on a most important matter.

Often those of us upon the Ships of Light hear many of Earth ask  ‘why is it that some among us have been able to view the Ships while others who so desire to have not?’… Please know dear ones that for our craft to be viewed clearly within your atmosphere we must lower our natural vibrations closer to yours, and those who then can view our craft are those among you who have expanded the vibrations of love within their beings. By expanding love within one’s being you first must return within thy heart. The key to your ascension and evolution as a world is found within the hearts of humanity. As such on an individual basis each begins by expanding love within their own heart. To do so it is necessary to purposefully raise thy own vibrations. Each of you must heal your own hearts and fill thy beings with love to create the world of Love you so seek.

‘How do I do this?’, you may ask. One first begins by returning to live within thy own heart, to expand thy own flame of life upon thy sacred altar within thy heart. My words may seem simple, yet the key to raising one’s vibrations begins within your personal choices, the personal intentions and commitment unto thy own being, to love thyself free of lower dross and energies that hold you within the lower vibrations. As you increasingly become one who desires to become a galactic citizen, you must cleanse thy heart, thy own being of all that holds a lower vibration within you. To be direct, I say to you that human dross cannot be carried with you into the higher heavens. Among our crews are a multitude of benevolent angels to support your personal efforts to heal thy own being. Yet, each of you must choose to own thy own power and express self love in this most important endeavor. We wish each of you to join us, as we unconditionally love each one of you. Although we are here to support you within your efforts, each one who desires to ascend with Mother Gaia or return home to your families above, depending upon your individual spiritual contracts, must take command within their own hearts, release all lower programs and human dross that no longer can serve you as a galactic citizen and expand love within your heart flames.

Dearest ones, our Ships of Light are creations of Love, our enormous selfless crew has come forth in service unto Mother Gaia and her children within unconditional Love, our Divine Mission is guided from On High within immeasurable Divine Love, the glue that magnetizes all Creation into radiant blessings. To reach unto us, you too must shine of Love and raise thy vibrations. For those of you who are our family members, or our earthly expressions who walk among humanity, always have you known within your beings that you are so much more than what your societies, governments, corporations, your religious institutions, your schools, clubs, and perhaps even your parents, family and friends have told you. We ask those of you who wish to ascend, to join us as galactic citizens, to Love Thyself Free! Honor and awaken this knowing within you.Open and attune your hearts in love with our hearts so full of love for you. As indeed, you are us, and we are you!

Look within your hearts dear ones to acknowledge old pains, traumas, hurts, anger and allow thyself to observe without fear all that which is revealed. Know you are not judged by your pain, trauma or fears, as they are not you! Allow that which is not you, merely old fading records, to bubble up within you and give thanks for the manner in which your experiences have served you. You are the embodied courageous ones who volunteered to incarnate upon the old Earth within her dark ages that you may within this long awaited moment awaken, love thyself free that you may in Loving Oneness create the New Earth! Each of your experiences came forth from a path or lesson you chose to know, to bring forth expanded understandings and wisdom within thy being.Know that you are not victims. Stand within the Light of your divine power as Children of God. Never has there been punishment placed upon you due to your trials and errors, weaknesses or judgments of unworthiness in knowing love, joy, peace or freedom. Each of you are as worthy as all of Creation that radiates within the higher heavens and vibrations of Love. Remember who you are! It is our sincere desire that all will choose to rejoin us within the higher vibrations of Love. Within the honoring of your free will choice, we honor thy choosing. The chosen ones among you are those who choose themselves. Look within to know thy choosing.

Old pains, traumas, hurtful remembrances are surfacing from within your cellular records as your world and being is being bathed within the tsunamis of blessings sent from the Heart of our Heavenly Parents; allow thyself to breathe them out of thy cells, transmuting and forever releasing them into the Winds of Change. We wish to encourage you to use the most magnificent powerful healing gift now available to you, the Solar Violet Flame. Call forth and blaze the Solar Violet Flame within thy being, freeing yourself from the old records no longer needed. It is time to cleanse and reset that of the old which has been written within thy cells. To renew thy being and love thyself free of the fading paradigm it is necessary to remove the old worn out programs and low vibrational dross. The sacred most powerful Divine Flame of Freedom’s Love is given to serve you within your healing of your own precious hearts.

From my heart overflowing in love for all my brothers and sisters blessed to be incarnated on Mother Gaia in these most glorious days full of the grandest of blessings, I come to share from my heart unto yours a few powerful examples of decrees to call the Solar Violet Fire forth and to direct it that you may expand the Highest Love of All That You Are within:



In the Name of the Cosmic Law of Love and Forgiveness, which I now invoke:

“I AM” transmuting my human consciousness by Solar Violet fire. (3X)

Oh Sacred Fire, blazing as a radiant spiraling Light within my Heart:

Charge my physical vehicle into a higher physical consciousness (3X)

Charge my etheric vehicle into a higher etheric consciousness (3X)

Charge my mental vehicle into a higher mental consciousness (3X)

Charge my emotional vehicle into a higher emotional consciousness (3X)

As grateful for this Sacred Fire “I AM” now cleansed, refined, accelerated and transformed by the currents of Sacred Fire within a prepared vehicle for the expression of the Christ Light on Mother Gaia 

So be it, Beloved “I AM”


“I AM” now enveloped in an invincible force-field of protection. From this focus “I AM” able to review my life as an objective observer. I ask my Higher Self to push to the surface of my conscious mind every single experience, both known and unknown, that is in any way preventing me from attaining my highest good.

Blazing in, through and around my four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) is the full power of the Solar Violet Transmuting Flame. This Light from the very Heart of God instantly transmutes these negative thoughts, words, actions, feelings and memories back into their original perfection.

“I AM” at perfect Peace.

As this information surfaces, I effortlessly let it go, without emotion, without pain and without fear… into the Sacred Solar Violet Fire.

I experience this negative energy being transmuted back into Light and I Love it FREE!



Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain, Beloved Lord Zadkiel, Beloved Arcturus and to all who serve on the Seventh Ray,

In the name of the Presence of God which I AM, and by the magnetic power of the Sacred Fire vested in me,

I make this call to the Angels of the Solar Violet Fire

Come, come, come

Solar Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love!

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze…

through my aura and feelings, my brain and mental world, my etheric body, and every cell of my physical body, my home, business, finances and affairs cleansing all not of Love. Dissolve and release all lower cause and core, transmuting my Being into Purity and Perfection. Fill me up with Love and expanding Love within my Being forevermore.

I thank you for the answer to this my heart’s call for the Solar Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love.

So be it, Beloved “I AM”

shower of hearts

You were created in Love.

Love is All.

Within Love one returns to Oneness.

Open your hearts unto Love.

Fill thy Being up and rejoice!

Within the energies of Love you will find Us.

Within Love We reach unto you.

Look unto the stars in your night skies…

Is there one that calls unto you?

Can you feel this one star reaching out to you with Love?

Watch, feel, know loving oneness with your chosen star.

Send forth love from within the fullness of your gentle heart unto your shining star.

Can you not feel love returning unto you?

Practice this often and know that little upon your world is as it initially appears.

Open your heart and see beyond the filters of your fading illusions…

Are you sure dear one that you have chosen a mere star?

After you have reached a place of Loving Oneness with your chosen ‘star’, ask for a visual sign that it has received your love…

A dance, a spiral, a leap in your skies above may awaken your remembrances within the very core of your BEing… your sacred heart of Love…

Then, dear heart, know indeed

That you have seen us, as we see you.


I thank you, dear ones, for sharing these moments of Love with I.

From within the core of Love blazing upon my heart’s altar,

 I am RaNia, Pleiadian Angel

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