Where is Ascension taking Us? The New Earth and Beyond

Thank you, David.

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Patricia Cota-Robles – Vlog 22 – How Did Jesus’ and Mary Magdalene’s Message Become So Misconstrued?




If the Vlog does not come up, go to Patricia’s blog, eraofpeace.org and look under the Vlog category for the titles.


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The Angels: From the Heart of the Mother We Come

Blue Dragon Journal


The Angels: From the Heart of the Mother We Come

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. We come to you this day to greet our sisters and brothers who have taken on human form in order to bring into being a new world of possibilities.

Would it surprise you to know that many of you embodied now are angels? You have chosen to take the human path of incarnation rather than remain in the Light Worlds. For this you have given up much, but also you gain much in faster spiritual evolution than is possible in more static environments of the Lighted Worlds.

Change comes more quickly in the lower dimensions, especially in 3D where most of you exist now physically. Your planet itself has moved into the lower levels of the Fifth Dimension, but most of humanity still lives and acts like nothing has changed. Those…

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El Morya – On the Concerns of the Great White Brotherhood Today


El Morya’s discourse on the Concerns of the Great White Brotherhood today was delivered through David Christopher Lewis, spiritual teacher and author, on July 22, 2017, during the daily free morning broadcast with prayers, songs and meditation.

Join heartfriends around the world in Aquarian prayer and meditation, services, conferences, pilgrimages, and Meru University spiritual courses.

Learn spiritual sciences from ascended masters such as Saint Germain, Mother Mary, El Morya, Jesus and Gautama Buddha. Be filled with love in the NOW.






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Patricia Cota-Robles – Vlog 21 – The True Purpose of Jesus’ Crucifixion & Resurrection

Yeshua Mary


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Kara Schallock – Evolving More

Evolving More – Ascension Notes by Kara Schallock – 30-Jul-2017 We are and have been in a powerful transition in the last month especially. (Of course, we have been transitioning from the old to the New for a very long time…lifetimes.) We have been preparing in the last month for the eclipses and the 8-8-8. […]

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Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman – Perfecting Your Skills as a Co-Creator

Beloved masters, for many years now there have been so many new inventions and scientific breakthroughs, along with an overwhelming amount of philosophical and spiritual information bombarding the minds of humanity, that the human brain can hardly absorb the countless theories and new concepts without going into overload. You are in the midst of a […]

via Archangel Michael: Perfecting Your Skills as a Co-Creator ~ July 29, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg

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