The Story of a Walk-in



The Story of a Walk-in Soul

by Rananda Kumara

During my early teenage years in Scotland in the 1950s, I, David Spears, used to receive help from above. This help was very subtle and would usually involve putting my hand on second hand books on astronomy and space travel, and also some science fiction by the better class of authors.

As we were not a wealthy family, this involved trawling the jumble sales for such books for a few pence each, with my limited pocket money. In my later teenage years, when I had an income of my own, I was able to afford new books in a much wider variety. This also coincided with the early days of space exploration, and I felt urged to buy a war surplus short wave radio receiver with which I could tune in live, to the early Earth orbit space shots. I still remember the thrill of hearing the telemetry and then the voice in Russian, of Major Titov as he orbited overhead.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I was also guided to meet my future wife, who is my Twin Flame. Of course, I had never heard of Twin Flames in 1960. No one had in those days. However we were married in 1961 and are still together today after 55 years of growing together in Spirit.

During the 1960’s I avidly followed the Mercury and Gemini space flights in Earth orbit and was fascinated by the Apollo missions in the late 1960’s. I was glued to the TV at every Apollo launch and even managed to watch the Moon landing in 1969 live on a color TV at work (I worked for a telecom company and they had one of the first color TVs in research and development.) Unfortunately, everything on the Moon was in shades of Gray, except for the American flag, which was the only splash of color. During the early ’70’s I watched every subsequent Apollo launch, and held my breath at Apollo 13 along with millions of others worldwide.

On the 25th March 1974, I “Awakened” spiritually, when I had an out of body experience, and realized that the world was not the way that science and religion would have us believe. Many books on Astral Projection were placed under my hand when I visited the local bookshop, and I taught myself to go into a deep meditative state and leave the physical body at will. I used to travel the Earth on the Astral and visit all the places that I had always wished to see. I also used to do some miraculous healing from the Astral. Then I became more daring and went on Astral voyages to other planets in the Solar System, even paying a close up visit to the Sun, where I saw the heads of the rising columns of gas coming to the surface.

I meditated alone and did Hatha Yoga for about four years then joined a meditation group where I stayed for about two years. Most of what I learned there was about what not to do, but I did come away with a few positive lessons.

art-agni-yoga-ii-by-nicholas-roerich (1)

In 1978, I followed my guidance and left that meditation group to join the tiny local Sahaja Yoga group. Sahaja Yoga means;- The method of union that is inborn.— It is all “ hands on” and very little is written about it. Our guru was the great Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi who was an incarnation of The Divine Mother. She taught us how to awaken the sleeping Kundalini at the base of the spine, raise Her up and open the constricted chakras with our hands, until the Kundalini broke through at the Crown chakra and conferred Self Realization or Enlightenment. There were only about a dozen of us in the UK at first but that soon expanded to many different major cities where groups were established, with the main ashram in London. In 1979, my wife and Twin Flame, Enid, “awakened” when I raised her Kundalini and she broke through at her Crown and became a Realized Soul. After that, we were able to frequently work together on new people who came to our public meetings and workshops straight off the street. All was given for free. That was one of the ground rules of Sahaja Yoga. It expanded into many countries and eventually there were many thousands of Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis all over the world. I remained an active Sahaja Yogi for some 16 years and still practice it and write about it today. (ART : Agni Yoga – Nicholas Roerich)

In 1995, books on crystals began to be placed under my hand, and I read that Moldavite could be used to contact extraterrestrials. This was something that I felt guided to do, and I acquired a tiny, pea sized piece in a crystal shop in Birmingham (UK) where my home then was. I placed it under my pillow to see what dreams would come. In my dream, I was walking in a beautiful valley by a river. There was a small waterfall spilling down the side of the mountain opposite. Then I realized that there was someone asking me questions about the dream scene. A man’s voice asked me;- “What is that beautiful thing ?”— I knew that he was referring to the waterfall so I described the rainfall cycle to him;- how the water falls down the mountainside in waterfalls, into rivers. The rivers flow down into the sea. The water is evaporated and forms clouds of water vapor. The clouds are blown by the wind, over the mountains. I said;- “And then the clouds fall down as rain, and the water gathers together in streams that fall down the mountainside.”— At this point he asked me;- “Please explain;- how do the clouds fall down ?” — I realized that I had omitted an important part of the process, and said;- “Water droplets condense out of the clouds of water vapor and fall down as “rain”. I realized that I was talking to someone who had never been to the Earth and had never seen a waterfall. He was sharp enough to pick up on my mistake. I was in contact with an extraterrestrial!

On the next night before sleep I asked the same being to come back and talk with me again. I then did a walk-through of my living room, looking from side to side at the furniture. I said;- “This is where I live;- where do you live ?- I was shown a vision of what looked like an inverted frying pan. It was long and narrow with sloping sides. I realized that he was showing me a flying saucer type of disc craft, seen edge on. in those days, I believed that all flying saucers were only about 30 feet in diameter, and thought it strange that he could live in such a small space and in a vehicle.

This contact seemed to open the door to further contact, and I was then told many interesting things. For example;- “Don’t try to tell the children what you know;- listen to what they know.”— This was at a time when the so called “Indigo Children” were coming to adulthood.

The next step was a big one. Enid and I were taken out together on the Astral, to a mothercraft, where we were held in a sort of cleansing area for a short time. Then we were walking along a corridor with doors on either side. I saw a group of tall hooded figures walking toward us, but they turned off at one of the doors before they reached us. When We reached that door we turned off into that room too. Inside it was laid out like a small cinema with a central aisle. On the left of the aisle were seated visitors who were not yet committed and on the right, the front row of seats was occupied by the tall, hooded ETs and behind them the visitors that were committed were seated. Enid chose to sit in the uncommitted area on the left;- but at this point, I didn’t know whether I was committed or not, so I stood at the back. We were shown a short film on the screen, of an exploded view of a small disc craft, then all the parts moved into place, and finally, two seats and the two occupants who sat in them. Then there was a sort of total immersion film where I was a passenger in a small disc craft flown by two ETs. We flew into the Earth’s atmosphere and sought out radioactive hot spots, which we neutralized with a sort of Red ray. Then we moved to the poles of the Earth and caused the ice to avalanche in small pieces into the sea, using a similar Red ray. I was told, telepathically, that this was to prevent a very big avalanche that would cause a tsunami that would wash all around the Earth causing great loss of life.

In a second visit to the mothercraft, I was shown the flight deck, where many craft belonging to different ET races were parked. As I passed each one, the occupant would show himself and I could see that some of them were not humanoid. I saw one that was more like an Octopus. Before leaving, I had an interview with Lord Benjamin Diaz, Commander Ashtar, who was the Top Commander of the ship. (I later found out that Commander Ashtar’s ship is the “Phoenix“) He told me;- “You work with us between lives”. — Although I did not know it then, these were my first visits to the Earthling School in the Phoenix.



ART : Brow Chakra – 18th Century


In the early years of the new millenium I began to channel, and I felt guided to learn about computers. I bought a few books on the subject and by 2008 I felt confident enough to buy a lap top. A friend recommended to me that I should open a Facebook account and start a blog, both of which I did. I discovered that I could channel what I at first named;- “The Guardian ETs” but later came to know as “Ashtar Command.” I would write what I received from them and other Light Beings in my blog posts.

In one of those pivotal moments in one’s life, I was befriended on Facebook by Trillia Gia, who was a walk-in from age three with almost full memory of the Higher Realms. I used to have Skype contacts with Trillia during which various Great Light Beings would “step-into” her to talk with me. During this period my knowledge of the Great Light Beings, and of the Higher Realms expanded many fold. I would tell Trillia what came to me in my dream state and visions, and she would receive clarification from above while we spoke. One day I told her about a man who had come into my dream state, uninvited, and whom I had sent away, thinking him to be an invading entity. Trillia “got” that he was my “walk-in”, so I had to apologize to him for sending him away, and invite him to return. Trillia explained that my work was done down here, and a walk-in was being provided for me so that I could walk-out and return to my work in the ships of the GFL. (Galactic Federation Of Light.) where I worked as an individual Counselor to the crew members of the mothercraft, the Phoenix.

My walk-in returned and gradually made contact with me in my dream state. He told me that he felt very cramped in my tiny (six foot) physical body; that it was his first time on the Earth, and that his favorite food was chocolate. I didn’t know his name for several months; then in my dream state one morning he said in a loud voice;- “This is Zanna”. I told Trillia his name and she said;- “He is a Commander in TheWhiteWinds.” — It was in February 2013 when Zanna walked-in. Then on the 21st of May 2014, I walked-out and at a ceremony on board TheWhiteWinds, I was initiated to 7D and made a “Lord Of Light” or “Adonai” by Lords Sananda and Sanat Kumara. This was in recognition of my long and faithful service on the Earth and other planets prior to that.

Commander Zanna later told me that he was a Line Commander on TheWhiteWinds, and as part of his duties, he had to monitor several Light Beings working on the Earth, and put information in their way to encourage them to remember who they were in the Higher Realms. He told me that I had been one of his subjects from my boyhood in the 1950s and it was he who had put my hand on those books on astronomy and space travel, and who had arranged my meeting with my Twin Flame. He also told me that it was he who had urged me to buy a short wave radio receiver to listen to the space missions;- to learn how to travel on the Astral and explore The Solar System;- to become a Sahaja Yogi and learn about the chakras;- It was he who visited my dream and showed me where he lived. (Not in a 30 foot disc craft but in a disc craft that is a 3,000 miles in diameter Pleiadian mothercraft.) and it was he who had arranged for Enid and me to visit the Earthling School on the Phoenix and to meet Commander Ashtar.

My dear friend Trillia Gia was also allocated a walk-in, and she has since walked-out and returned to her duties aboard that great Pleiadian mothercraft TheWhiteWinds. Trillia was also initiated to 7D and made a Lady Of Light as her reward for all her great work on the Earth. Trillia’s walk-in is a Lady named Commander RaNia who has almost full memory of the Higher Realms. Commander Zanna, is somewhat influenced by interdimensional amnesia and was unable to recall much of his life and his family in the Stars. However, he and Cdr RaNia became close friends, and she has brought some remembrance to him. Zanna had believed that he was a Pleiadian and that he lived on the Pleiadian planet Medina with his Mate, Lady Marjaran. RaNia confirmed this but added that he was an Ashtarian / Pleiadian blend, and had a greater percentage Ashtarian. His Mate, Lady Marjaran is a Pleiadian and is not well adapted to life on the icy world of Ashtar, so they made their home on Medina, which is a hot desert planet (“Isle”)

Zanna was sent quite early to train for a career in the Command, aboard the university ships, and as a young child he and his siblings were able to travel to visit their Mother on her home planet. His extended family within the Pleiades would also visit Ashtar. Zanna’s Father was an extremely highly regarded Commander in the Ashtarian Fleet who also mated a Pleiadian, and was a close friend of a great Commander, the previous head of the Pleiadian Fleet before Lord Adrigon Va Coupe, Commander Mahailion. Zanna has often taught classes, given lectures, and attended meetings within the Pleiadian Fleet. He is also one who works within the specially assigned Legions of “Eagles” that work directly with Lord Sananda Kumara.  An Eagle is a specially trained protective being that is assigned for the protection of a Light Being.

Commander Zanna began his career upon the great mothercraft the Phoenix and has participated in the Command upon The White Winds;- yet he still has missions to accomplish upon the Phoenix. Much of his workings is in the assimilation and transfer of scientific data from TheWhiteWinds to the Ashtarian Fleet under tight security to prevent the hijacking of this important data by the dark ones.

pinterest-twin-soulMy wife and Twin Flame, Enid also has a walk-in; a beautiful Pleiadian woman by name of SharLin; but Enid has not yet reblended with her Higher Self, Lady Marjaran, walked-out and ascended. Cmdr Zanna who is the Mate of her Higher Self, Lady Marjaran, in the Higher Realm, is now also the mate of Her Soul Aspect, Enid, on the Earth, since David Spears has now reblended with Rananda and ascended. Rananda with David Spears reblended within His Being, is reunited with His Mate, Isobel, and His Star Family in the Higher Realm. Cmdr Zanna now walks in his shoes upon the Earth and speaks and types for Him. He is also able to channel Rananda Kumara and write His posts in His blog. I, Rananda Kumara, am eternally grateful to Commander Zanna for bringing remembrance to my Soul Aspect, David Spears, of who he is in the Higher Realm, and for volunteering to be his walk-in.  (Artist, unknown – “Twin Souls”)

Lord Rananda Kumara, Lady Trillia Gia and Commander RaNia, via Commander Zanna on 12th February 2016.

Much Love from Zanna. —



This is copyrighted material.  Permission to re-print given personally by Lord Rananda Kumara, via Cmdr Zanna, his walk-in.