The Multidimensional Sun

Multid Sun

The Multidimensional Sun

by Rananda Kumara

To our physical senses in third dimensional (3D) awareness, the Sun appears to be a large ball of incandescent gas that is transforming hydrogen into helium, in a process of nuclear fusion. However, the Sun is a Being; a Soul in spiritual evolution like you and me. It is an aspect of Spirit called “The Solar Logos”, a collective being that has responsibility for the spiritual evolution of all of the Souls; (excluding the planetary Soul, like Mother Earth), in The Solar System.

The Sun also exists at higher dimensional levels as all  Souls do and its awareness is in the seventh dimension (7D).

Our Higher Selves are the collective consciousness of all of our other life Soul aspects, but the Sun is the collective consciousness of all the Higher Selves. The collective consciousness of our Higher Self is a 6D Soul, and the collective consciousness of the Sun is a 7D Soul; the whole being greater that the sum of the parts.

Just as our Higher Self oversees our individual spiritual evolution, so the Sun oversees the spiritual evolution of the whole planetary system, including that of the planetary Souls themselves.

The Light that we see radiating from the Sun is that same Light, on a larger scale, that can sometimes be seen emanating from the aura of a spiritually evolved Soul on the Earth. Light is the influence of Spirit.

The Sun also emits what we experience as “charged particles”, from solar flares and CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) which impact the geomagnetic fields of Mother Earth, raising her vibrational frequency, and ours too, as our physical bodies are of hers. These energies come down through our chakra systems and those of Mother Earth, and raise our vibrational frequencies.

At the beginning of this current evolution, many thousand years ago some 6D Souls separated out of the Solar Logos and re-entered the cycle of reincarnation on the Earth as volunteers to further the course of spiritual evolution. They were the priests, shamans, prophets, writers, artists, poets, musicians, political innovators, composers, healers, Light-workers, and the inventors who would bring back old inventions and re-invent them at critical moments during the course of history.

In these days, at the end of this evolution, the Solar Logos is increasingly stepping up the power and frequency of the energies being radiated from the Sun, in order to bring about the evolutionary step that we know a “Ascension”, which is the ‘harvest’ at the end of the evolutionary growth period of many millennia. Those who are harvested, will ascend and incarnate no more in materiality on the Earth; and those who are not yet ripe for harvest will continue to be reborn in 3D materiality on another 3D planet until they have grown to maturity.

There is also a Galactic Logos, “The Great Central Sun”, from which our Sun receives the energies that it steps down and re-radiates to us and our planet for our spiritual evolution.

Channelled from Rananda on 9th September 2012.

Love and Light, Rananda


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