The Concept of God


The Concept of God, by Rananda Kumara

“God” is not an old man with a long white beard sitting on a throne in Heaven rewarding or punishing you according to your actions.

Collectively WE ARE GOD, but we have given away our power to manifest our destiny, to this imaginary, SEPARATE “God”.

We are each an individual aspect of a great collective consciousness that is “ALL THAT IS”, living in an illusion of separation.

The idea of a separate “God” has been perpetuated by the various religions that we have subscribed to in the past. We have been persuaded that we need the priests of those religions to intercede with “God” on our behalf, but to “intercede” means to come between us and a separate “God”.

In one’s search for ‘God”, the first possibility that one is likely to find may come from a guiding voice from within. However, this is more likely to be one of one’s Spirit Guides, or the voice of one’s Higher Self (The collective consciousness of all of one’s past life Soul Aspects) providing guidance when asked. Spirit guides are usually higher 4D Souls in discarnation, who serve in this way. They also may tell one their names and thus identify themselves as individual beings, and not the nameless and formless “God”.

In the higher dimensions of 6D+ there also reside many great Light Beings and the Angels and Archangels of many different Star Nations, who will also give guidance and protection if asked. They also have names and are thus not “God”. However, at higher levels, there also exist nameless and formless, great Energy Beings, and although nameless and formless, they still have individuality and are thus also not “God”.

As one evolves spiritually toward reunion with ALL THAT IS / “GOD”, one takes the first step when one is ready, by re-blending with one’s Higher Self and ascending to that dimension where He / She exists. However, the Higher Self also has a Higher Self, or “Greater Higher Self”. This Greater Higher Self also has a name and may also have a form, and exists in a still higher dimension. One’s next step will be to re-blend with this “Greater Higher Self” when one is ready.


Each successive Higher Self has an even greater Higher Self and these are great, nameless and formless Energy Beings that exist all the way back to the Godhead, each one greater in extent and power and awareness than the last. Collectively, they comprise one’s “I AM PRESENCE”, and one shares them with the I AM PRESENCE of all other Souls. One would not normally have the awareness of the Great Beings until one approaches Their level.

Ultimately, one would re-blend with The Divine Mother whose Being is at the end of the line. She is The Mother God, and The Divine Father is the Father God. One would then be omniscient; aware of ALL THAT IS,  as all is Her Creation.

The Divine Father and The Divine Mother comprise The Godhead / “God” / The Father – Mother God. The Divine Father / Spirit is the first cause; the one that initiates The Creation, after that He is the ‘Witness’ to it. The Divine Mother, as is the case with all females, is The Creator. All Souls are Her creation / Aspects of Her. This includes every “thing” from the smallest atom to the greatest galaxy, as all are Souls in spiritual evolution.

Lord Rananda Kumara, via Cmdr. Zanna on 20th May 2016



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