The Advent of Lord Krishna of Sirius A


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The Advent of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is at the head of spiritual life on His planet, Sirius A (Krishna Loka), in the Sirius Star System, and it was from this planet in very ancient times, that He seeded the Hindu culture and much flora and fauna from Sirius, upon the Earth.

I, Rananda Kumara, had the great good fortune to be a close friend of Trillia Gia Kavioush, who, in the Higher Realm, is the Daughter of Lord Krishna. I used to work with Trillia on Skype, during 2013, and frequently, Her Father would step into her to speak with me. He told me much about His advent on the Earth that may be of interest to devotees of Lord Krishna and others. In the process of “stepping-in”, a Light Being will, with permission, take over the physical vehicle of the one stepped-into for a short period, and communicate through their senses and with their voice.

On the first occasion when He stepped-into Trillia, He told me that He had known me when He was in India, and that I had been a Brahmin; then, on the next occasion, that we had gone to school together; then on yet another occasion, that not only were we school friends, but that I had been His younger brother, Sudhama. He added that men took more than one wife in those days, and that I was His brother by a different mother. He told me that if I told of this, no one would believe me, as it is written that Sudhama was only a school friend of Krishna.

He told me that we, with our elder brother, Balarama, would walk to school together, and people would give Him flowers. As He walked along, He would pluck the petals from the flowers and scatter them behind Him. I would follow behind Him and pick up the petals and save them in my satchel. Then, later, I would give a petal to each of the gopi girls in the village. He said with a laugh;- “You made many friends that way.”— In those days the giving of a flower petal to a girl was a coded message that said;- “I Love you”. I remembered that what I was doing was telling everyone that I loved them. Of course, it was not done to give this message to a boy. During this current life, I remember when I was about the same age (around seven years of age), zooming around the school playground like an aircraft and handing little slips of paper to all the girls, on which I had written;- “I Love You”.— I had no idea why I did this. I was only seven years old.

Besides this more personal message, Krishna told me some things of more general interest. He said that He first came to the Earth along with Isis and Osiris when they came to Egypt, and that they had called Him “Father” there. He said that He had travelled South from Egypt, to India, and I asked him why he had traveled South, when India is East from Egypt. He said that the land masses were different in those days and India was still attached to Africa. He told me that current estimates of when He was in India are much too recent. (5000 BC) He would not give a specific date, but would only say that it was in the period between Lemuria and Atlantis. He told me that time has not always passed at the same rate on the Earth.

I asked Krishna how he had traveled to the Earth from His home planet, Sirius, in the Sirius Star System, and He replied;- “In my consciousness, in the way that the Masters do”. — I realized that He must have visited the Earth more than once, as when I was walking behind him picking up the petals, I had noticed that He had pale brown skin. Mine and our elder brother, Balarama, were a darker brown. Krishna is shown traditionally, to have pale, bluey-white skin coloring. This is the true coloring of the skin of the ruling class on Sirius, so He must have been observed in this skin color in India. This means that He must have visited India more than once, and in different ways. He must have come in a craft at some point, as He brought to India, Peacocks and other colorful birds, Wisteria, the Calla Lily and Pears. I suspect that when He was that little boy with pale, brown skin that I remember going to school with, He had been sought out by “Wise Men” and hailed as the new Krishna, in the same way as the new Dalai Lama is found in Tibet, and the Christ Child was found by the “Wise Men” in Judea. This means that He must Have visited India prior to that time as a blue-skinned Sirian, and promised to return. He may have taken birth there several times, as is the case of the Dalai Lama, and He may have remained in touch with the aforesaid “Wise Men” and alerted them where and when to look for Him. It didn’t occur to me to ask Him about this when we spoke, so this part is an educated guess.

calla lily

Amongst my most treasured possessions there is a tiny, Golden Krishna Crown in the shape of a Peacock, studded with Red Garnets. It is a Christmas gift from Lord Krishna. He stepped into Trillia in December 2013 and had her hunt through all her boxes until she found it. Although it was sent late from the USA with only one week to reach me in the UK, at the busiest time of the year for the postal services, it still arrived on Christmas Eve. A minor miracle, but one could expect no less from Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna;- Lady Trillia Gia Kavioush;- and Lord Rananda Kumara via Rananda Kumara, on 19th January 2016.

Lots of Love from Rananda Kumara, Adonai.


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