Spiritual Teachers


Spiritual Teachers

by Rananda Kumara

Those who are regarded as “spiritual teachers” don’t actually teach their pupils how to become Spirit; their pupils are already Spirit, but they are suffering from Amnesia and have forgotten Who they are.  For many millenia, in life after life, they have been in the process of remembering that they are Spirit.

Spiritual teachers are those who have been through this process before, and who have returned as volunteers to help the spiritual aspirants remember that they are Spirit. So, the work of a spiritual teacher is to function as a catalyst; to jog their memory and bring back the memory that they are Spirit.

Those who are the true spiritual teachers have previously ascended and united with their Higher Self; the collective consciousness of all of their other life Soul Aspects; so they already have their spiritual connection, and have the ability to “channel” their Higher Self, or to speak as Him/Her to the spiritual aspirants. They are not “trance channels”, but channel consciously, the Divine Wisdom of their Higher Self, to the seekers.  In this way they allow the seekers to ‘borrow’ that spiritual wisdom, until such time as they can ascend, and establish a dialogue with their own Higher Self then the teacher’s work is done, and the spiritual aspirant is able to walk on his/her own spiritual feet.

A point is reached where the spiritual aspirant’s Higher Heart is opened through service to others in unconditional Love; and he/she attains to Christ Consciousness. The connection with the Higher Self is made and it is now the responsibility of the spiritual teacher or guru to tell their student or chela that this point has been reached; that they can take them no further, and that they are now the student of their own “Inner Guru”. Any guru who neglects to tell them this after the opening of the Higher Heart, is not a true guru.

Spiritual aspirants are those who have reached a point of spiritual awakening at the moment when they have realized that the world is not the way that they have been taught by science and religion. They are “Seekers”, and they find their teacher when they are ready. The prerequisite in teaching is that the pupil must want to know. It is like cows and calves – unless the calf is hungry enough to suckle from the cow, it will get no milk.

The first step in learning is in admitting that you don’t know. Many spiritual aspirants have read innumerable books on spiritual subjects, and think that they already know, so they are not ‘hungry’, and don’t have the necessary attitude of seeking toward the spiritual teacher. If your cup is already filled up with something else, there is no room in it for Eternal Truth.

Channelled from Rananda, on 3rd July 2012.

Love and Light, Rananda

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Lord Rananda Kumara