Rananda: On Ascension


Ascension by Rananda Kumara

To “ascend” is to take a step in your vibrational frequency to the fifth dimensional (5D) frequency band, which is a higher octave of vibration. Currently the majority of Souls on the Earth cycle between 3D and 4D; between waking and sleeping, and between incarnation and discarnation, so the maximum vibrational frequency band that they are aware in is 4D, when they are in the dream state, or when their Third Eye is open.

To take the vibrational step to 5D awareness, you must open your Higher Heart chakra through compassion and unconditional love for others. At this point you also become a Christ Conscious Soul. Then, when your Fourth Eye chakra opens, you become able to see in 5D, and you have become 5D Aware.

The highest dimension that you are able to reach, is the highest one that you are aware  in.  As you evolve spiritually, your awareness reaches into higher and higher dimensions, or octaves of vibrational frequency.

It is not difficult to ascend from 3D/4D to 5D. All that is necessary is to have chosen to ascend  and to be ready to graduate from “The School Of Life” in 3D, where Souls learn by knocking the sharp, emotional corners off of each other, guided by karma. Those Souls who are ready are usually working at some sort of healing modality, on an individual level, motivated by their unconditional love and compassion for others (not for monetary gain). This is how they open their Higher Heart chakras, the Gate to Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness.

After passing The Gate, they are united together in Oneness within the Higher Heart, and they begin to connect with each other telepathically (Usually  in the dream state, or in meditation, at first.) They are also empowered to heal people and the world en-masse; instead of individually, as they did before passing The Gate, by radiating their Christ Light into The Christ Grid and around the Mother Earth.

Many people worry about their ascension; not realizing that they have already chosen (consciously or unconsciously) to ascend, and have passed The Gate at Higher Heart chakra. They are only waiting for their material bodies to catch up when their physical cells have been transformed from 3D to 5D vibrational frequency. This transformation is accomplished by the influence of the charged particles from solar flares, and the cosmic rays from the Galactic Center that impact Mother Earth’s material body and ours, which are born of hers.

When our material bodies have risen high enough in vibrational frequency, they will make the jump to 5D along with Mother Earth, and will become invisible to 3D gaze. Those who are only 3D/4D aware are unable to make such a big jump in vibrational frequency, and although some may be raised a little in frequency, others may be adversely affected, and go crazy.

There are also many “Lightworkers” on the Earth in these times. Some are great Light Beings, or Starseeds, who have descended to Earth (lowered their frequencies) to help with the ascension. These Souls are already ascended; but some of them may have forgotten Who they are,  and believe that they have to ascend with the 3D/4D Souls. Often they are able to reach, and bring down, spiritual healing energies from dimensions, 6D and above.

Love and Light from Rananda, on 30th May 2012.




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