Lord Rananda: The Nature of Creation

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by Lord Rananda Kumara

Individually, each of us, creates a concept that is our personal understanding of “The Creation”/Multiverse, and projects it as a thought form. Collectively, this thought-form is very powerful, and is the manifestation of “The Creation” that we collectively project, and perceive as being separate from us, without. However, nothing is “separate” or “without”, all is within. We are one great collective consciousness, composed of individual Consciousness, creating a collective thought-form and projecting it into a perceived “outer”. Perhaps that ancient, Hermetic epithet “As Above, So Below” could be also be expressed as “As Within, So Without”.

We and our children are born into this great thought-form, and it is perpetuated by our perception of it as our reality from one generation to the next. However, this reality can be changed. If enough of us change our individual perception of the apparent “outer world”, the collective thought-form will be modified to correspond with our new perception, and the world will change accordingly.

This can work to a more limited extent on an individual level. If one focuses one’s attention on only the positive events in one’s perceived outer world, such as Peace, Love, Harmony and Abundance, even though they may be currently lacking in one’s life, one will create them. But one must maintain an unwavering focus on the positive, and refrain from comment or analysis of negative events or one’s attention will be drawn into them and create more of the same.

On the individual level people are contributing to the creation of the perceived “outer world” all the time. For example, a physicist may propose a new sub-atomic particle with certain properties, then soon after another physicist will “discover” that particle. Yet it didn’t exist before it was proposed and thus created by the first physicist with his creative visualization of it.

Before there was The Creation there was only Spirit. Then Spirit separated out a part of itself. That part is “The Divine Mother”. She is The Great Oversoul, the Mother of all other Souls that have separated out of Her. These Souls comprise “The Creation”, whether they be Galaxies or Stars or Planets or Atoms or Human Beings or Plants or Animals. After the separation there was a “Divine Mother”, a ” Divine Father” (Spirit) and a “Divine Child” (“The Creation”).

Every – “thing”, from the greatest Galaxy to a tiny Atom, is a conscious Being, a Soul in spiritual evolution, and together they comprise “The Creation”.

-from Father via Rananda Kumara-

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Originally posted by Rananda Kumara on January 15, 2014  @ OPENING THE GATE TO CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS