Lord Rananda – Our Star Brethren and the Hidden History of Earth



A great deal of fear and confusion exists in the world with regard to extraterrestrials, but there is no need to fear. The Star Brethren have been visiting Earth for millions of years. They have re-seeded life here more than once from other planets, when it has been extinguished in cataclysmic events such as asteroid strikes. Usually they have kept a low profile, as The Divine Law Of Freewill does not allow them to interfere with our choices as we evolve spiritually.

“Humankind” was seeded from the genes of various Star Races. That is why Earth Humans are physically so much like many of the humanoid Star races throughout the galaxy, many of whom could pass for Humans in the street. These Star Beings spliced their genes with those of the Earth Humans, making them more intelligent and resistant to disease. Many Star Beings carry the same names as we do. This is not because they have stolen our names, but that we have taken theirs.

With regards to ETs, there is no “them and us”. In our other lives, we have sometimes been ETs and have lived on other planets. We are all one great Star Family, members of the Galactic Community.


With the explosion of the first nuclear weapons at the end of World War II, we on the Earth began to pollute the ‘garden’ Earth and despoil it on a much larger scale than in the preceding Industrial Revolution. This got the attention of The Star Brethren, because nuclear radiation corrupts DNA and adversely affects them and their planets as well as us and ours, and the damage is not limited to one dimension. We are not separate from then as we appear to be on the physical level. We are all aspects of one great consciousness, and what one does affects all the others. After that time, The Star Brethren began to visit us much more frequently to clean up the mess that we were making of their (and our) garden planet.

Two main groups of ETs came to visit; one group were the ‘gardeners’ but the other, those we call “The Grays” had a different agenda. They came from our future, and a timeline that had resulted in them having the physical appearance that they now bear. Their physical appearance was a result of their taking GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). They were now in a genetic dead end and their immune system was collapsing.

The Grays chose the American Air Force to make contact with in the early 1950’s. Being a collective, they were all telepathically connected and didn’t understand that we were individuals. they assumed that if they had an agreement with the American military we all on the Earth were in on the agreement. The Grays are not particularly spiritually advanced beings and neither were the American military with whom they made contact. The USAF made a secret deal with them that allowed them to establish bases on the Earth, and to abduct people and remove genetic material from them to enable them to repair their damaged DNA. In return, the American military would be given some of their advanced technology, but they chose to keep that technology a military secret.

The military farmed out that technology to the armaments industry and made a secret alliance with them. This was the start of “The Military/Industrial Alliance”‘ which was an alliance of dark Souls that profited from starting wars for financial gain. The power behind all this was what we now call “The Dark Cabal” or the “Illuminati” whose agenda was world domination.

The whole scenario of “The Cold War” and “The Space Program”, also known as NASA, was the view of things that were for public consumption.  All this time the American military had a secret space program that used the craft that they had built and back engineered from their deal with the Grays. They had no need to go back to the Moon or to find a successor to the Space Shuttle program because they had already gone back to the Moon and established bases there using back engineered ET craft. They also established bases on Mars in the same way. These black projects were developed using tax dollars stolen from the American public, monies that should have gone into maintaining the infrastructure of the nation.

At the start of the new millennium the Grays had to withdraw from the Earth as their weak immune systems could no longer tolerate the very high level of pollution.

During this time the other ETs that we have referred to as “The Gardeners” were being kept busy cleaning up the radioactive hotspots and pollution on the Earth that resulted from Nuclear bomb tests and leaks from nuclear power stations and other dangers to our survival on the Earth. Traditionally they have been our protectors, like ‘big brother’ or sort of ‘super baby sitters’. Their aim is to prevent us from destroying ourselves or our planet before we can ascend and join them as fifth dimensional Souls in The Galactic Community. These ETs are those called “The Galactic Federation of Light” (GFL) and they have now been given Divine Authority to remove The Cabal and their allies from the Earth. The aim of The Dark Alliance is world domination and the enslavement of the people of Earth, and they would dearly like to prevent our ascension from 3D/4D to 5D and our joining The Galactic Community. However, it is part of The Divine Plan that we will ascend, and The Galactic Federation Of Light are here in large numbers to make sure that it happens.

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Much Love from Rananda Kumara on 9th June 2012.

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