Lord Rananda: Kundalini, the Lower Chakras and Christ Consciousness


Kundalini, The Lower Chakras And Christ Consciousness

channeled through David Spears aka Rananda Kumara

From “Father” :– After spiritual awakening has occurred, it is necessary to embark on a process of self cleansing if we are to reach the gate to Christ Consciousness at the Higher Heart chakra. In practical terms, this means that we have to modify our thoughts, feelings and actions, to allow our lower chakras; — Earth Star; Root; Sexual; Solar Plexus; Heart; Throat; Third Eye and Crown,– to open.

Chakras are like donuts; the Kundalini energy rising from the base of your spine, must pass through the hole in the middle, in order to rise up through the energy channel in your spine, on Her ascent toward your Crown chakra. If any of these chakras is constricted, the Kundalini is prevented from rising strongly, because She must squeeze through the constriction before She can ascend further.

Kundalini is also like a rope with many strands, and at a constricted chakra, only some of the strands are able to penetrate through and rise up to the next chakra.

All of the chakras, up to and including the Crown, must be open at the same time, for the kundalini to ascend and penetrate the Crown chakra.  This usually means a major change to your way of life!

“Kundalini” is the energy of “The Divine Mother”, as She manifests as “The Soul” in each individual being. In Her unawakened state, She sleeps at the base of your spine, and when you experience spiritual awakening, She is alerted to the fact that you have started out upon the spiritual path, and is also awakened. On the spiritual path, She then acts as your guide, as you cleanse yourself of the dark energies that are constricting your chakras. This self-cleansing results in the opening of your lower chakras. The Kundalini is then able to ascend through them, toward your Crown chakra.

When all of the lower chakras have opened, up to and including, the Crown, She breaks through at the Crown and takes Her ascended place in your Higher Heart chakra. At this point you become a “Realized Soul” i.e.- your Crown chakra is open, and you realize that you are Spirit. At this point you are at “The Gate Of Christ Consciousness”.

First, the Earth Star chakra, which resonates with a color of Deep Cherry Red, and is at a point just below your feet, must be open. This is your connection to the Mother Earth, and if you recognize Her as a Soul in Her own right, and not just a large hunk of rock, a link will be formed between your Earth Star and the Heart of Mother Earth. Make no mistake; Mother Earth is a being in Her own right, and you can communicate with Her. If you try sending a ray of Pink Light of Divine Love from your heart to Hers, she may respond with a return ray of the same.

ChakraBaseNext, the Root chakra, which is located at the base of your spine, and resonates with a Scarlet Red color, must be open. This chakra is all about your innocence and purity, and in order to open it, you must be pure in thought, feeling and action. You can release the dark energies from your chakras by making an affirmation for each one, as you turn the chakra, clockwise (seven turns is enough) with your right hand if you are right handed.

Dark, or “negative” energies can be thrown into the element of Fire, in a candle flame, after turning the chakra; but remember that energy cannot be destroyed, only transmuted to Light in any of the four elements, so, after transmuting it to Light, you can regain the lost energy by drawing the transmuted Light back into the chakra, and `seeing’ a brilliant star of the appropriate color, expanding outward from it.

orange chakraNext, the Sexual chakra, which is located about two finger widths below the belly button, and resonates with a bright Orange color, must be open. This chakra is all about your creativity, sexual and otherwise, and in order to keep it open, it is wise not to be frustrated in any of your creative outlets, sexual or otherwise. It is also wise not to go to any extreme of sexual behavior. Too much or too little are equally bad !


Next, the Solar Plexus chakra, which is located at the point where your ribs converge, and resonates with a Golden Yellow color, must be open. This chakra is all about right action, and a good guide to right action is “The Ten Commandments”. Admittedly, this is a Christian doctrine, but it is a universally effective one that can be used by all creeds. When you draw the transmuted Light back into this chakra, `see’ it shining with the brilliant Light of the Sun.

Next the Heart chakra, which is located in the center of the chest, and resonates with a bright, Mossy Green color, must be open. This chakra is all about your desires, and in order to open it, one must release all dark desires. This chakra’s left and right aspects are particularly important, as they are the seats of your Inner Male and Inner Female energies, which must come into balance for your Higher Heart chakra to open later.

sacred heart

Affirmation for opening the Heart chakra

” Peace And Balance And Harmony”

Let my Heart be at Peace with the Dark and the Light,

Let my Heart be the Balance of Inner Male And Inner Female,

And of Heaven and Earth.

Let my Heart be in Harmony with Spirit.

When you draw back the transmuted Light to this chakra, `see’ it as a bright, Mossy Green Heart, enfolding your Heart chakra.

It is not necessary to dogmatically adhere to these affirmations; they are given only as an example, and you can use your own words.


Next, the Throat chakra, which is located behind the hollow, at the base of your neck, and resonates with a Turquoise color, must be open. This chakra is all about self expression; spoken, written, painted, rhymed, etc. In order to open it, you must not be frustrated in expressing yourself on your spiritual path. Even if you talk too much, or too little, this chakra can become constricted.

Guilt, shame and unworthiness also constrict this chakra.

Affirmation for the throat chakra

I AM not guilty of anything.

I AM not ashamed of anything.

And I AM worthy to be reunited with Spirit.

Let all of my words, spoken or written,

Be words of Divine Love,

And words of Eternal Truth!


ChakraBrowNext, the Third Eye chakra which is located just above and between the eyebrows, and resonates with an Indigo color, must be open. This chakra is about “clairvoyance” (Clear Vision) and where you put your attention, directed through your eyes. In order to open it, you must release all dark emotional forms (From it’s left side) and all dark thought forms (From it’s right side). Another thing that can constrict this chakra, is splitting your attention, e.g., don’t read the paper and watch TV at the same time. Window shopping, or reading catalogs, where you rapidly jump your attention from one thing to another, can also constrict this chakra, often resulting in a headache.

Affirmation for opening the Third Eye chakra

I release all dark Emotional Forms,

And all dark Thought Forms.

I keep my attention single,

And in the Center.


ChakraCrown (1)Finally, the Crown chakra, which is located at the crown of your head, and resonates with an Amethyst / Violet color, must open. All that is required to open this chakra is that you must believe in “God” / Spirit, and all of the other chakras must be open. All of the other chakras are contained within the Crown chakra.

Affirmation for opening the Crown chakra:

I release all Dark Energies from my Crown Chakra,

And from all of the Chakras contained within the Crown.


Now for your personal aspect of “The Divine Mother”, the Kundalini, is able to penetrate through the Crown chakra, and take her seat in your “Higher Heart”, the first of the Higher Chakras that must be opened, and “The Gate To Christ Consciousness”.

After your Crown chakra has opened, you are a “Realized Soul”, and are connected through your Kundalini to all other beings, so that you are able to ‘feel’ their chakras in your own. By this heightened sensitivity, you can determine which chakras are blocked in another person, what their problems are, and what they need to do in their life to heal them.

Remember that after you have self cleansed, and have opened all your lower chakras, it is necessary to check them, daily, and keep them open, otherwise they may block up again, and your Kundalini drop back down, leaving only a single strand connected through your Crown. Nominally, you would be a “Realised Soul”, but you wouldn’t be able to ‘feel’ the chakras of others and you would lose your connection to Spirit.

At this point, at the Higher Heart, you will probably be motivated by compassion, to engage in some form of “Healing”. This, together with balancing your Higher Heart, will result in its opening, and you will have taken the first step into Christ Consciousness. ”

Channelled through David Spears / Rananda on 22nd May 2010



Further Teachings on the Chakras from beloved Rananda:

There is an inborn system of ascension that is like a `ladder’ that extends from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, and it is called “The Chakra System”.

There is no need to look outside of yourself for a way to “ascend”; it is right there, ready for you to use. There is a lower`ladder’, whose rungs are the lower chakras, that takes you from Root chakra to Crown, and “Enlightenment” / “Self Realization”.  Beyond the first seven chakras, there is also an extension ladder, that of the Higher Chakras that takes you from your Higher Heart chakra to your Higher Crown chakra, and “Christ Consciousness” / “Ascension” / “The Kingdom Of Heaven”.

Yeshua taught that, in order to enter “The Kingdom Of Heaven” one must first remit one’s “sins”, and it is this remission of your sins that opens the lower chakras and allows the process of ascension up the chakra ‘ladder’.


Chakras are subtle spiritual centers, at various points along the length of the spine. They can be visualized as a bit like donuts, with a hole in the middle.The Kundalini energy, your Soul, or personal aspect of The Divine Mother, rests or “sleeps”, at the base of your spine until the moment of your spiritual awakening. It is at this point that you start out on the spiritual path and begin a process of self purification. Wrong thought or action in the world (“Sin”) causes the chakra to constrict and close the hole, so that the Kundalini has difficulty in squeezing through it; and that particular `rung’ is denied you until you mend your ways and purify yourself in that particular respect.

As you work at self-purification on the spiritual path, you gradually open the lower chakras, one by one. At each chakra, there are certain “sins” that keep it closed, or constricted, (These have been covered in a previous message:– “The Lower Chakras And Christ Consciousness”)– When all of the lower chakras are open at the same time, the Crown chakra opens, and you become “Enlightened”, or “Self Realized” (You realize that you are Spirit).

After the Crown chakra has opened and you have become an Enlightened Soul, you can begin the ascent of the higher ladder of The Higher Chakras, at Higher Heart, which is located over the Thymus Gland, behind your upper breastbone. This chakra is “The Gate To Christ Consciousness”, and when you have opened it, you begin your ascension into Christ Consciousness, or “The Kingdom Of Heaven” spoken of by Master Yeshua.

Specific information on opening this chakra has been given previously, but briefly; the requirements are; healing others, on an individual level, motivated by compassion for them; balance of your Heavenly / Earthly activities (Meditation, Light working / Earthly responsibilities); and balance of your Inner Male / Inner Female energies (At this higher level, this also results in union in balance of The Divine Father and The Divine Mother.) Through their union in balance, The Divine Child / The Christ Child / Christ Consciousness is conceived.


You now have your connection to your Higher Self, or personal Aspect of Spirit, but in order to `see’ Spirit clearly, you have to open your Higher Brow chakra (At the top of the head, at the back). This allows you to see clearly in The Light Of Spirit.

In order to “channel”, or speak with The Voice Of Spirit, it is necessary to open the Higher Throat chakra, which is located at the back of the neck, in the base or sub-occiptal region of the skull.

At this point, you have become a fully Christ Conscious Soul, and you can now heal people enmasse, and Mother Earth, by radiating your Christ Light into The Christ Grid, which encompasses the planet, linking all the sacred sites.

As an aspect of The Christ Energy, you are authorized to speak and act as Spirit, or The Christ Consciousness (The same–“I and My Father are One”).


“AFFIRMATION FOR HIGHER HEART CHAKRA” :- “Let my Higher Heart be open wide and filled with the beautiful Pearly-Pink and Gold Light of Divine Love in Christ Consciousness, throughout this day and always.”

The Higher, or Sacred Heart Center, is located beneath the upper breastbone, and is centered on the Thymus Gland.