Lord Krishna: Extraterrestrial Influence in Ancient India

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Channelers:  Trillia Gia and Rananda Kumara

Most of the information that follows was channeled from Lord Krishna Himself, through His channels, Trillia Gia and Rananda. He has given His permission that this may be published now, as part of disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on and around the Earth right back to ancient times of pre-history.

The traditional Hindu culture that now exists in India is an almost exact duplicate of the culture that pertains on Lord Krishna’s planet, where He is at the head of spiritual life and bears the title of “Ancient Of Days”. His temple on planet Sirius A (The Sirians call a planet an “Isle”), is built on a steep hillside, accessed by many steps, overlooking His town of “Vrindavan” below; which has given it’s name to the town of the same name in India that is associated with Him. He informs us that Rananda has visited Him there twice.

Lord Krishna says that Rananda’s estimate of when he knew Him in India (approximately 5000 BC) is much too recent. He says that He was in Egypt before He went to India, and that in Egypt they called Him “Father”. He was not “Osiris”, as Osiris and Mother Isis are Twin Flames and are so called “Black Sirians” from Sirius B. The people from Sirius A have very pale white skin with a bluish tinge, very white blonde hair and large eyes, but those from Sirius B have brown skin and black hair. He says that the time period when He was in India was during the overlap period between the Lemurian and the Atlantean civilizations. He was able to embody Himself in India, but would also project His consciousness there as the Masters do. He says that Rananda, knew Him during several of his lives in India, and that he was a Brahmin.

He traveled to India from Sirius in a craft with a group of Sirians and they brought with them some of the flora and fauna that still exists in India today. Peacocks and some other brightly coloured birds; Pears; the Calia Lily and Wisteria were all brought by Him from Sirius A. Trillia says that Lord Krishna loves bright colours. He also plays the flute as depicted in the traditional pictures of Him.

The correspondences between the Indian culture and that on the Planet Sirius are very striking. The caste system in India also exists on Sirius; but the system in India is somewhat degenerated from the Sirian original, where all castes are equally valued and respected; the wearing of saris (Those of the highest caste women are embroidered with Gold and they wear gold and precious gems in their hair); worship in temples, and the removal of shoes before entering them; their craft are called “Vimanas”; arranged marriages are also the rule, as in India. There are no slums and all are provided for.

The planetary system of Sirius and the whole Sirian Star System are enclosed in a double helical force field that reverses in polarity regularly. This is designed to protect their system from invasion by their aggressive neighbours of the lower Orions who could not tolerate it. Visitors from other systems can only remain within this field for a limited time; sometimes only for a few hours.

The Sirians have sent delegations to many planets throughout the Universe, including the Earth, to help establish civilizations.

Lord Krishna via Trillia Gia and Rananda

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