Lord Krishna: An Exercise For Re-blending with Higher Self



by Lord Krishna, via Trillia Gia and Rananda Kumara

As one’s vibrational frequency rises from that of 3D toward that of 5D during the process of ascension, one is able to blend with one’s Higher Self for short periods, more and more frequently. This is enabled by one’s progressive release of dark, or negative, low frequency energies. When one’s vibrational frequency reaches that of 5D, one’s Higher Self is able to tolerate one’s presence within Him/Her, permanently. 

The following exercise, which is designed to accustom one to the feeling of fully ensouling one’s Higher Self, was given to me, Rananda, by Lord Krishna when He stepped into my co-channel, Trillia Gia:

“If you have a walk-in, ask him/her to please step out temporarily, from your physical body, and stand close behind you. Then manifest a ring of White Light around your feet; raise that ring upward, as a tube of White Light, all around your physical body, and upward again, to enclose the Light Body of your Higher Self, in the ship (note: most lightworkers have a Higher Self working aboard a star vessel of the Galactic Federation of Light or GFL).

Then ask your Higher Self to please descend through the Tube of Light and into your Crown chakra. Feel the `tingle’ in your Crown when He/She arrives there. Then visualize opening wide your Pineal Gland, in the center of your Brain, and ask your Higher Self to descend throughout your physical body, all the way down to your toes; while saying;- “I allow;- I allow”. Feel the `tingle’ extending throughout your physical body, all the way down to your toes.

Remain like that for a few minutes, while enjoying the feeling of the complete ensoulment of your Higher Self in the physical, then ask Him/Her to re-ascend back up into your Crown chakra.

Then ask your walk-in to please step back into your physical body; see him or her doing that, and then ask your Higher Self to re-ascend to His/Her position in the (star) ship.

Then visualize collapsing the tube of Light down again, to become the circle of Light around your feet. Do this exercise daily.”

Lord Krishna via Trillia Gia and Rananda Kumara


“Father” is Rananda’s Higher Self


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