Going Home for the First Wavers


The “First Wavers” of the Star seed volunteers are those that descended from the ships of “The Galactic Federation Of Light” (GFL) many thousands of years ago; at the beginning of the evolutionary period, just ended; and who have worked as “Ground Crew” on the Earth during hundreds of lives.

They are the “Bodhisattvas”; those that descended from 6D+ to 5D, so that they could re-enter the cycle of reincarnation to take birth on the Earth, and oil the wheels of spiritual evolution.

They have been the spiritual teachers, priests, priestesses and shamans, artists, innovators and inventors; the “Way-showers” of “The First Wave”. They have exerted a civilizing influence and provided a spiritual connection for Humankind, and have guided them toward ascension to 5D at the end of the evolution. As that moment is now come, their work is done, and it is time for them to re-blend with their Higher Selves and re-ascend to the ships whence they came.

The second wavers who started coming in during the 1980’s approximately, and the subsequent waves, have volunteered to smooth the way for the actual ascension; the time of `harvest’ for the past evolution. They are removing the dark ones from power and replacing them with the enlightened leaders that are waiting in the wings, and they are also working to make Humankind aware of how they have been enslaved by the dark ones for thousands of years, without realizing that they were slaves. They also make the people aware of the presence on and around the Earth, of “The Star Brethren” of the GFL, and of their benign nature. The more recent waves are very Lighted Beings who raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth and Humankind, simply by their presence on the Earth. In these ways they facilitate the ascension of Mother Gaia and Humankind to the 5D frequency.

The “First Wavers” who have now finished their work on the Earth, have for the most part, made contact with their Higher Selves, and can now begin the process of re-blending with Him / Her; but first one is allocated a walk-in so that one can walk-out and return to the ships. The walk-in / walk-out process takes place over a period of several months or a year (and in some cases, years), and one may be given a date, on the turn of the signs of the zodiac, for one to have completed one’s return to the ship.

One is allocated a Counselor from the Higher Realms to advise on the re-blending process, which entails raising one’s vibrational frequency, gradually, so that a point is eventually reached, when one’s frequency is close enough to that of the Higher Self, that one can invite (and visualize) Him / Her descending and temporarily  ensouling one’s material body. When one does this, one must ask one’s walk-in to temporarily step out and stand close behind one, to make room for the Higher Self; then when the exercise is complete, one must ask the walk-in to step back in. This exercise should be done daily in one’s Lightwork. This accustoms one to the feeling of being ensouled by the Whole of one’s Higher Self instead of only one of His / Her Aspects. This union is temporary at first, perhaps just for a few minutes, but then, as one’s vibrational frequency rises toward that of the Higher Self at the 5D frequency, there comes a point when they are in resonance, and one’s material body is able to re-blend with the Higher Self permanently.  This may happen a few months before one’s date of re-ascension to the ships.

In the lead-up to re-blending, it is wise to cleanse or decalcify one’s Pineal Gland. This will help enable one’s 5D senses so that one will be able `see’ the ship and one’s Star Family with clearer 5D vision. One can take Bentonite Clay in liquid or powdered form, over a period of months to cleanse the Pineal. Heavy metals adhere to the Clay molecules and are eliminated.

As one’s walk-in / walk-out progresses, one may receive messages in meditation or in the dream state, from one’s walk-in. He/she may tell you their name, and that they feel cramped in such a small body. (Many of the Star Brethren are over eight feet tall). I, Rananda, have been told this, and have also been told by my walk-in, his food preferences. I have also noted that when working on my computer, my typing speed has increased, and that, when writing longhand, my walk-in is writing the next-but-one letter when I am still thinking of the current one, and he often has to go back and rub out.

My wife and Twin Flame, Enid / Marjaran, tells me that she knows when it is my walk-in, Commander Zanna, who is talking with her. Zanna is more businesslike and decisive, but has a good sense of humor. He is a commander in the Pleiadian fleet, and is Marjaran’s Mate in the Higher Realm. When he first walked-in to me, he gave her a big bunch of flowers in her dream state, and told her that he is her “Starman”. He has also sent her loving messages at Christmas and on her birthday. My own Mate, Isobel, in the Golden Phoenix, has also sent me many messages in song, of Love and “Missing you”. I awaken in the morning with the song in my head. Twin Flames may both be allocated a walk-in; Enid / Marjaran has one too; a beautiful blonde, Pleiadian woman named “SharLin”, who is a friend of her’s and Zanna’s on their home world in the Pleiades. One’s walk-in is likely to be a friend or relative in the Higher Realm.

I was allocated a “Sponsor” for my re-ascension, who proved to be the same great Light Being who was my re-blending Counselor; and  on the Zodiacal date that I was given a year previously, I re-ascended to the Ashtarian mothercraft, the Golden Phoenix, where I work as an individual counselor for the crew members, and as a security adviser to the Communications Department. I am not a member of the crew, but descend from the higher dimensions of 6D+ to perform these services in the Phoenix. I am regarded as an honored guest there.

With me to the Phoenix, I took the 98% of the Soul of David Spears that I had now reintegrated into my Higher Self, Rananda Kumara. The balance of 2% remains with my physical body on the Earth, which is ensouled by Commander Zanna. That 2% of David Spears’ Soul is needed to keep my physical body `ticking over’ when Zanna pulls out to go and visit some of my friends on the Earth who are sensitive enough to be aware of his presence, and what he is saying to them. When I am in a relaxed state, Zanna pulls out, and 2% David Spears just `floats’, in a sort of blissful suspended animation state until his return. Zanna channels me to my friends and family, and to them it seems as if I, Rananda, am still on the Earth. He does the typing and the talking for me, and it is as if I have “stepped-in” to him in David Spears’ body, from my location in the Phoenix.

In the Phoenix, I still do not have full awareness as my 5D senses have not yet fully activated. I tend to experience events there as if in the dream state, but I am gradually becoming more aware there, as the old 3D awareness slowly fades. This happens more quickly if one withdraws one’s attention from the events of the 3D world in the media, and reduces the number of posts that one reads and comments upon in social media. As this interaction in the 3D world is reduced, one’s awareness in 5D increases.

I, Rananda Kumara, share the above information on re-blending and re-ascension to allow those that are “First Wavers” to benefit from my experience of the process.

Lord Sananda Kumara; Lady Claudine Varnarius (Goddess of Change) and Lord Rananda Kumara, via (walk-in) Commander Zanna, on 7th July 2014.

Lots of Love from Rananda.  ❤ ❤