Extraterrestrial “Earth-workers”

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From The ET Guardians :–  ” Although most of the ET Guardians work through from the inner planes, there are some who work actually on the Earth. They are of several different species [when they last had a physical form], and some of them have the ability to change their physical appearance at will. Others take incarnation here and some are what you would call; “walk ins” [They take over a physical form from someone who wishes to withdraw from incarnation]

This is voluntary; it is not the same thing as spirit possession, and it saves time, as the “walk in” does not have to be born and grow up to adulthood, when there may not be time for that. There are ETs at various levels of spiritual evolution, and it is those who are at the higher levels who have the ability to change their physical appearance. [You would call them “shape shifters”].  Although many of these ETs who work on the Earth attain positions of power, it is not their goal to take over the Earth; they use their influence to encourage the governments of the planet to take decisions that will preserve the ecology of  the Earth, and bring about the peaceful conditions in which the people of the Earth can grow in Spirit.

They also work to counter the plans of the dark Souls on the Earth, some of whom are also ETs. Yes, there are a few negative ETs at work on the Earth. They are not very highly evolved spiritually, and no more can come here now, because the growing number of beings on the Earth who have attained to Christ Consciousness, radiate The Light Of Christ Consciousness into the Christ Grid around the Earth, strengthening it, so that it has now become impenetrable to external dark energies.

Some of the Guardian ETs are of species that differ very much, physically from the humanoid that you are used to seeing. Some are more like what you might call an Octopus, and others are more reptilian in appearance; but remember that there are good and bad in every species; not just in Humans, and reptilian does not necessarily mean bad. On the Earth, reptiles like crocodiles and snakes are known to be dangerous and the people of the Earth have become conditioned to that belief, so they tend to regard all reptilians as dangerous.

The reptilians who work as Guardians on the Earth are highly evolved Souls who used to have a reptilian form the last time they had a physical form, but now they are Light Beings when they are not working on the Earth.

Remember that you have not always incarnated on Planet Earth; you have also taken incarnation on other planets during your Soul’s long journey, so maybe you too have been a reptilian or an Octopus- like creature.

You evolve, physically, to suit your environment. Some of the ET guardians are also humanoid in appearance, but vary greatly, physically. Some are tall, thin and spidery and others are almost indistinguishable from Human. Some are short with big heads and long fingers; but for the most part, they are much more highly evolved spiritually, than the people of the Earth. Remember that you too may have been an ET in other lives. ”

Channeled through Rananda (David Spears) 5th October 2009
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