ET Guardians of Earth

Jesus and ships

ET Guardians of Earth and Humanity

A new source has asked me to be a channel for them. They are the ET Guardians of the Earth and of Humankind. They have communicated with me before, but it was some time ago, in the mid 1990’s, when they showed me the kind of work that they do on the Earth.  At that time, they were coming into the Earth’s atmosphere in their “flying saucer” vehicles, neutralizing radioactive hot-spots with a Red ray, and also zapping the polar ice with the same ray and causing it to avalanche into the sea in small pieces so that large pieces wouldn’t break off, causing a tsunami that would travel around the Earth and wipe us all out.

These ETs have been recruited by “Father” to act as sort of `super babysitters’ for us, so that we wouldn’t wipe ourselves out before “Mother Earth’s” ascension to 4D [now imminent]. I also received several other messages from them around that time, notably

“The children are greater than the parents, so don’t tell them that you know better. Let them tell you what they know”.

I think this is a reference to the Indigo Children who were just growing up at that time.

They also told me that they would leave “things”? for us to find. I never did find out what these things were. They told me that there were many different races of them, of greatly varying physical appearance. They are much more spiritually evolved than the people of the Earth and they regard us much like children, or younger brothers. I have found them to have a child-like innocence and to be highly intelligent.

In July of this year I began to receive new messages from them, telling me that a new contact with Humankind was imminent [such an ET contact was prophesied by the Maoris and also by the Maya. During this month I have received the above mentioned request to channel for them, and since then, two messages for Humankind which I will pass on to you next time.

Of course I will continue to channel for “Father” as before. I imagine that there are many others like me, who have been recruited by the ET Guardians to act as channels for them. They seem to now be opening up to the people of the Earth much more than before.

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