About Rananda – An Update and a Revelation

St John the Beloved

About Rananda – An Update and a Revelation

from Rananda: “ So that you may better understand what follows, I will have to tell you the story of how I was told my Christ Name:

Out of the blue one day,about ten years ago, in the dream state, “Father” told me:

 “You have a new name, but it is also a very old name”. I was intrigued by this and, in my meditation the next day, I asked Him to tell me my name. He told me; “It has Ra and An in it”.

Of course, this wasn’t much help, as there are so many names that could contain those two syllables. Eventually, I went back to Him in meditation, and said:  “Father, I can’t get it. You will have to tell me what it is”.

Father said,  “All right; it is Sananda”.

I was somewhat taken aback at this, but one doesn’t argue with “Father”; so, as I have always had a good line to Sananda, I channeled Him and asked Him; “Is my Christ Name the same as Yours”; He said; “No, but it is close; only one letter different”. The letter “R” came into my mind, and I asked Him; ” Is it “Rananda?”, and He said; “Yes. It is so close to mine because we have been through many similar past life experiences together — which create one’s Christ name. You were my disciple, John in my life as Jesus, and we were together many times before that in other lives, sometimes on other planets”.  I already knew that I had been John, because I have memories from John’s life, so this revelation was not as much of a shock as you might think.

One of those memories is of a task for the future, given to me by Jesus, when I was John. Jesus said to me; “Continue in the cycle of reincarnation until I come again, and give spiritual nourishment to my children of the new Age”.

This (statement) is actually recorded in “The New Testament” in a garbled form, possibly to give Peter a more prominent role.  It can be found in John 21, Verses 14-23. The ungarbled form can be found in a book, written in the 19th century called, I think, “The Gospel Of Levi”, which is a book of the life of Jesus, including His travels during the lost years, channeled from “The Akashic Records”.

It is in this version that Jesus tells John to “Feed My Lambs”, and not Peter, as in The Gospel Of St John.  Peter is told to; “Feed My Sheep” — the parents of the “Lamb”.  James is told to “Protect My Sheep”, and John to, “Feed My Lambs” — the children of The New Age, and also the children of “The Sheep”, of the Age of The Church of St Peter, from the Age Of Pisces.  As the soul aspect of John,  I am also the author of “The Gospel Of St John” and of “The Revelation Of St John”. These gospels have been edited by the fathers of The Church Of St Peter, to suit the religious and political views of their times, and are, thus, no longer perfectly reliable.

I, Rananda, am of “The Elect Of God”, as Jesus called us. We are of the Souls that attained to Christ Consciousness at the end of the previous evolutionary period, many thousands (perhaps millions) of years ago.  At the beginning of the current evolutionary period, many millennia ago, we separated from Spirit, and descended again into materiality, as volunteers, to oil the wheels of spiritual evolution by inventing things at critical moments in history.  I remember being a Frenchman in the 13th century, who invented the mariner’s compass, in time for the great voyages of exploration, and the opening up of the world to trade.  I have had 643 lives in this evolutionary period, and I remember many of them. In the Buddhist tradition, The Elect are called Bodhisattvas — those who, out of compassion, took a step down in vibrational level, in order to help the less evolved Souls to find Nirvana.

Now, We, The Elect, are here in incarnation at this critical time to further The Second Coming Of The Christ, in the Hearts and Minds of the spiritual aspirants. To clarify a point, this (ascension) is not for everyone, only for those who are spiritual aspirants, and who have followed one of the many spiritual paths, to reach the Gate to Christ Consciousness. The majority of those (souls) incarnate on the Earth, who are at the 3D level of awareness, will, at the end of this evolutionary period, be born again on another 3D planet, at the start of a new evolutionary period, and those who have attained to Christ Consciousness during this evolution, will separate from Spirit, if they so choose, and descend there to be “The Elect” in the new evolution.”

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Love and Blessings from Rananda