Lord Rananda Kumara

Note to Reader:  Rananda (aka David Spears) completed his ascension and walk-out in May of 2014.  His walk-in, the Ashtarian Commander Zanna, returned Home when the physical vehicle of David Spears passed over in January of 2016.  Rananda Kumara was granted the title, “Lord” upon his ascension in May of 2014.  The title means: “Beloved Teacher”. Rananda is a soul aspect of the Cosmic Being, Lord Kuthumi.
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In the year of 2001, in my dream state, I was told by my Higher Self; whom I used to call “Father” in those days- “You have a new name, but it is also a very old name.”— I was intrigued by this, and the next day, in my meditation, I asked “Father”;- “What is my new name ?” — He showed me a crystal that was attached by one of it’s facets to a stone, and told me;- “Your name is written in this crystal.” — When I opened my eyes after this meditation, the first thing I saw was that crystal. It was resting at the front of my altar, where I had placed it several days before, after buying it. It was a Golden Himalayan Herkimer, double terminated Quartz point, about 3/4” tall and wide, short and stubby, and one of it’s facets was rough and gritty, as if having at one time been attached to a stone!


I assumed that my name was programmed into this crystal, and placed it beneath my pillow that night, to see if my name would emerge in my dream state, but no name came into my dreams. I tried again on the next night and subsequent nights for about three weeks with no result.

I went back to “Father” in my meditation and told Him;- “It’s no good Father, I can’t seem to get my name from this crystal;- you will have to tell me” — Father said to me;- “OK, Your name is Sananda.” — I was quite taken aback by this. I was sure that my name was not Sananda, but one does not argue with Father. After giving it some thought, I decided to ask Sananda about it in my next meditation, as I had a good line to Him, and we spoke regularly. (Father knew all along that I would go to Sananda and ask Him about it. This was His way of sending me to Him.)

In my next meditation, I asked Sananda;- “Is my name the same as yours?” — He replied;- “ It is close;- only one letter different.” — The letter ”R” came into my head, and I asked Him;- Is my name Rananda?” — He said;- Yes;- your name is so close to mine because we have walked together in many past lives. When I walked the Earth as Jeshua, you walked beside me as my disciple John, and we have been together in other lives;- some on other planets.” —

It was after this that I added “Rananda” to my given name, David Spears. I realized that my Name, Rananda Kumara, was the Name of my Higher Self, the one that I had called “Father”.

It was not until several years later, when I met my close friend, Trillia Gia, that I discovered my family name. Trillia is a walk-in from an early age, with almost complete memory of life in the Higher Realms. She told me that I was a member of the Kumaran family of Venus, and my name was “Rananda Kumara”.

After this, over a period of months, members of my Star Family would “step into” Trillia while we were communicating on Skype, and introduce themselves. My birth Mother in the Higher Realm was the first to introduce Herself;- then my Grandfather and my Great Grandfather. When my Father introduced Himself to me, I was amazed to find that He is Lord Sananda Kumara, who had told me my Name, Rananda, some years earlier. Trillia received the Names of my Mate and some of the other members of my Star Family. I learned that I have two adult Daughters and a Grandson of around 10 years of age.

Members of my Star Family then began to come into my dreams and give me messages. My Mate, Isobel, would send me messages of Love and missing you, in song, in my dream state, and I would awaken with the song going through my head. Isobel also showed me pictures of our Star family. I have also discovered several other members of the Kumaran Family of Venus, who are friends and relatives on the Earth as well as above.

So much more has happened since then, and I have uncovered a whole other life in the Higher Realms. It is too much to relate here and I have described it in several of my other notes. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my dear friend Trillia Gia for opening up this whole new world to me, and for being my intermediary with my Star Family.

Regarding the above mentioned crystal that was said by Father, to have my Name written in it :- Shortly afterward, a good friend who is a very expert reader of crystals, read it for me, and said;- “I see spirals, and you are there, and you have pointy ears.” — I immediately realized that she was seeing the spirals of my DNA, and one of my very ancient other lives, which I remember, when I was the deva, or Nature Spirit of a tree. Not only my Name, but the whole of my DNA has been downloaded into that crystal by my Higher Self, “Father”. It is the resonance of one’s DNA that sounds the notes of one’s Name in the Higher Realms — That crystal is now one of my most treasured possessions.

It is my hope that this story of the discovery of my forgotten life in the Higher Realms Of Light, will serve to inspire others to follow my path and uncover their own life above, and the loved ones who await their return to their “Home” on their ascension. —

I am Rananda Kumara, Adonai.

Much Love from Rananda via (walk-in) Cmdr Zanna on 20th October 2015


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