Lord Adrigon – Time and the Distance to Other Planets



By Trillia Gia and Rananda Kumara

Lord Adrigon VaCoupe is the Founder of the Pleiadian Star Fleet.  He is also the Lord of the Pleiades and an Archangel in Soul Evolution.  He is much beloved by his people.

The rate of passage of time is a function of mass . The greater the mass (and the steeper its gravity well) the slower time passes on it. (See Einstein)

Time on the Sun passes perceptibly slower than time on the Earth; this has been measured and verified; an electron in the Sun vibrates more slowly than an identical electron on the Earth.

The Galaxy is like a three dimensional releif map of the gravity wells of the stars and massive objects like neutron stars and black holes, and the wide reaches of interstellar space that are little affected by gravitational fields; therefore it is also a three dimensional relief map of the rate of passage of time in the Galaxy.

In the gravity well of a black hole, the side of the well is almost vertical, so that time would appear to stand still there, and any object falling in would appear, from the perspective of the Earth, to stick to the event horizon; eternally frozen in time. This is where time passes at it’s slowest rate.

It is in interstellar space; far from any star’s gravity well, that time passes at it’s fastest rate.

Time and distance (“Space”) are simply two ways of looking at the same thing. To travel from point A to point B takes X amount of time; or the distance from point A to point B can be expressed as a time. This is reminiscent of the story of the man at a town in Morocco, who asked an Arab nomad how far it was to an adjacent town; and the nomad replied;- “Three days” – by camel!

The problem arises when we use the rate of passage of time on the Earth to estimate how far away in time, distant stellar objects are. (eg “X light years”). These are years of Earth time, but a spacecraft travelling to such a distant stellar object would not be travelling in Earth time after it had climbed out of the gravity well of the Earth and then that of the Sun. The rate of passage of time on that spacecraft, relative to Earth time, would be extremely fast; perhaps almost instantaneous, as it traversed interstellar space between The Solar System and another star system, and far from any star’s gravity well.

Although the groundwork for this has been laid by Einstein, no cosmologist appears to have applied Einstein’s verified theory to interstellar space travel, and the real distance in time, of other stellar objects from the Solar System.

Beings from other star systems, such as the Pleiades and Sirius have no difficulty in travelling to The Solar System and the Earth in little more than an hour or two of Earth Time, and that time is spent climbing out of the gravity wells of their planet and star!

Those other Galaxies that we are told are many thousands of “light years” away from us are actually much closer to us than we are led to believe, in intergalactic  time.

In one of the craft of the Star Brethren, the time taken for the journey from the Earth to another star system, is, for the most part the time that it takes the craft to climb out of the gravity well, first of the Earth, and then of the Sun.

The Star Brethren use a kind of anti-gravity drive in their craft, that is based on a large crystal. They do this also when they hover the ship above the surface of a planet during its construction. This anti-gravity drive enables the craft to clear the gravity well of a star in just an hour or two of Earth time. There are important things that the scientists on the Earth do not know about crystal technology.

The rate of passage of time is another way of experiencing vibrational frequency. As the rate of passage of time increases, there is a proportional increase in vibrational frequency, and when it passes a certain trigger point, there is a jump to the next higher dimension, or octave, as in the musical scale. It follows from this that our hypothetical spacecraft would also travel interdimensionally as it traveled through interstellar space.

The speed of light is only a limiting factor in the Third Dimension (3D). In the higher dimensions of 4D plus, this limitation no longer exists.  For example, in one’s Astral (4D) body, one is able to travel faster than the speed of light.  In interstellar space travel, this limitation no longer exists, so the “Light Year” is not a viable unit of measurement of distance in interstellar space.

Lord Adrigon via Rananda Kumara and Trillia Gia on 12th November 2013.


This article is copyrighted.  Trillia Gia, http://www.thestarseedhighway.com