Lord Adrigon


‘White Winds’ by Andreas Vollenweider is Lord Adrigon’s Keynote music that softly plays in the hallways aboard The White Winds Mothership.

Listen and see yourself aboard.  Do you remember?


“There is a destiny that makes us sisters or brothers.  No one goes his or her way alone.

 All that we send unto the lives of others comes back unto our own.” ~ Lord Adrigon


Lord Adrigon

“Your world is in a major change.  One we have cautioned you of since the beginnings of my messages to you.  I echo the same message.  If you have not gotten your food supplies ready, do so now.  The cost of foods is going up daily.  The likelihood of good foods is gone. Contaminated foods come in many forms these days.  Yet I state, do have foods stored in your homes.

Times are not as they have been or will they ever be again.  For us of the ships, we have watched and waited, hoping your world would come together and learn to live in peace. Many people in your world suffer so greatly from nature events.  It seems impossible for us to believe others still wish to cause more harm to their communities.  What will it take for your world to wake up?  Many of you are involved in groups that work for peace.  I am sure you are wondering if your efforts were in vain?  I can only assure you that you have saved your world to this point.  It only takes one person to make the changes. Only you can do more to stop the events from coming forth.  Never stop believing in the Higher Source, the Mother God.

Remember, all must come to pass to bring man to a state of peace.  Many must leave to clear the way for a new and much brighter tomorrow.  Fear not of the future.  Instead guide the way to a smooth pathway.  Continue to do your meditations. See the focus on peace, the clear environment, a new future for your children and grandchildren.  If you believe in the God Source, find your convictions stronger than ever and follow the path to the higher level. Stay clear in your mind and stand for the rights that are truly yours.  Believe in the Golden Age that lies before you.

You have heard for many years the predictions of the latter days as you call them.  Did you believe them?  If you did, then you are now prepared and know without question that you have volunteered to be here at this time.   Remember why and do what you know to do, and do it without fears or the ‘Why Me’s’.  Be strong in this year as it occurs.  Allow your desires to manifest as you want them, not as others desire!  Remember the spoken word is a powerful working tool.  The constant thought is as clear as the spoken word and can come about as easily.  Be very careful what you say and think this year as what you think or say can affect you and your world.

Know that we are here, always above you guarding the souls that know us.  Do not be eager to join in harm’s way.  Be there for your brothers and sisters.  Help in the way you can most. Stay in touch with us.  I assure you that as long as this Ship can stay to help you, we are here.  I speak of the Outer Fleet of the Pleiadians and the Ashtarian Fleet.  If we withdraw, trust me, you will be informed and know without question.  We are people like you.  We are people of PEACE. We will not harm you. The fears are felt all over your world at this time.  Change that feeling of fear into the knowledge of change for a better future, for all of you can do it.  ~ With great love … I Am Adrigon”


Lord Adrigon is the Lord of the Pleiades. A Lord of Light, an Ancient of Days and Pleiadian Archangel of the Violet Ray. He is currently 250,000 years of age and shall live to be well over 700,000 years of age. He heads all Pleiadian Councils. He financed and oversees the building of the Pleiadian Fleet, for yes, there is a form of finance and exchange in higher dimensions that brings forth and maintains an energy of balance. His twin flame is Lady Nina, the Shekinah, who serves at the great temple of the Shemont on Maubene.  He is the brother of Archangel Zadkiel and father of Archangel Jychondria of the Opalescent Ray. He is also the father of Commander JoVare, a well-respected Pleiadian scientist and philosopher, who incarnated on Earth as Nostradamus and now is also a Commander within the Pleiadian Fleet. His first visit to Earth was when He was a young man of nineteen years old with His father Lord VaCoupe, the previous Lord of the Pleiades, during the days of Lemuria. He comes to us from the Isle of Medina, and His home away from home is upon this great Ship of Light, The White Winds, that is approximately 3000 miles wide. If The White Winds were to land upon Earth she would reach from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States. To find The White Winds in the night sky look to Venus, as she sits in front of Venus when viewing from Earth.


Lady Nina, The Shekinah & Her Divine Complement (Twinflame), Archangel Adrigon


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