Lord Jophiel – Archangel of Illumination



Divine Complement (Twinflame): Lady Constance

Ray Color: Golden Yellow

Focus: Radiates the Power of Light to establish inspiration within the feelings of Humanity to aspire for spiritual growth.


“Greetings dear brothers and sisters of Love and Light. I come to speak to the truth of thy being, to assist in the fading of the illusion of separation within your hearts, your minds, your etheric and emotional bodies.  Through my heart radiates the Light of our Creator come to erase the illusion of duality, for We Are One always. As each heart upon your Earth opens to the Truth of their Divinity, the Golden Light of Christos pierces forth in ever-expanding waves through these divine portals to create the New Earth.  

This River of Light that I speak to you of is the Oneness of All Creation. The Golden River of Christ Light that is the long sought-after treasure forever flowing within the Holy Grail.  Each open heart within the River of Light is a doorway pouring forth the Loving Balm from the Mother-Father God’s Heart unto their beloved children.

It is the time dear child to clean house, is it not?  Time to claim one’s power and responsibility to complete that which you chose to come here to accomplish. Stand up in full stature and step forth into the Light. Each step onward and upward in alignment with your higher self and chosen mission cleanses away the shadows within.  The spiritual rewards that await you, after your successful journey in duality are complete, cannot be measured in value, as indeed they are priceless.

All children long for the love of their Mother and Father, and I tell you dear ones that never has Love not surrounded your being. To be One within the Divine Love your heart desires is up to you to receive.  God has never forsaken you. Open your eyes and turn thy face unto your Creator as a sunflower’s face follows the sun.  Ask and open your heart to receive free of all judgments and stand within the Flames of Forgiveness.  This cannot be done for you. You must make the call, and you must open thy heart to receive.  As one releases fears and hatred born within the illusion of separation for your self and others, you begin to make room for the Oneness of All.

I send forth the Clarion Call to each heart within Humanity.  Know that you are loved, that the separation you have known is as a fading movie.  It is unreal.  Open your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your hands that you may receive the bounty and be of service to Life, and your heart to know and remember the truth of you and your brothers and sisters.  Live as the Divine Chalices you were created to be. Come home in consciousness to the Oneness that Is to create the Heaven On Earth long foretold.  It is time to uplift thy being and rejoice. ~ I Am Archangel Jophiel.”


Lord Jophiel is the Archangel of Illumination. He was the first World Teacher for Earth. He is on the Council of Archangels. He is devoted to the betterment of Mankind through the transformation of the outer consciousness by stirring the emotions to inspire all to reach for spiritual awakening.

Within Lord Jophiel’s Temple of Illumination and Wisdom is the training of Angels. His previous temple was located over Kashmir where He taught Understanding, Education, and Wisdom through Love.  The Flame of Illumination has now been relocated over the Andes Mountains.  As such Lord Jophiel now attends this Sacred Flame within The Temple of Illumination near Lake Titicaca where the Feminine Energies of the Mother God are more active in bringing needed Balance for Mother Gaia within the creation of the New Earth. This flame is not only Golden Yellow, but it has also now acquired the Pink Radiance around it, expanding spiritual awakening through Love. Many records of great importance have been transferred from the East to the Southern Hemisphere. This Retreat is being used more and more by the peoples of South America in a similar fashion as the Royal Teton Retreat is used by many Lightworkers of North America.  Lord Jophiel continues to be well known and respected for His classes on Understanding and Wisdom.

Lord Jophiel stands close to eight feet tall yet is considered small for a Pleiadian man. His blonde curls are more golden than Archangel Michael’s, yet they both have very large brilliant blue eyes.

Lord Jophiel has a quick wit, and it is a great Joy to be within His Presence.  Lord Jophiel is the brother of Archangel Clair.


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