Lords of Light


Click the links below to go to the main pages for these Lords of Light:

Beloved Aeolus – Cosmic Holy Spirit

Chananda, The Great Divine Director

Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, Lord of the Pleiades

El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray (draft)

Lord Jophiel – Archangel of Illumination

Lord Rananda Kumara (aka David Spears)

Archangel Ezekiel – Archangel of Transformation


Note to Reader:  This is a page in progress. More information will be added as time and energy allows.  Click the links above to read more about each Lord of Light.



6 Responses to Lords of Light

  1. Ema says:

    Hi! I’m interested in knowing more about the members of the Council of Nine. Are you a member of it because of your name, Va Coupe? Are you the twin flame of Lord Adrigon? All of this is fascinating…


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Look for the Page “Councils of Light”…


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe is the youngest daughter of Lord Zadkiel, Archangel of the Violet Flame, who is, in turn, one of the brothers of Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades. No… she is not her Uncle’s Twin Flame. That is Lady Nina, daughter of Lord Benjamin Diaz, Lord Ashtar, Shekinah of the Pleiades (High Priestess of the Mother Divinity). And Sundee is not a member of the Council of Nine. She is very young in terms of Pleiadian lifespans (thousands of years) and a Specialty Commander in Line Communication on board The White Winds, flagship of the Pleiadian Outer Fleet. You can find out more about Sundeelia and her sister, RaNia Kumara VaCoupe on the “Pleiades” page…


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