My Choice


The Starseed Highway

I see before me many paths, a choice I know that I must make. ‘Which one?’ I ask, as I look ahead.’ Which road I wonder should I take?’

I know that I can stay the same, stay in this place for comfort’s sake… or dare I choose another way? A new way of life, I AM FREE to BE and claim.

The life that I justly deserve, for a Child of God, I know I AM…where I choose my path to serve and know the beautiful Light I AM. 

For I can choose the road less traveled where joy-filled dreams are made and realized…where I dare to climb the highest heights spiraling forever higher.

Opportunities to fulfill my divine destiny would I miss, if I were to stake a claim upon this earthly path… for the road so long traveled through time by the crowd would never see anything but life the same.

I hear the call within my higher heart, as I honor the path I came to take within this earthly form… I LOVE MYSELF FREE from the path of old, allowing changes to blossom forth within my BE-ing… I allow my Love, my Light to brightly shine forth.

As I look ahead to see many paths from which I may choose, I claim my personal power and know that I AM FREE to choose the path that propels me higher and higher in union with my Higher Self upon the Golden Path of Kristos, the Starseed Highway.

 ~ Trillia Gia



So Be It!


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