Invocation to Solar Prosperity


As “I AM” that “I AM”, now returned to Earth, I know myself as One with the Solar Fires of our Father-Mother God. 

“I AM” Present! in Their limitless Electronic Sphere of Prosperity, endless Beauty and Supply of every good and perfect thing required to fulfill my Divine Plan and maintain Security, Happiness, Joy and Peace in my Life.

I stand before the Throne of God, expanding my Solar Presence, as I affirm:

I open  *“My Flame” to Solar Prosperity (3X) …

It flows through me and “I AM” Its manifestation.

*Continue with the following insertions as well:

1. the Flame of my Family

2. the Flame of my Spiritual Activity

3. the Flame of my City (town or village)

4. the Flame of my Country

5. the Flame of our sweet Planet Earth


~ from Group Avatar decrees ~

golden angel


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