***From the Clouds of God***

cloud ships

From the clouds of God

May there now pour out upon

Your soul and consciousness

A celestial flood of Harmony.

May there pour out upon you Peace.

May there pour out upon you Peace.

Contact with the Hierarchy.

Cloud Light

May you be a channel who, with other willing servers,

Serves many hearts.

May you be a channel who can give Joy.

And through your service and love,

May all humanity be blessed.

We bless and salute you

Oh Child of the Divine. 

~ blessing given from Beloved El Morya


Master El Morya


Cloud Ships2

Ships of Light

High above this Earth

Bringing healing light and help from worlds beyond.

See their presence on the blue horizon

They are Clouds of Light high above this planet.

See the stars twinkling brightly in our night sky.

Can you guess the truth of these stars, what they truly are?

Ships of Light that have come from afar…

To help our world to find the Peace that’s in our hearts.

Service unto the Mother-Father God,

Bring to this world great love from our skies above.

Ships of Lights…

Helping our world to understand that life is a


On a path of Love, Reverence for All Life, a way of living…

Bringing forth the changes to become

A part of this dawning New World.

The Time Is Now to recognize

The worlds beyond, that we are not alone…

There are worlds of Love far beyond…

And as family We Are One…

Ships of Light shine bright!

Ship of Light

So Be It!


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