Calling Forth the Presence

Shine, Oh shine, Oh Light within.

I call forth Thee, My Presence, I AM

To enfold me now in Divine Love

And back to Thee I send my Love.


The Flame, so radiant within my heart,

The Three-Fold Flame, my Divine Spark

Empowered by Thy Love for me

I bring It forth, this Flame, all three.


Power, Wisdom, Love Divine,

Now shines forth in all Mankind

Bringing Christ back to Earth.

The time is now for our rebirth.

threefold flame chalice

Into our Lighted, Christed State,

Beloved Presence, do not hesitate

To take control of my precious life.

You give to me the gift of Life.


Empower my Light with Thy Love Divine,

Shine, Oh Shine, my Light Divine.

My Love to Thee, dear Presence, I AM.

Enfold me in the Light I AM.


~ I AM the Shekinah, Holy Lady Nina



* So Be It Beloved I AM *


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