Ascension Invocation

iampresence-final-copyDearly Beloved Presence of God “I AM”

The Source of All That Is, everywhere present,

Anchored within each one of our Hearts, 

And that of all Humanity,

We love and adore You!

We acknowledge You to be our All,

Keep us sealed in your Light, Love and Power

Of Victorious Accomplishments!

Blaze Your Light and Love before us and prepare the Way

That we may walk in the Path of Light.

Guard and protect us.  Guide and direct us!

Give us the Illumination of Truth that will set us Free!

Let us manifest and be You in action at all times!

Pour Thy divine qualities through us to

Bless all Life we contact everywhere we move.

We thank Thee!




Beloved Ascended Hosts of Light, the Ascended Masters,

Cosmic Beings and Angelic Hosts,

The Elemental Kingdom and Beloved Ascended Master Serapis Bey,

Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope,

Beloved Elohim of Purity Lord Clair and Beloved Mighty Lady Astrea,

and all who serve on the Fourth Ray and within the Fourth Sphere,

We send our Heart’s Call to You…

Come to be with us at this sacred moment and charge us with Your Purity, Resurrection Flame

And the Sacred Powers which help us as we Ascend

We humbly thank You,

In God’s Most Holy Name, “I AM”. 

So Be It!


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