Lady Uni Fa, Elohim of the 12th Ray

FB_IMG_1503187650915~ Lady Uni Fa ~

Elohim of the 12th Ray

Color Ray: Opal with Aqua Effulgence (The Opal Ray)

Retreat: Lake Titicaca

Flower: Magic Lily

Focus: Rebirth of Spiritual Rejuvenation of Humanity. The Transformation of Self Love to lift all hearts into Oneness.

“From the Point of Oneness within my Heart, within the Heart of Creation, I honor the Sacred Essence of God Presence within All Life. Within the waves of transfiguring Self Love, I call to each Heart on Earth to awaken, to remember, to be that which is the truth of thy being. Know that you are called to journey home in consciousness unto the heavenly realms from which you long ago journeyed, to connect with thy true self and know, remember and honor thy extended Loving Presence reaching, calling unto your heart to again dance and soar in Oneness within your sacred song of  Love.” ~ I Am Lady Uni Fa   

Lady Uni Fa  is a Venusian Elohim with pale blonde hair and very pale blue eyes. She is of a short stature for most Venusians standing about 7’2″ tall. This powerful goddess has been a Priestess within the Temples of Shamballa for eons. She focuses the teachings of Self Love sending this sacred essence to assist in uplifting all hearts back into Oneness.

This tiny yet powerful Elohim is a part of the Legions that came to Earth with Lord Sanat Kumara from Venus in the very beginning of His selfless work on Earth to hold the Christ Light for All Humanity, that they find their way across that which is often referred to as the Bridge to Freedom.  After the Fall of Atlantis, this selfless Priestess again returned to Earth with Meta that they may continue their work of directing Self Love and Oneness from the Sacred Retreat at Lake Titicaca in preparation for the coming Golden Age. Call upon Her to assist you in expanding your divine spark of self-love upon thy heart’s sacred altar. She is from the House of Kumara.


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FB_IMG_1506444144951Elohim Lord Emos ~

Twinflame: Lord Emos, Elohim of the 12th Ray

Ray Color: Aqua Blue with Opalescence. When working on Earth He works within the Retreat over the Holy Land.

Flower: Easter Lily

Focus:  Sacred Substance of Life. Transfiguration of the spirit of Humanity to uplift All back into the Divine Kingdom of God.

Lord Emos is a magnificent 11th Dimensional Elohim who comes to us from Begelium’s (The highest Isle of Light within the Constellation of Orion) City of Truth. As One of such high radiance, He would appear to our eyes as a brilliant energy field that sparkles and shines as if a hologram.

He is a high form of a Crystalline Being. He is of the House of Dino.


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