Lady Sartuckus, Consciousness of Humanity, Fifteenth Ray


Lady Startuckus

Elohim of the Fifteenth Ray

Divine Complement (Twin flame): Lord Mersettle

Ray Color: Violet Blue

Focus: Transforming the thoughts of Mankind into a new focus of concern for the needs of Mother Earth.  Using advanced techniques as wave lengths to bring forth positives to uplift the Consciousness of Humanity.

Flowers:  Lavender Tulips

Symbol:  The Rising Sun

rising sun


Lady Sartuckus is a green-eyed Goddess from Venus with light brown hair. She is a very social being who is known for her sweet uplifting disposition. She has a delightful sense of humor and a warm loving energy.

Lady Jane Sartuckus has a tireless devotion to assisting Mother Earth ascend. Due to Her constant love for Mother Earth and her children the people of Venus have in unity sent total love to Mother Earth. Without the selfless love of the people of Venus and the volunteers who have incarnated upon Earth from Venus, which includes the presence and love of the great Kumarans such as Lord Sananda Kumara known on earth as Lord Yeshua and Jesus the Christ by many, Earth’s atmosphere would not have been permeated sufficiently with Divine Love to ascend.

Lady Sartuckus is a devout Buddhist.  She is close friends with Lady Sophia, who is the Divine Complement of Lord Krishna, and Lady Meta.  Lady Jane carries within Her energies of Sirius as She incarnated many times upon Osiris, often referred to as Sirius B upon Earth.  She is of the House of Gia.

Lady Jane Sartuckus is mated to Lord Sartuckus who is a Lord of notable stature within numerous Venuvian Councils.  Together they sponsor many of the great plays within the large theater district in support of the arts. They have eight children fully grown with seventy-two grandchildren at this time.  Two of their sons are well known actors and composers of beautiful symphonic music.


Lady Jane Sartuckus has created the largest private aviary upon Venus.  She especially is fond of the beautiful Golden crown Parrots of Wab.  She devotes much of Her time and efforts to support the public park system.



Beloved Lady from the Isle of Venus

We are most grateful for your decision to come to Earth…

You who came to give us the gift of Rebirth of Consciousness to mankind.

Your dedication to the ascension of Life has brought forth new opportunities for all of Earth.

We are most grateful to You.

We know that with Your help we can and will bring a New World of Peace and Love

for all life within and upon our Beloved Mother Earth.

We join You in Your daily efforts to bring about the positive changes to create a New World.

In deep gratitude we thank You and send forth blessings unto Thee.


So Be It!


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