Lady Rowena, Chohan of the Third Ray

Lady rowena

Lady Rowena

Divine Complement (Twin Flame) of Mighty Victory

Retreat: Temple of Liberty, at the Chateau de Liberte above Marseilles, France

Focus:  Divine Love

Color Ray:  Pink

Flowers:  Pink Roses

Symbol:  Pink Heart with a Rose within it



“Most children come in with self-love.  Joys of everyday life show us self-love.  Love is freedom.  It has to overflow.  If you are where you need to be, only joy will be felt when the actions of love occur.  There is a difference between ‘feeling’ love and living in the State of Love, just as there is a distinction between knowing self-love and being self-centered.  What does it feel like to be in a State of Love?  What are the elements of self-love?  If you know self-love, what changes or results would you see in your life?  How does self-love change your actions and reactions in relationships?  What steps can you take to learn of self-love?  Accept yourself for who and what you are.  Let go of the past and become an adult.  Tolerance of self and others is the first step of learning self-love.  See people as equal and look at things in a different manner.   Self-love is accepting yourself and living within that acceptance.  Someone who loves themselves is very compassionate with others.  A portion of the soul is self-love.  Sometimes we hide that part of our soul.  To be true to ourselves one has to look into thy very soul.  Look for the feelings that grow from within.”

I AM Rowena


Lady Rowena is the First Lieutenant and Representative of the Maha Chohan.  She is the step down transformer of His energies sending forth the blessings of God through the proper facets into the world of form.  One of Her services is as a receiver of the Divine Blueprints or Divine Thought Patterns into the proper movements or to the person to bring them into your reality.  She works on ongoing projects directing key energy workings through groups of highly evolved Lightbearers on Earth.  These workings continue to promote regeneration of key ley lines and energy fields to bring forth the opening of vortexes and bring forth Earth changes.

Lady Rowena is a tiny vibrant dynamic angel.  She wears her thick dark auburn hair pulled up into a bun.  Her large golden lined eyes show Her Pleiadian heritage.  She is from the Isle of Medina.  She usually wears a simple pink habit belted with stones such as rose quartz or rhodenite.  Her outer robes are usually deeper shades of pink.

Lady Rowena was briefly mated to Lord Diaz, known to all as Lord Ashtar.  Together they brought forth a daughter who is the current reigning Shekinah, Holy Lady Nina. She is a Daughter of Isis and sister of the Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine. She had a previous incarnation on Earth as Helen. She is from the House of Coupe.


“Love is the only Gold. Transform and experience it!” ~ Lady Rowena




Dear Mother-Father God, Blessed Beings of the Pink Ray,

Absorb me in Thy Divine Love… filling me with the Mother’s great Love.  Love is a sacred substance like the palest pink rose, it is an energy so soft, so all encompassing… that it fills my soul with the warm gentle flow of everlasting Love…

Allow that cohesive Power of Love to capture me in waves of Love… Showing me the true meaning of unconditional Love…  And give me the energies of tolerance and reverence for all life… shown to I by the example of the Mother.

Dear Mother, release the Light of Love this day… for all worlds to know… Fill each soul upon this sweet Earth with love of their fellow man.

Blessings be to the souls that stand within the Light of the Mother’s Love.  Blessing be to the Mother.

In Thy most Holy Name, “I AM”.


Greetings and gratitude from all of Us Who have been created and sustained by Your motivating Power. You are the stimulation to constructive creative endeavor; the sustenance of that endeavor; the cohesive power which invites the creation of form; and the very core of every form, human and Divine!

To the Beloved Master, Paul, the Venetian, Our Maha Chohan, Lady Rowena, Beloved Lady Nada, Archangel Chamuel and Archaii Charity and all Masters of the Pink Ray of Divine Love, we send our gratitude for Your continued belief in the ultimate destiny of every lifestream as a manifested Christ!

Upon behalf of all Humanity in whom You so believe, stimulating them to manifest their highest expression of creative ability, we offer our thanksgiving for Your perseverance in seeing them, each one, as God sees them.

We so decree that all unascended beings shall soon come to feel that Divine Love… one for another… and establish the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity upon this sweet Earth!  To this end, we invoke Your aid.  Beloved Presence of Divine Love, in sublimating the human and expanding the Divine in everyone!*



So be it!



*From Group Avatar

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