Lady Pacifica, Elohim of the Sixth Ray

pacificaLady Pacifica

High Priestess of the Temple of Balance in the Southern Seas, New Zealand

Elohim of the Sixth Ray

Divine Complement (Twin flame) – Eloah of Peace, Lord Tranquility

Focus – She works in any area where Peace is needed to be established through the energies of Balance. She is to the Southern Hemisphere what Lord Hercules is to the Northern Hemisphere. To bring forth Peace and Balance She works with the water element to calm, balance and heal the emotional bodies of humanity and Mother Earth. She brings forth strong workings for healing of the Earth.

Ray Color:  Red

Personal Colors:  Aqua and Blues

Flowers:  Blue Iris


“Greetings dear children of the Earth.  I come to sound the call within your heart flames to listen and remember. ‘Remember what?’, you may ask.  Dear children it is time to awaken from your slumber and remember who you are.  To remember the truth of your being opens the door to your personal power. This power is your divine birthright and yours to use wisely and unfettered in this sacred hour. To bring forth the changes you ask for in your ongoing prayers to bring peace, abundance, healing and Oneness to all Mother Earth’s children and to end all war.  Worthy causes indeed, yet to do so you must first begin within thee. I say within thee, for each of you create in this manner.  All that you choose to carry within thy being is reflected in your world around you.  Do you seek love?  Then be love.  Do you seek joy?  Then be joyful!  Do you seek harmony and peace?  Then create this and uplift your brothers and sisters!  Did you forget this dear children, or have you yet remembered?  Awaken and remember all that you came forth to do, as you walk within human form upon Earth.  To bring the changes you seek, begin first within thyself to cleanse thy being of all no longer needed or suited for the life you wish to create.  Bathe thyself within the sacred fires and release the dross of untruth and confusion forever.  Stand pure in this sacred hour and direct from within thy being the creation of Heaven On Earth as you volunteered and pledged before our Creator to do so.  Envision that which you desire, then create this within and reflect it outward upon life’s screen.  Life is to be an adventure of Joy and loving Oneness.  Remember dear ones who you are!  Call upon me dear children when you need a sister to steady your steps as we walk this adventure as One. Within the energies of loving Oneness, I AM Lady Pacifica.”



Lady Anna Marie Khapario, who is honored as Lady Pacifica, comes to us from the Pleiadian Isle of Maia within the Village of Ostada.  Lady Anna Marie stands over 8′ tall with long black hair and large golden Pleiadian eyes.  When not in Her bathing suit in the waters of the Southern Hemisphere She wears many shades of red when in Her station, yet when off duty or out of station She prefers to wear aquas and blues. She moves very gracefully when She walks just as She glides easily through the waters. She has a lively bold energy and is known for Her beautiful singing voice and many of Her songs.

She was recently mated in 2000 to Lord Kristian Khapario of the Mid-section Pleiadian Isle of Crylean, in the Village of Lorenge.  She resides there part time with Her mate when away from the Earth.  She has a vibrant persona and is a joy to be with.  She is of the House of Dino.



I take this, the Water of Life

I declare it the Water of Light.

As I bring it within my body,

It allows my body to glow.

I take this the Water of Light, 

I declare it the Water of God.

I AM a Master in all that I AM.



Lady Pacifica

Beloved Elohim, we honor You this day for the service You bring to this world. Come gently into our hearts with Thy loving energy that flows calmly, serenely, filling our beings with inner Peace.  Bring forth Thy Balance we need to live our lives in Love, Peace and joy.

Bring forth dear Lady Pacifica within us that inner awareness that we are worthy of all the beauty that life has to offer.  Help us to take this sense of self worth and extend it into our families, our neighborhoods and communities, our states and countries. Intensify this energy, extending this feeling out into the world awakening mankind to the need to take care of the environment.

Now is the time for the people of Earth to demand of their governments:

Enforce the legislation that protect our environment and Mother Earth.

Bring our world back into balance with Nature.

The time is NOW!

Lady Pacifica, beloved Elohim,

Help us to hold this energy sustained

Until this world is made New.

Beloved Elohim, we are grateful to you

In God’s Most Holy Name “I AM”.


earth swirl

So Be It!


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