Lady Miriam, Beloved Teacher


Lady Miriam

Divine Complement (Twin Flame) – El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray

Retreat – Works out of the Grand Tetons and Banff (Canadian Rockies) at the Temple of Faith

Focus – Balance and Peace within the people of Earth and to help mankind see the Karmic patterns that they can easily clear at this time.

Ray Color – Blue (First Ray)

Personal Favorite Color – Opalescence

Flower – Calla Lily

calla lily

“Dear beloved children from the stars awaken now to the power and beauty of all that you are. Many of you who read my words this day know me well through the history of your Earth as well as from the stars above. Often you come to me as your physical forms lay at rest each night to unite in our chosen service to spiral life higher upon the threads of Divine Creation. I reach forth to each of you to awaken the remembrances within thy hearts to the importance of this long awaited sacred time that we may now consciously weave our hearts’ call together as one.

Each of you are a greatly loved member of the Legions from Above who chose to be here upon beloved Mother Earth to establish the Kingdom of Heaven upon this land. Each of you are chosen due to your powerful gifts given unto thee by our Creator to bring forth the long awaited healing unto to the hearts of all life upon this radiant star.  

Let us join our hearts together as One, as we have pledged to do so and stand forth to dispel all dross and the illusions formed within fading shadows.  As the shadows fade steadily away, together as One Heart we hold and shine forth the Light from Above that serves to awaken the remembrances within the hearts of our family who still slumber.  No greater service is there to give than to assist in the awakening of your brothers and sisters to the reality of who they truly are in this Time of Balance, as it spreads across the lands.  Each heart that remembers their true identity may then cleanse their being to heal and soar higher and higher reaching ever closer to their home above, by opening the door within their own heartflame.  I have long-awaited this time to call openly unto each of you in written form.  Hear My call within thy being and remember the Oneness that We Are.  Together may we celebrate as we bring forth that which is destined to be, for indeed Victory is ours as we manifest that decreed from On High. My heart is filled with immense Joy in this forever moment, as I reach from my heart unto yours.  Call upon I when you wish to remember, and together let us uplift all life.  Within the energies of expanding Peace I send forth My love unto thee. ~ I Am Lady Miriam”



Lady Miriam has pale white blonde hair She often holds back with combs.  She has pale blue large Pleiadian eyes.  It is said Her eyes see within the depths of your soul to see the good within you. She stands a slender 8’6″ tall and often wears white and opal sheer gowns.

Lady Miriam serves as the spokesperson for the Karmic Board within the Teton Retreat.  She is a High Priestess under Lady Isis as a well reputed teacher throughout the Omniverse for many eons. She teaches of Peace and Balance within to bring forth the beauty of one’s soul into full stature.

Lady Miriam comes to us from the Pleiadian Isle of Airus. As a blended angelic being, She also claims Her Ashtarian heritage of Her mother. She is the daughter of the Great One known as Holy Aeolus and She was the first mate of Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades, and is the mother of the Pleiadian Archangel, Lord Jychondria of the Opalescent Ray, who is the First Commander under Archangel Michael within the Eagle Command that serves as the great protectors within this quadrant of Creation. Lady Miriam works faithfully within the Sisterhood of the Lily as one who is willing to put herself out there as a teacher bringing forth and establishing formal education.  She actively has worked with the Earth for billions of years, during the days of Lemuria and Atlantis and has focused to help Mother Earth since the fall of humanity to bring forth upliftment for all. She is one who is willing to go out and do that which is needed and not one to cloister solely in meditation. She is the sister of Lady Faith, Lady Victoria, Lady Sarah and Lady Astrea. She is of the House of Kadish.



So Be it, for We Are One Heart.

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