Lady Minerva, Goddess of Harmony


Lady Minerva, Goddess of Harmony, who has Her Retreat over Northern Ireland



It is with great delight that I bring forth information of another great Goddess.  Each Lady Master is quite unique in Her appearance, heritage, workings. likes and dislikes with Her distinct personality.  Yet the one thing about these great Ladies that I am guided to share with you of, as they are now here in increasing numbers to assist Mother Earth and Her children ascend, is that they all are as One Heart unified in their devotion to the service of our Creator!  I was greatly blessed for an entire year to be assigned to this most delightful Lady Master, Lady Minerva as Her charge.  I am forever humbled and grateful that She agreed to bless me so.  To hear Her voice one instantly finds a smile within their heart that instantly shines from your eyes and spreads across your face.  May you open your heart to Her and call upon Her for guidance.  She most definitely will change your life, change your outlook from daily dross to finding the abundance of Joy in daily living!  She is truly refreshing!  ~ Trillia Gia 

As an Elohim of the Second (Yellow) Ray of Perception, Wisdom and Illumination Lady Minerva works with Her twinflame Lord Cassiopea to create understanding through inner growth of Humanity. She works to restore the original forms of plants (does not approve of GMOs) and the herbal knowledge among mankind. She much prefers the simpler life close to plants and the elementals. If called upon for guidance She also helps one to develop discretion and discernment.

Lady Minerva’s Retreat is above Northern Ireland and She is very English in style and character. She represents the pale shade of yellow yet she prefers a bluish purple as her personal favorite color. In high ceremonies this great Lady is presented with English Primrose. Her personal symbol is the Celtic Cross.


She comes to Earth from Venus and is of the House of Kumara. She has soft brown hair that She prefers loosely flowing in the wind and wears layers of clothing of varying colors with many scarves. She stands 7 1/2′ tall with soft blue eyes that radiate love and understanding. She speaks softly as She champions the ‘little people’.

 A few of my favorite messages from Lady Minerva to begin your day and bring a glow within your heart from Hers to yours. ~

“Greetings on this fine day. Tis set about to be another crisp one to keep ye mind alert and ye spirit spry. Allow Ye self to shine this day. Become alert as ye breath in alertness and exhale the fog. Ha! Fun t’isn’t this!”  ~  I Am Lady Minerva

“As the clouds roll in and the breezes blow ’tis a fair day to do grand things. Take many a step forward to do that which ye choose for the betterment of all. Yes….a fair day!” ~ Greetings, I Am Lady Minerva

“Top of the morning to thee! It ’tis a grand day to live in God’s way. She has many a blessin’ flowin’ thee way. Take thee smile in thee heart and spread it about. Ne’er ‘low thee self to wear a pout! Tis thee Mother’s business thee are about!  Oh yes, ’tis a grand day!”  ~ Greetings to thee, I Am Lady Minerva

“Tis another wonderful day begun now with much to celebrate and give thanks for. Put a smile on your face and cheer in your heart and go on with it, as there is a much to do! Create this day as you’d have it to be!  Get on, thee!”  ~ I Am Lady Minerva


This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long a sit is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway