Lady Joyce, Elohim of the Eighth Ray


Lady Joyce

Elohim of the 8th Ray

Twin Flame:  Lord Bromwell

Focus:  To bring Equality to all races and Sisterhood to all women.

Retreat:  Rocky Mountain Retreat, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Color:  Pale Aqua

Symbol:  A hand reaching out

Flower: Mountain Laurel



Lady Joyce is a vibrant energetic black lady with short black hair.  She is small and slender with huge brown eyes and radiant smile. All in Her presence feel delight from Her uplifting energies. Her rich light tan complexion allows Her to wear the wonderful bright colors She loves so much.  She is wiry, outspoken and very talkative.  She loves large groups, is very social and a renowned teacher.

Lady Joyce was born in Lyra. Yet She has lived Her life in Telsman in the Pleiades before She came to Earth to join Her twin flame, Lord Bromwell, in His Retreat over Wyoming.  She has been a High Priestess in Telsman in the Omatic Faith, which is similar to the Behai belief.

She currently is a representative to the Shemontic Council in Maubean.  Lady Joyce is on the Council of the Cassiopians, representing the women of Telsman. She stands for the rights of all women and extends Her energies to help all people wherever She is at.




In the Full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God ‘I AM’

I and the Beloved Holy Christ Selves of all Humanity

Command that all the vibrating impulses in our

Emotional, etheric, and physical bodies which are not in tune…

Listen Now and Forever to the sounds of the Flame of Clarity.

Rebuilding every cell our minds to Clarity

Each thought and action into a state of perfection.

We ask for ourselves and loved ones and 

All Humanity to send this energy of Clarity

To all part of this World to be seen and felt by all.

We accept this call fulfilled

In the Name of the Holy Mother, ‘I AM’.


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