Lady Hope, Archaii of 4th Ray of Purity


 ~ art by Jasmina Seidl ~

Lady Hope

Archaii of the Fourth Ray of Resurrection, Purity and Ascension

Divine Complement (Twin Flame) – Archangel Gabriel

Retreat:  The Temple of Hope

Location:  St. Augustine, Florida

Ray Color:  White

Flower:  Pure White Lily

Personal Symbol: U

Divine Focus: Hope is Eternal. To install and sustain Hope and Enthusiasm in Humanity. To assist the Christ Self to fulfill the Divine Plan. To bring forth to each who call upon Her the Intensity of the Feeling of Hope at any moment.

Lady Hope is a slender pale blonde and stands nearly 8′ tall. She has a peachy complexion and pale blue eyes which radiate a Ray of Hope to all She sees. Her energy field surrounding Her is one of soothing buoyancy. She wears gowns that are soft, sheer and flowing. Often Her attire will be edged in a rich embroidery of crosses and lilies that are intertwined with ivy.

Lady Hope, Lady Faith and Lady Charity established the Tri-fold Flame for Mother Earth eons ago.

Lady Hope is a Venusian and comes to us from the House of Kumara.

white lily


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