Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music


Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music

Elohim of the Fifth Ray

Goddess of Music

Ray Color:  Green

Divine Complement (Twin flame): Lord Vista (aka Cyclopea)

Focus: Activating Crystalline Perfection through living Harmonic Resonance.  The upliftment of all into higher dimensional consciousness through the focused utilization of waves of the Crystalline Clarity of Truth.


 “Awaken dear children of the Most High.  The time is upon you to activate crystalline encodings carried within you and Mother Earth.  As you stand fully within the crystal clear light of truth, you radiate energy projections to activate divine codes awakening the New Earth.  Crystalline template harmonics are being borne upon the celestial and resonate waves of ever-increasing pulsations uplifting the vibrations of all life.  Rejoice and send forth songs of Joy, for the long awaited time is now upon you. You are the dreamers, the sacred midwives who have returned to birth Heaven On Earth. ~ I Am Lady Crystal”


blue crystals



Beloved Lady Crystal, we humbly request that You project Your assistance to

purify the Consciousness of all beings upon and within Mother Earth.

Open and clear the channel within our minds

So that we resonate with the Perfect Thoughts of our Holy Christ Selves.

Purify every person of negative thought forms that hinder their expression of Divinity.

Beloved Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music,

Direct the Sounds of Harmony of this Omniverse to all who have ears to hear.

Assist all beings who call forth to hear clearly the crystal clear sounds of Sacred Creation.

Within clear hearing may all ears attune with the resonance of the Music of the Spheres

Beckoning them higher, calling them home in consciousness.

May all who respond to these most Sacred Tones

Find the doorway open before them to experience

‘The Peace that passeth all understanding’.

Beloved Lady Crystal I humbly bow in gratitude for Your loving assistance.

I accept this call fulfilled in our Father Mother God’s Most Holy Name “I AM”.


So Be It!



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